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Twitterland Raiding (TLR)

Saturday night, I tried something out.  I’d tried it out previously on a whim, and ended up stressed out due to being incredibly anxious over my performance, but this time around, I was prepared to not agonize over it.   It was a very cool experience and I hope to do it again.

Assorted druids in a raid hosted by Team Waffle.


All Things Soulburn

Edit: The reason I didn’t know there was a SB: UA is because there isn’t one and the Wowhead comments aren’t updated. GG.

Recently, the guild chat conversation turned to beginning a warlock.  One of my guildmates started a new warlock, and had said earlier in raid that she could never get one above 20, to which I jokingly said I’d teach her.

So now we spent the next 20 minutes or so talking warlock stuff in guild chat.

She’s only 12 or so right now, but we got into what exactly soul shards and soulburn are and do.  She had a warlock back in Wrath, but it’s different now in Cataclysm, especially the whole soulburn mechanic.  As she put it, you have to relearn it all over again.

So I hit “Save Draft” on my glyphs post, and put it aside as I pulled up a fresh blank post.  Let’s talk about soul shards and soulburn.  Hold onto your cowls! (more…)

Affliction Strats?

I’ve seen various blog articles of how to do X Fight as a Y Spec Class.  I’ve thought about doing my own, but there’s always that nagging “Really?  You need a guide on how to Caster DPS?  It’s like…Faceroll on the Keyboard.  And sometimes you have to move.  /boggle”

(My inner self-defeater is a jerk.  :|)

Then there’s the other side of how I convey strats to myself.  Everybody likes to do the whole read the ability/debuff/buff verbatim and then maybe the strategy of what to do with it, but mostly it’s a read & hope everyone gets it, especially when being read on Vent.

I really dislike that.  I prefer the conceptual explanations and I like them short.  I write out flash cards to myself for boss strats.  Fit all of one boss on one index card, often on one face of the index card.  (Both sides if there’s a pause between phase changes, maybe.)  It involves pictures with colored markers and descriptors like ” CRYSTAL = GG WASTE DPS.  FLAME = FFS OW.”  I’m thoroughly rude to myself on these things, but it gets the point across to myself faster.

So I’m not sure if posting my strats would end up looking very stupid or end up somewhat entertaining.  Ditto for what would happen if I included a Paint rendering of my index card along with explanation.

Anyway, it’s an idea floating around.  That might happen anyway.  (The Paint idea would be fun…)

In Before Patch

Thank you, Undying Resolution. :D

The Last Week

*agony* re: Attendance Boss

37 Essences to go.  The minimum 25man drop # is 7.  That’s 5.28 bosses.

For a 25man, killing the 6 bosses from whom you can siphon off essences,plus the Rag kill on 10 or 25, will guarantee Dragonwrath for me.

Go figure it’s US Thanksgiving next week.


Fucking agony.

Now…the question is, what to wear?  (It’s important.)  Here’s your choices.

Classy or Goofy?

Black Embersilk Gown or Super Simian Sphere?

Tier 13 for Affliction

As the wave of valor point gear hit the PTR, and now I have choices for slots, I’ve started getting together my BiS / DO WANT list.  For Firelands, my guild did a thread where we listed the drops we wanted from each boss, and I feel like it’d be a good thing if we did it again.  I make a list for myself regardless, but it’s fun sharing it anyway.

I’ve also been gearing up alts, and it’s a relief to find a gear list, just to make sure I’m on track with how the secondary stats work for my character.  I’m especially a fan of the Vexryn’s paladin tank lists from Maintankadin, so I may copy that format a bit.  Though, warlock stat priority isn’t as dynamic as tank or healer gear, so it ought’nt be too hard for people to guess.

But first, I want to talk about the tier gear: the set bonuses, the overall feeling of the stat allocation, combination & completion of set bonuses, and the looks.

The Look

Nanoprecise Cape - 1250 VP

Since I care about looks of gear, I looked at it first before I looked at the stats.

I realize there is going to be transmogrification in 4.3, and I even have my outfit picked out for it.  I’m dressed in it on the PTR, and even just running around for a little bit on the PTR, I’ve grown a bit used to my “current gear” look, and while being Putress is awesome, it’s just not the same anymore.  I might use transmogrification to be Putress for a while, but I will probably end up going back to the current tiers if I like them.

So, the cape first, because the cape is what I stare at most as I play my character.  I’m not fond of the rounded / pointed capes (squarish ones wave in the air better), which is what the tier 13 valor one is, but the design at least uses the pointed edge to look cool.  The Avengers cloaks of this tier are not my favorite, and I think the design looked better on the squarish quest Mantle cloaks.

I think when I took this I tried to put all the non-tier VP gear on myself (+tier shoulders), so I know that’s the VP wand in my right hand and the VP gloves.  That might be the VP helm and VP chest; both look like warlock tier again.  Unfortunately, there were no VP shoulders or legs, but there are substitutes for tier; there’s a drop for shoulders & crafted for legs.

Tier 13 -- Click for bigger image.

As for the tier 13 itself, we get three recolors from the three sources: raid finder for ilvl 384, normal raids for ilvl 397, and heroic raids for ilvl 410.  (In my hands are Incineratus (w/ Power Torrent) & the Talisman of Kalecgos, which are my chosen items for my Putress mogging set.)

I like the Raid Finder recolor, though the color scheme reminds me heavily of shaman tier 10. Maybe ours is a bit more fel with the green, but I do like that scheme best of the three.  The 397-ilvl color isn’t as bad as the heroic recolor; the heroic recolor looks like they just played with the color sliders, rather than actually looking like a put-together set of colors.  While the helm on the other two seems to float on top, the heroic helm just feels…heavy and almost obtrusive.

Considering my guild is considering doing the Raid Finder as learning runs, I might grab some pieces, at least for the plain looks if not for the stats.

Tier 13 — Set Bonuses

Both set bonuses are a bit meh in terms of damage boost for affliction.  Of course, tier bonuses aren’t supposed to provide a huge jump in DPS, but something more like 5%.

2pc | The duration of your Doomguard and Infernal summons is increased by 30* sec and the cooldown of those spells is reduced by 4 min.

* 20 sec for demonology, but I’m only discussing affliction.

The Doomguard being out longer and possibly every wipe-attempt or twice a kill-attempt is definitely an up.  It’s not a spectacular increase for affliction, but it’s an increase I’ll take anyway.

4pc | Soulburn grants a 10% increase to your spell power for 10 sec, and Soul Fire cast with Soulburn active now grants a Soul Shard.

This bonus would be more interesting if affliction actually had things to do with Soulburn.  Technically, if you want to be sim-perfect in your DPS, you’re already adding in three Soulburned Soul Fires, despite SF hitting like a wet noodle even when you’re Destro.  Blizzard keeps wanting warlocks to use Soul Fire — who knows why — but so far they’ve been pretty terrible at actually fixing the spell to make it useful.

If a spell doesn’t hit for a good use of its resources, nobody will use it.  Throwing in a spell power buff just makes using the spell necessary.  It’s still a pain in the ass to use.  The pain in the ass that is Soul Fire is its cast time and it hits for crap, especially if you’re not specced into fire.

Blizzard has attempted to fix Soul Fire and make it appetizing for players to cast.  They’ve buffed the spellpower coefficient for Soul Fire (so it hits a bit harder), and they’ve added a refund of shards to the Soulburn mechanic into the 4pc bonus.  With a refund of shards, I can cast this on cooldown (45s for Soulburn) and get a decent spellpower boost out of it.

I still feel like I’m being forced into using a spell that’s neither useful for me nor flavored for me.  Affliction flavor (RP, whatever you call it) is important to me.

Tier 13 — Drops and Stats

This tier they’re going back to, I think, the Burning Crusade model of tier piece acquisition.  This time, all of the tier gear is acquired from tokens that drop from the bosses; nothing comes from Valor Points.  To turn in the token, however, you still visit the Valor Point vendor in your faction capital.  Our token is “____ of the Corrupted Conqueror,” which we share with paladins and priests.

  • Hood = Warmaster Blackhorn
  • Mantle = Hagara the Stormbinder
  • Robes  = Ultraxion
  • Gloves = Warlord Zon’ozz
  • Leggings = Yor’sahj the Unsleeping

Here’s the secondary stat pairings on each piece.  The math symbols are for which stat is bigger on the item.  I’m not putting specific numbers on the pieces since I figure we’ll all mix and match between the three source sets.  It also helps in my head to figure out reforging; if the trashier stat is higher, then I’ll get more out of it.

(t12) Balespider’s Slot (t13) Faceless Shroud
mastery > haste Head haste > crit
haste > hit Shoulders mastery > crit
haste > hit Chest haste > hit
haste > hit Hands mastery > hit
crit > mastery Legs haste > mastery

The general affliction stat priority is hit (to cap) > haste > crit > mastery.  Of course, your own specific priority will vary with each piece of gear you gain, so you can run your SimC yourself if you wish to have those very specific numbers.  

Affliction likes hit like snickerdoodle cookies: you either eat until you’re full (1742/17%) or you eat until maybe one cookie short of full (~16.90-16.99%) before you give yourself a tummy ache (>17%).

Affliction loves haste like it’s hot, homemade apple pie (moar! MOAR!), and then crit is like not-in-your-top-ten-favorite-cookies-but-still-mmmm-cookies (it’s okay), and mastery is like the raisins in raisin-oatmeal cookies when you hate raisins (ewwwww raisins).

Alright, which ones should I replace / mix first?

I think I was spoiled by the hit/haste combos from Balespider’s tier 12, honestly.  That, and I must be crazy, because I appear to be the only warlock I know of (though I don’t know many) who actually likes the aesthetic look of the Balespider set.  It’s a great set all around for me, and it’ll be hard to part with.  (Definitely a mogging keeper!)

For Faceless Shroud, the pieces by themselves are less appealing, but they aren’t horrible.  The mastery should appeal to the Demo locks, and as they’re simming as highest warlock DPS on the PTR now (!!), they’ll be plenty happy.

I love the chest piece; it’s a straight upgrade of Balespider.  The Faceless legs are better than Balespider, so I’ll trade those quickly.  The helm has thankfully flipped the higher stat to haste, and switched out mastery for crit, so I like that piece too.  The hands are usually the token Piece of Suck for affliction in the warlock tiers I’ve worn, so I’ll hold onto my Balespider’s Handwraps as long as I can, but the hands are also often the set bonus completer for me.

The shoulders, oh dear.  I think something is wrong with the itemization; else, mastery really IS that bad.

Currently, on my spreadsheet with my own SimC values and a list of all the gear since I began it at the start of Cataclysm, the Mantle of the Faceless Shroud scores oddly.  I thought the chunk of intellect from an item tier’s upgrade would offset the switch from the favored haste/hit to the unpleasant mastery/crit combo, but it’s not doing it.  Even filling all the gem slots (red & red with 20 Intellect for the bonus) with rare gems just barely gets the normal raid (397) above my current t12 (378).

And when I gem the raid drop substitute (Mosswrought Shoulderguards, 397 off Morchok), which has the same gem sockets & gem bonus but a crit/haste combo of secondary stats, it’s within 12 points of the heroic tier 13 shoulders, which are half a tier higher in item level!

o_O WTF Shoulder Slot.

My Choice

Needless to say, for now my target 4pc is head/chest/hands/legs.  My 2pc will probably be chest/legs.  I’ve re-evalutate if the shoulders get re-itemized or if SimC tells me I smell funny.

The shoulders and hands from Balespider are still delicious with their haste/hit combos, Faceless chest is haste/hit also, and Faceless legs, while less awesome than Faceless helm, will probably be easier to get as Yor’sahj is hopefully one of the earlier / easier bosses in Dragon Soul (he’s been tested first with Morchok, and he’s also listed earlier in the Dungeon Journal).

As for the other gear pieces…I’m still sorting through to do decide my priority for VP spending and EPGP rolling.  That post will be later. :)

Affliction & New Talents

Class guides will be more useful than ever. If I start a warlock it’d be nice if a veteran told me uses for my level 15 talents (1)… Before? “OK, 31 points in blah, a few points in bluh, done.” (2)

- @buglamp

I don’t know that I can say I’ll be a “veteran” when Mists rolls around with this totally new talent system.  I know a bunch about what was, but I don’t know much about what will come to pass, Frodo.

Affliction’s Flavor To Me

I’ve been playing my warlock as affliction since Feb 2008.  Almost four years, one spec the whole time.  Almost three years spent raiding, though not always on the warlock.

I can tell you I don’t play for the top theorycrafting spec.  I’ve been lucky to have affliction as top dog most of the time, but I’ve played it when it was second fiddle to destruction and demonology, too.  I’ve been frustrated with affliction in a raiding environment only twice; otherwise I’ve loved it.

The first was Valithria Dreamwalker, because I just couldn’t keep up with the burst DPS on lead-directed targets.  It took me a few evenings to find my groove as affliction — my wheedling down of big targets and spreading of DoTs everywhere.

The second time was Ragnaros, both sizes, because of the transition adds and the burst DPS I didn’t have but was required of me.  I was so frustrated and almost crying at not being able to play my favored spec on the ultimate boss of a tier.  I went destruction because I did not have the gear or the skill to pull off demonology in a raid progression environment, despite my knowledge of the three warlocks hinting that demo was possibly the favored spec for Raggy Pants.

Then I came back to Aff once I saw phase 3 of Ragnaros.  SO MUCH JOY TO COME BACK! :)

Affliction has long had a lack of burst.  Affliction, then, has long been less about the killing now and more about the killing later.  Affliction has always held a sort of sinister playfulness in my mind; we play with our food before we eat it.  Therefore, it does no good to immediately set your target on fire with a burst spell; there must be conscious suffering over a period of time before their doom is set.  I try to keep this in mind as I go through the talents, because I love affliction and would love to continue playing affliction as long as I can.

Implications for Raiding

First off, I wonder how people will keep track of the talent choosings.  Right now, with three trees of 31+ points each, there’s a #/#/# notation.  My affliction spec, for example, is 31/4/6 — 31 points in Affliction, 4 in Demonology, and 6 in Destruction.  Sometimes in theorycrafting they will talk about specific talents in a specific tree by the tier the talent is in; you need 5 points in tier 1 to proceed to tier to grab X talent.  We currently have 7 tiers of talents per tree with 41 points to spend; you need to spend at least 31 points in your spec’s tree.

The new Mists talents are 6 tiers of 3 talents each, and you can choose only one of 3.

So you end up with just six talents, but these talents are switchable like glyphs, they said (out of combat, etc.).  We’ll still have dual-spec, so you can have a set healing spec or a set tanking spec or a set pvp spec, but dual-spec may largely disappear for pure DPS classes.  If we can just switch the talents around with little cost (10s of time if you know what you want), why would you ever change whole spec sets?

For notation, I thought of chess notation at first.  Which tier followed by a letter for which talent in that tier: 1c, for example, would be Harvest of Life for warlocks.  Then I figured people would drop the tiers (we’d still refer to tiers in discussion) and just list the talent letter notations: abbaca, e.g., which would be Harvest of Life, Mortal Coil, Soul Link, Bloodstone, Grimoire of Sacrifice, Archimonde’s Vengeance.

For raiding applicants to guilds (or promotion / guidance within) and discussion of spec choice, I wonder what going away from the cookie-cutter specs will do, for better or for worse.  As of right now, as Bug said, “you put some points in blah, points in bluh, and done.”  There’s little discussion involved in where the points go, and this is especially the case for affliction.  Some other DPS specs might have actual choice in their trees, but affliction still remains largely an obviously-PvE talent versus an obviously-PvP talent.  There’s two PvP-specific (Fears) talents for Affliction’s tree — Improved Fear and Howl of Terror — and the rest you dump points into for PvE, often maxing out the talent.  Even the choosings for subspecs (the other 10 points that can go into other trees) are quite obvious which you should or should not choose.  Any Afflock who chooses Improved Immolate is either trollin’ or stupid.

Now, it will become more about tailoring to the fight.  Now, I imagine guild applications may become more interview-like.  Maybe they will be bland like a list of essay questions (“We’re standing at Baleroc.  Which talents do you choose & why?”).  Or maybe the applicant process can become more personally-involved; maybe your class officer (or fellow raid members) will be in on the Vent interview or vigorously posting on the forum app thread about the mechanics of your chosen talents and spell selection.  Will fraps’d fights become the new requirement for applications? (A WoL or two or three is pretty common nowadays.)

Blizzard appears to want to move away from “competent = correct checkboxes checked and gear worn” and closer to “competent = way you handle the fight with your given gear and spec and spell toolbox.”

But, as always, when you throw in groups of people who repeatedly test specs against a boss (colloquial: wiping on a boss), there will still be “standard” choices and “standard” spell selections.  Just like boss order in a flexible instance: no one says you have to do Shannox first but most people do it anyway because he’s the accepted “easiest”/”entrance” boss.  (UR actually does Beth’tilac first, and then we clear from there to spawn Shannox.)

So…I’m just going to give my (lengthy, rambly) thoughts on the warlock talents, as an affliction warlock raider myself.

The Warlock Talents

Pictures (MMO-Champion): Tier 1 (level 15), Tier 2 (30), Tier 3 (45), Tier 4 (60), Tier 5 (75), Tier 6 (90).

Notation-style: (a-c x6)

  1. (a) Dark Regeneration, (b) Soul Leech, (c) Harvest of Life
  2. (a) Howl of Terror, (b) Mortal Coil, (c) Shadowfury
  3. (a) Hour of Twilight, (b) Soul Link, (c) Sacrificial Pact
  4. (a) Bloodstone, (b) Soul Drain, (c) Nether Ward
  5. (a) Grimoire of Supremacy, (b) Grimoire of Service, (c) Grimoire of Sacrifice
  6. (a) Archimonde’s Vengeance, (b) Kil’jaeden’s Cunning, (c) Illidan’s Guile

Notes on Malefic Grasp: There’s an ability called Malefic Grasp (abbrev. MG) that’s mentioned in the talents.  Judging by search hits from the mere mention of it, warlocks everywhere are searching for what this new spell is exactly.  Where it’s mentioned in the talents is alongside Shadow Bolt (SB) and Incinerate (Incin), the known and current filler spells for warlocks.  Therefore, my (& others’) speculation is that MG is the third filler spell to further differentiate the three specs of warlocks.  Currently, demonology shares a filler with Aff or Destro, depending on whether shadow (SB) or fire (Incin) ends up being a better damage per execute time (DPET) spell.  With the nerfs to Drain Life in tier 12, Blizzard has already said that it intends for Shadow Bolt to be affliction’s filler, and Incinerate naturally fits destruction’s fire focus, so the concluding speculation is that Malefic Grasp will be demonology’s filler spell.

Tier Themes: After looking at all the warlock talents, I first wanted to see if I could spot the separate spec talents.  Which ones belong to affliction, which to demonology, which to destruction.  Then I realized each tier has a theme, more or less.

Tier 1 = Drain / Self-Healing

  1. Dark Regeneration | Restores 50% of your maximum health over 25 sec.  No resource / Instant-cast / 3m CD.
  2. Soul Leech | Your Shadow Bolt, Incinerate, and Malefic Grasp heal you for 25% of the damage dealt.
  3. Harvest of Life | Drains the life from the life from the target and all targets within 20 yards, causing 94 Shadow damage and restoring 2% of the caster’s total health per target every 1 sec.  Lasts 3 sec.  640 Mana + 20 per sec. / Channeled / 40yd range / GCD.
    Empowered Channel: Recasting this spell before it finishes boosts the duration by 3 sec.  Stacks 5 times.

Dark Regeneration and Soul Leech are both straight healing from ability use: DR is a CD itself, while SLeech is a rebate-like heal (you cast a spell and get some of it “back”).  The percentages make Dark Regen sound like a powerful cooldown, so I did some napkin math to put the two in perspective.

My maximum health right now, on my Armory, is about 130k.  50% ~= 65k; over 25s that means ~2.6k HPS, which is 2% max health per sec.  Without raid buffs, mind you; so with raid buffs, I’d imagine this amount would be a bit higher.  DR is a set heal over a long period of time.

Looking at a WoL log from a 25man raid, my Shadow Bolt does about 15k on an average hit (over the whole night) and 31k on a crit.  This leads to a ~3.75k heal or 7.75k heal on a crit.  SL is dependent on my firing off Shadow Bolts, which is dependent on various things like DPS assignment (multiple targets, alive-time of targets) or movement (…without KJC (t6) of course).

The difference ends up being in the healing/damage pattern, because I think the healing numbers would come out about the same.  DR is a set HoT; it will tick every so often for a fixed amount.  SLeech is a variable direct heal, which is dependent on your current DPS performance.

SLeech I imagine would be the standard raid talent; you do nothing different as your filler is what procs the effect.  It also invokes a bit of a choice; if you need a small heal NOW, you can cast your filler spell and receive one without putting strain on the healers to heal everyone up.  SLeech’s healing would also be a major factor of your self-healing, probably like how Siphon Life is now.  It’s not much, but it helps when it counts (Chimaeron as affliction is ridiculous).

DR sounds more of a heavy healer helper (it has a cooldown’s cooldown) than a regular heal.  DR sounds like something you would use when the boss fight mechanics include a large period of little to no raid damage followed by a short period of very heavy raid damage.  Typical over-time spells (HoTs & DoTs) tend to follow the rule of 3s for standard ticks, but this one might follow a rule of 5s, considering 24s would be more in line with a 3s tick.

I don’t know how well a 25s period of heavy raid damage would go over with the healers, but it would provide a bit of a buffer for healers if there’s a heavy raid damage period or blast (almost die, like Ashbury’s Stay of Execution or Chimaeron’s Massacre), and then a period of nothing for the follow-up raid healing.

Harvest of Life.  Oh boy.  This reads like an AoE Drain Life.

HoL on a single-target boss fight would even out in the healing that DR & SLeech offer: 2% per sec.  HoL on a multi-target fight, on the other hand, would have some potential awesome healing.

Except warlocks are not healers.

This might be the token PvP talent (proximity in PvP happens all the time), or, it could be a burst affliction spell, if the damage scales well enough (a good chunk of AoE dmg every second? yes please!).  Seed of Corruption has a cast time to it.  Rain of Fire tends to be both weak and takes a long time (considering raid DPS) to tick the first time, as well as being very position-dependent (targeting circle…and then the tank moves everything out of the area = sadface).  Even as a single target spell, it would be nice to get some usable burst action for affliction.

I would like to wait and see on HoL as to how worthy it can be in a raid situation.

The other interesting tidbit I found about HoL is the Empowered effect.  Naturally, I figure Empowering will come through by Soulburning, since affliction is said to still have soul shards as a resource system.  Demonology was reported with “Demonic Fury” and destruction would get “Infernal Embers.”  Demonic Fury is a powerup to a buff, while Infernal Embers sounds like combo points.  Soul Shards will remain the same mechanic, with hopefully more interesting things to do.

However, the weird part about HoL’s Empowered effect is that it encourages you to clip the ticks!  (At least, until the fifth and last stack.)  DoT clipping — that is, recasting the DoT before the last tick has ticked — has long been a big no-no in warlockery (unless a major buff proc just happened and it is worth it to recast the DoT).  In Cataclysm, the “continuation” of the last tick into the new cast somewhat fixed clipping, but you can still clip spells with variable damage on ticks, like Bane of Agony.

Tier 2 = CC (Fear, Horror, Stun)

  1. Howl of Terror | Howl, causing 5 enemies within 10 yds to flee in terror for 8 sec.  Damage caused may interrupt the effect.  1280 Mana / Instant-cast / 40s CD.
  2. Mortal Coil | Causes an enemy target to run in horror for 3 sec.  The caster restores 25% of their maximum health.  1920 Mana / Instant-cast / 30yd range / 45 sec CD.
  3. Shadowfury | Shadowfury is unleashed, stunning all enemies within 8 yds for 3 sec.  1600 Mana / Instant-cast / 30yd range / 20s CD.

All of these are existing spells; Mortal Coil is merely Death Coil renamed with some added health restoration.  The cool thing is Shadowfury, currently a Destro-only talent, will be open for Demo & Aff to use.

This tier will definitely change on your CC needs per fight; it will change up affliction PvP a bit with having a choice between either Howl or Coil, but not both (as you currently have both).  Death Coil is a good cover for a Fear (since DC is a horror effect, which does not share diminishing returns with Fear), and in PvE I sometimes use it as a clutch 2nd healthstone (Lady Blaumeux, anyone?).  Shadowfury is useful now on Ragnaros as destruction during the phase transitions, and Howl is a popular melee peel in PvP.

Tier 3 = Damage Reductions (Straight)

  1. Hour of Twilight | When a damaging attack brings you below 20% of your maximum health, all damage taken is reduced by 50% for 10 sec.  This effect cannot occur more than once every 90 seconds.
  2. Soul Link | When active, all damage and healing the Warlock takes is shared with her active demon.  That damage cannot be prevented.  Lasts as long as the demon is active and controlled.  1600 Mana / Instant-cast / 40yd range.
  3. Sacrificial Pact | Your demon sacrifices itself to prevent all damage you would take for 10 sec.  No resource / Instant-cast / 100yd range / 5min CD.

Hour of Twilight …I think this one depends on how often we should find ourselves sub-20% health.  Sounds great for PvP (except, perhaps the internal cooldown), but I don’t know how many times in raid I find myself sub-20% when it’s not a wipe situation or a specific fight mechanic (Chimaeron).  Hmmmm.

Soul Link looks the same as current for the most part, except this time it adds in the effect from a maxed-out Fel Synergy talent — the healing of your pet.  It sounds great at first, but I remember pets have a passive Avoidance for AoE spells (the Doomguard appears to ignore EVERYTHING it stands in), and even without Fel Synergy, my pet didn’t die that often.  Considering the other two read like PvP, I think this will be the de facto raid talent for this tier.

Side-track: I am of the mind that healers are not responsible for my pet in a raid setting, even if it is a large portion of my damage.  I’m one of the route where I’m responsible for my pet, even when it bugs out and stands in fire (that’s what passive is for!).  So talents for healing pets are welcome in my book.

Sacrifical Pact.  Ohhhhhhhh, I’ll be honest, this reads like old-style paladin bubble for warlocks.  All damage immunity for 10 seconds?  While that would be a great cooldown in raids, this reads for the nerf path with heavy concerns in PvP.  The 5min CD would probably prevent it from seeing action in Arenas, but in Battlegrounds, I see possible nerfing down the road in either duration or allowing some damage through or possibly exception spells like Chaos Bolt (used to be) and Heroic Throw (is).

Tier 4 = Damage Reductions (Absorb/Heal)

  1. Bloodstone | Instantly restores 44% of the Warlock’s base health and increases healing received by 50% for 10 sec.  No Resource / Instant-cast / 2min CD.
  2. Spell Drain | The next single target spell focused at you heals you for half the damage it would have dealt.  Lasts 4 sec.  640 Mana / Instant-cast / 20s CD.
  3. Nether Ward | Transforms your Twilight Ward into Nether Ward.  Absorbs 3141 damage.  Lasts 30s.  30s CD.  When you absorb damage, you gain Nether Protection, reducing all damage by that spell school by 15% for 12 sec.

Bloodstone is a straight-up heal, and then a bonus to healing receive.  Spell Drain is a half-heal ward, and Nether Ward is an absorb plus some reduced spell damage taken (what it is now, just not limited to the Destro tree anymore).

Both NW & SD are limited to spells only; any fights with physical damage will use Bloodstone better.  Spell Drain particularly sounds like a great PvP spell for when you’re getting focused down.

Personally, when I go destro on Ragnaros, I use Nether Ward (or try to!) all the time.  I figure Nether Ward will be the go-to raid talent, especially since the duration seems to line up with the cooldown.  I figure the numbers will get changed, but as is, you can add Nether Ward into your line-up as a 30s-CD spell for raid damage.

I don’t know that theorycrafting guides will advocate NW; after all, it has no DPS increase besides “you live to cast another day.”  However, I grew up a warlock who took surviving as a central part of DPS.  I approach DPS as I should take as little attention from the healers as possible; I’m responsible for any damage I can avoid.  If I can throw in a ward every 30s to reduce my damage taken, I will do it, and I’ll advocate it.

Tier 5 = Minion Enhancement

  1. Grimoire of Supremacy | You command stronger demons.  replacing your normalminions.  These demons deal 10% additional damage and have more powerful abilities.
    Summonable Demons: Fel Imp, Voidlord, Shivan, Beholder, Abyssal, Terrorguard.
  2. Grimoire of Service | Instantly summon a second demon who fights for 30 sec.  Instant-cast / 2min CD.
  3. Grimoire of Sacrifice | You sacrifice your pet to gain increased damage and health.  Lasts for 3 min.  Summoning another pet cancels the effect.  Instant-cast / 2min CD.

Ah, tier 5.

From looking at Twitter when the talents were previewed, Grimoire of Supremacy was a jizz-in-the-pants moment for warlocks everywhere, even if you weren’t Demo.  At the very least, the minions we love most have outdated models, and new, shiny things make anyone smile.

Minion choice is a thing we do in our theorycrafting; it’s why Demo uses the felhunter even though the felguard is the “demonology” flavor pet.  It’s why, for a time, affliction used the succubus, even though the felhunter is the “affliction” flavor pet.  In raid theorycrafting for a warlock’s personal DPS, you take the pet that does the best job.  Currently (as of 4.2), the felhunter is the best single-target pet for pet DPS by itself.  The felguard jumps up if you’re Demo and you have Meta and other cooldowns going, and the imp is Destro’s pet because of additional DPS benefits it provides to the warlock herself.

If there’s a talent that introduces vastly more awesome pets for all three specs, then this will be the mandatory talent to take.  Which is a problem for Blizzard, since Blizzard wants to move away from cookie-cutter specs.  The other two talents would need to boost our damage by a similar amount to compete with this one.

My other concern with Supremacy is the Blizzard Killed My Dog effect.  I love fighting with Bheezhem by my side.  Or Ormmon.  Or Bizmir.  I remember when Blizzard temporarily killed all our dogs.  I cried and canceled my raid spot because it just was not the same raiding without my felpuppy.  I felt stupid for being so upset over just a name change, but…it’s my Bheezhem.  He goes everywhere with me.

So with Supremacy will my Bheezhem just evolve or transform into something more powerful?  Or will I need to meet new minions?  Will I have to stay with these new minions? Or will Blizzard be able to balance and diversify the fights such that I can take another tier 5 talent (& my default minions) on other fights?

Service at first sounds like a mini Mirror Image for minions.  (Type “Mini Minion Mirror Image” five times fast.)  Will I get the true mirror image copy, and then have two Bheezhems running around?

Or does this mean I can summon a completely different pet and have both out simultaneously?  For Demo, currently alternating between two pets, this would be amazing.  Thirty seconds is just long enough for ability and trinket cooldowns to finish their course (and then some).

Sacrifice is the last one, and after reading the other two, it sounds a bit meh (at first).  Perhaps with some actual numbers for the increased damage done, we’ll be able to discuss it better.  Right now it is just a straight DPS increase, with the possible side-effect of a mini max-health boost, but without your minion by your side (as summoning another minion cancels the effect).

I think Sacrifice will be the choice for affliction, actually.  Saccing your demon just before you launch into cooldowns or into a multidotting situation would benefit the affliction lock more than just a second demon or a stronger demon.  None of Aff’s secondary stats significantly boost our demons’ performance; rather, we often use our demons to boost ours (Demon Soul, CC, etc.).  Versus: the tandem that destruction locks have with the casting imp macros & procs, and the almost complete dependency demonology locks have with their demons.  A straight damage increase would be more appealing to the affliction warlock as we do the heavy-lifting on our combined master-and-minion DPS.

Tier 6 = Special Ability

  1. Archimonde’s Vengeance | Curse an enemy, inflicting 25% of all damage you take to also harm them.  Lasts 15 sec.  Instant-cast / 1min CD.
  2. Kil’jaeden’s Cunning | You can cast and channel while moving, but doing so doubles the cast time or period of a spell.
  3. Illidan’s Guile | Shadow Bolt, Incinerate, and Malefic Grasp deal splash damage to enemies within 10 yards of their target.  Lasts 30 sec.  Instant-cast / 2min CD.

First off, I was sad there was no Gul’dan or Cho’gall reference in there.  Three demons just do not offer too much variety in my warlock role models.  (Also, Medivh, though I’m not sharp enough on lore to argue he’s a warlock versus a mage.)  Besides, demon warlocks are just plain boring.  I mean, they’re demons — of course they will be full of fel.  Zzzzzzzzz.

At first I thought that Archimonde’s Vengeance was Bane of Havoc redone.  Then I reread it, and, well, it sort of is.  Instead of transferring damage you deal to another target to also the cursed target (Bane of Havoc), it transfers damage you took from the cursed target.  Sounds great for a major boss-nuke phase, especially if you’re not in a position to be actively dealing damage (moving, out of range, etc.).

For PvP, it also sounds pretty cool, especially since it does not specify caster of spell damage on you.  It doesn’t say if you poke me, I reflect some back to you.  It says if you poke me or if Tom pokes me, I reflect some damage back to you.  The anti-focus-fire for warlocks, I suppose.  For PvE, this means it will work like a Bane of Havoc if we have more multi-”room” fights, like Beth’tilac’s up & down areas.  Makes me wonder if we will still retain Bane of Havoc in Mists.

It also tickles my “Demo likes melee” thought.  Demo likes melee because of Immolation Aura and Shadowflame, but Aff and Destro also like melee range for Shadowflame if they can get there.  There are other times when we need to stand in melee with others — “share the love” mechanics (Argaloth, Scorpion Majordomo, etc.).  While you almost never die to these mechanics due to the majority of the raid in the same spot splitting all the damage, it’s pretty cool to have a damage-increase incentive to share the love with my raid members.

I’m specifically looking ahead to Morchok‘s Resonating Crystal mechanic, where you need 3 people minimum to share the love, and I figure raids will often stick to just 3 people sharing.  While life isn’t so bad when you’re a clothy sharing with 12-24 other people, life might get a tad hairy if you’re a clothy sharing with only 2 others (who, if the crystal spawns in range, might also be clothies!).  With AV, on the other hand, the more damage you take, the more damage AV deals.  I think it’s an interesting concept of almost-dying-to-deal-more-DPS.

Kil’jaeden’s Cunning is Spiritwalker’s Grace for warlocks.  With a time penalty.  That makes sense since KJC would be the de facto talent everywhere if it did not have such a penalty.

I don’t think it would be terribly attractive for affliction at all.  Affliction loves haste, specifically for more DoT ticks rather than just a shorter Shadow Bolt cast time.  Affliction especially loves haste for more DoT ticks once everyone else in the raid has geared up.

You’ll notice this in the beginning of tiers and comparing them to later in the tiers.  When everyone is struggling to perform, affliction starts to shine because our DPS is more dependent on how long the target is alive / how much health there is to destroy.  The longer the fight goes, the more DoT ticks we can fit in, so the higher our DPS seems at the beginning of a tier.  As everyone gears up around us, even though we ourselves have also improved with gear, our DPS actually starts to go down on trivial fights like trash in instances, since the available health pools aren’t up as long for us to get our DoTs up and ticking.

Introducing a longer period between ticks wouldn’t be attractive to an affliction warlock.  As we are, now, affliction is actually better on movement than destruction or demonology is.  We don’t lose as much DPS from moving, and we lose even less if we’ve learned to stagger-step our Shadow Bolts in.  (Stagger-step = cast, move, cast, move, cast, move, cast, move, etc.)

Illidan’s Guile sounds a bit meh to me, possibly because I already paw at Seed of Corruption like candy on Halloween.  The difference between which AoE a warlock (or any DPSer) uses depends largely on the pattern of mob position.

If mobs are in a fixed position, more or less, then a warlock is more likely to use a target-circle (Rain of Fire) or cone effect (Shadowflame) type of AoE.  Target circles are often channeled, too, and often the only time you have to stand still for AoE is a stack-up point.  If the mobs are stacked on top of raiders (Ragnaros phase 2), then the radial AoEs will be used if they are stronger (and usually are) than the target-circle or cone-effect AoEs.

Rain of Fire just doesn’t really work out for warlocks.  Shadowflame is awesome on bosses for a bit of single-target DPS, but it’s not a typical AoE.

Radial AoEs — Seed of Corruption, Hellfire, e.g. — do not have a specific target-circle on the ground placement.  Instead, they radiate outward a set distance from a specific point; Seed radiates from the current target, and Hellfire radiates from the warlock herself.  Hellfire is currently only utilized by Demo locks, who can move while Hellfiring, and Seed is a short enough cast that Aff and Destro locks can stagger-step it at the worst.  The advantage of radial AoEs is that if the mobs move, your AoE is still very effective.  Either you move with Hellfire, or you learn with Seed to place it on the most-central mob.  (Another thing with Seed if you try to pick the target which will live longest, so you can spam it longer, which leads to sometimes switching Seed target mid-fight.)

Splash damage works like a radial AoE.  It hits things nearby.

I don’t know why specifically IG was introduced when we already have Seed of Corruption.  I think perhaps if you are Demo or Destro you may like IG, since you can deal normal damage without switching to a weaker AoE (Seed is outside of Destro’s main spell school, but Rain of Fire is a much weaker AoE).

As for affliction?  My Seed casts are faster than Shadow Bolt, reaches farther than IG (15yds versus 10yds), and if Soulburned Seed doesn’t go away, it’s actually more beneficial for me to switch to Seed to spread my DoTs than it is to use some filler splash damage (which is most likely NOT a DoT).  I suppose it could be a way to get some burst damage in; Shadow Bolt definitely hits harder as a single hit than Seed, but that would depend on how much of the original hit splashes.

My Affliction Raiding Spec?

Of course, as Blizzard intends this to be switchable on a per-fight basis, I don’t think I can say anymore that any one spec is the way to go.  But, what are the talents I will pick first?  Which talents would I wear if I was walking into a Mists raid tomorrow?

I think I will go BCBCCA: Soul Leech, Shadowfury, Soul Link, Nether Ward, Grimoire of Sacrifice, and Archimonde’s Vengeance.  (Wowhead has a Mists calculator now!  Here’s my build.)

I also find it a tad funny to see the specs flip talent screen sides.  Traditionally, the specs go in alphabetical order, so you’ll see today affliction, demonology, destruction, left to right.  The Mists talents, on the other hand, appear to have right-side affliction and left-side destruction talents.

Soul Leech is a do-what-you-do healing effect for me.  Shadowfury is a CC I enjoy when I go destro, and sometimes wish I had as affliction, since affliction’s utility is either curse application or pet-dependent.  Soul Link is because it works well enough now, and I also think it would be awesome and hilarious to have an SL/SL build* again.  Nether Ward is a great reduction for spell damage, and most raid damage, even in melee stack-ups, is spell-based.  Grimoire of Sacrifice, I gave my reasons above; in short, I think it would provide the most benefit as affliction spec.  Archimonde’s Vengeance because as an affliction warlock, I really do feel that my health, mana, and damage are fluid and connected concepts that are swapped and transformed between each other often enough.  One of affliction’s strengths is self-healing, so I’m not too afraid to take a few hits for more damage.  It also feels exciting when you’re at that point of your health pool where you could very well die in the next hit, but by definition you’re not dead yet, so you keep casting.

*SL/SL (short for Siphon Life / Soul Link) was an old Wrath build where the warlock went down the affliction tree just enough to get Siphon Life (about halfway down), and then went down the demonology tree the rest of the way.  This resulted in a high-survivability/damage build that was pretty awesome for soloing old dungeons and for PvP.

What will you pick first?  Whys are most welcome. :)

Progress: Legendary & Heroics

My guild, Undying Resolution, has been making some awesome progress in Firelands.  Since the nerfs made most of the fights stupid easy on normal, I figured doing a bit of legendary raid work would break up the monotony a bit.

So Tuesday, 9 other peeps bared with me during a night of wiping while I gathered the foci while also saving the bosses for the 25man.  Last night, in the full 25man, we did the mini-encounter with Volcanus and then downed Heroic Shannox — all before break!  I’m also already a quarter of the way to the Runestaff. :D

So have some pictures / captions of those things (sorry, my graphical quality is the suck).  Of course: spoilers for the legendary’s questline if you don’t wish to see the inclusive parts between Delegation and Time Grows Short (3 quests). (more…)

My Raiding Rig: Intro

(This post is picture-heavy, so feel free to click on any of the thumbnails to get a bigger picture.)

6-legged robot I built once

Walking's boring. So I made it sit back on 4 legs and wiggle the front 2.

So, I’ve been talking for forever about getting myself a new computer, specifically a desktop that can handle decent 25man raiding graphics.  I’ve been planning on building it since that way I know exactly what I’m getting and I think it’ll be a bit cheaper as well.  I’ve also just always wanted to build a computer myself.  I’ve built robots before (ground yourself!), but never a desktop PC.

Here, have a robot (albeit, built with a manual, but I’m pretty good at soldering if I gotta).

Unfortunately, cost-wise, I need just about everything.  The guts of the computer tower, and then also a keyboard, a mouse, and a computer monitor.  Maybe some speakers, since the ones I have are kinda cheap.  However, I’m going to hold off on the speakers since I’m not sure if it’s my speakers that are crap or just my laptop.


So, the first thing, I guess, is to introduce my current setup for 25man raiding.  I raid on a Fujitsu Tablet PC laptop that’s going on its 4th year now.  It’s got a 14″ inch screen; if you need a real-world comparison, hold up a sheet of loose leaf paper or an 8.5″x11″ piece of printer paper.  That’s my screen size.  Its maximum resolution is 1024×768.

picture of my laptop on the desk

Yes, I'm aware drinking next to your computer is a bad idea. But I'm a Mr. Pibb fiend.

In today’s internet of widescreen-everything, I learned to rock the horizontal scroll bar a lot.  I also utilize the zoom feature on Chrome a lot — Ctrl+ for in, Ctrl- for out.  Some blogs I read I just have to horizontally scroll because zooming out makes the text too small to comfortably read (especially if it’s a long post).

I run Windows 32-bit because my laptop cannot handle 64-bit (I asked when I upgraded from XP, and the thing said no).  I have a CD/DVD drive, and I use it a lot as a DVD player since I don’t really watch much cable (I stream mostly).  The fan is really loud and crappy, therefore I have a fan mat below my computer, which is then propped up on a binder to keep it at a comfortable typing level (my chair is crappy, but the band geek in me prepared me for not having totally crappy posture).  Without the fan mat, my keyboard gets warm and sometimes hot, which worries me.

The power cord adapter is almost always plugged in since Fujitsu (or, as we used to call it, Fu-shit-su) is apparently unable to make a battery that lasts more than a semester of use for engineering students.  I got tired of paying for a new battery so often, and now it just sits plugged in.

I have 2 GB of RAM, a 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a 98GB hard drive (my xHD is 250GB), and the graphics card…the graphics card is whatever the onboard chipset is.  In terms of WoW, here’s a screenshot of my settings.

my WoW graphics settings

I'd win at graphical Limbo Stick, essentially.


Now, on a good day in the middle of nowhere (say, leveling in Northrend now that nobody likes it there), 30+ FPS is awesome.  Most of the time, I hang around with 15-30 FPS.  It really depends on population density around me, what graphical effects are going on, and what exactly I’m running in the background (how many tabs of Chrome, etc.) while I’m playing WoW.  When I raid, I run only WoW and Ventrilo; but when I’m running around often I have 5-10 tabs of Chrome up.

In 25m raid, anything in double-digits is rather godly.  (In 10man, it gets about 3-6 FPS better.)  You can see my FPS is big numbers (thanks, SLDataText) next to my action bars in the lower center of the screen.  (Latency is just above that, though it seems to only show whichever is lowest.)

Tanaris Quests achiev

Nobody's in Tanaris...usually. (purple blur = WIM distorted)

The other night, my guild was working on 25m Baleroc.  There was a comment out about how you should be able to see where the crystal is about to spawn.  I made the comment that I could not see it since my graphics were all the way down.  Someone said to, obviously, turn them up, what’s the big deal.

Now, I’d run into this problem before, in ICC when I’d just newly joined Conspiracy.  At that point, my fps was barely 1-2, which is just unplayable.  Once it hits about 3-4 FPS, it becomes ridiculously difficult to do anything in a timely (for raid performance) manner.  In Conspiracy, my problem was I didn’t even have projected textures turned on, which meant I could not see most of the ground effects.

I told Vent (and therefore the entirety of my guild, really) that I play normally on the lowest settings, and I tend to rock about 6-9 FPS in combat for 25man.  And really, that’s fine for me.  Yeah, it’s jolty sometimes, but I’m used to it, I suppose.

As one guild raidmate put it: “FLIP BOOK RAIDING.”

I might gib my FPS through a highly-customized UI in WoW, but most of my UI customization aims to get things off the screen (or, through macros and things like OPie, out of the way until I need it).  I’ve been playing on the lowest settings in WoW since I started WoW, and only for a few select fights have I had to turn them up or risk being a liability in raid.


The keyboard has no numpad, so I think I hate funky character names even more than raid leaders.  I can technically get the numpad through the Fn key on my laptop, but it takes away half my keyboard in the process.  Several keys are starting to come loose or stick.

For example, I have no 1 key.  I don’t know where I last put the actual key, but the little plastic on the back of the key that held it to the hooks on the keyboard-side of the key slot were broken off from hitting it so much.  For a while, I played with the nub, and now even that is gone.  I can still hit it — 11111111 — but it’s hard to spam it (I can’t really machine-gun that one Harrison Jones machine-gun-airplane quest in Uldum).

Hence most of my nukes / spammable abilities are on the 2 key.  Now…the end bracket key (  ]  ) is loose, and floats around (sometimes under the backspace key).

Why not fix it?  I get repairs through the university bookstore, which is where I bought the laptop, and they are just rather plain bad at fixing it in a decent amount of time.  You can get a loaner laptop, but I don’t dare put WoW on it (for a time, I had it on my external hard drive for this reason).  And the loaner laptop?  Just as crappy as this one.  It’s not really worth it to me to send it in for one key.


I normally use headphones plugged in since the onboard speakers are rather crappy quality.  I do have some separate speakers, but the headphone & mic jack is in the front of the laptop, and I keep bumping it (creating very loud static) when I plug the speakers in.  The jack is unfortunately pretty sensitive.

The mic jack has usually been used by a headset (for Vent & Skype purposes), but while my headphones lasted pretty well, it was always either the mic or the headphones that broke on the headset and never both.  So this time around I’m using a desktop mic (you can see it tucked just behind my laptop’s monitor; it’s the black stick to the right) and my normal headphones.  Aside from my noisy fan in the background, it’s working pretty well.

There’s three USB ports: one on the left side of the computer (right next to the fan grate), and two in the back.  The back right one is where I hook up my USB squid, so I can have my external hard drive (for a while, had WoW loaded from there) as well as my mouse.

The 2-button USB mouse

My current/old mouse with the USB stick off to the side, since I've plugged the Naga in.

I got my mouse when I decided in Ulduar that aiming (aka, right mouse button + moving the mouse) in order to shoot dynamically in a demolisher just wasn’t that awesome with just the trackpad (yeah, I played all the way up until Ulduar with just the trackpad as my mouse).  Trash would fatigue my hand so much, so I got me a simple wireless USB mouse so I could play on the floor of someone’s dorm if I had to.  My mouse is a simple Logitech USB Wireless Mouse.  It’s got the left & right buttons as well as a scroll wheel, and it’s just about perfect for my hand size.

I placed my USB squid near my mouse so perhaps the wireless didn’t lag too much.  I found I got mildly spotty reception for it when the USB was on the left USB port of my computer (I’m right-handed).

My hands are small.  I can’t hit an octave on one hand on the piano.  I can still fit my hands into the goalkeeper gloves that I used when I was ten (Yet I can legally buy & drink beer in the US, mkay.)


The biggest part of the new computer that I’ll need to get used to will probably not be the awesome graphics at ultra settings with fluid FPS.  While that will be awe-inspiring, and I’ll be flying circles around Outland and Northrend to just look at all the sights I’ve been missing for 3 years, that’s not the part that determines my skill in raids.  I think I’ve shown that by raiding as a good player (I’m not sure I can call myself excellent) on a crappy graphical setup.

The part I think would jar me the most would be my own interface with it; that is, the mouse, the keyboard, and the monitor.  So I’m getting those first so I can get used to them while I get the guts a few pieces at a time.

The monitor is planning to go from a 14″ to a 21-23″.  My Screen size influences where I put my unit frames and my castbars.  My monitor is more squared than the popular rectangular widescreens.  So I can put DoTimers over there and see them with my peripheral vision, while the rest of you with DoTimers in the same spot might have to actually glance.

The keyboard –while I’ve used real keyboards before, it’s not what I raid on — is going from small, flat keys to the wider spaced and actual button-y keys of a separate keyboard.  I keep starting a keybindings post and never finishing it because I keep wanting to explain that because of my hand-fingers layout, my stretch distance, my keyboard layout, and how I move…these things all influence how exactly I keybind things.  I have small hands, so having a small keyboard actually works for me.

My main deal-breaker on a new keyboard isn’t whether I can see the keys in the dark or how many macros it can hold or whether it even has the numpad or not.  My deal-breaker is whether I can WASD and still reach as many keys as normal.

The mouse is going from the minimum 2 buttons and a scroll wheel to the complex Razer Naga.  My biggest concern, again, was size, since I’ve palmed gaming mice from friends and said “that’s too big for me.”  I was looking at the Razer Orochi for a while, since it’s advertised as being smaller, but I had a good surprise in the store with the Razer Naga.

It came in a box that opened in front like many PC game boxes do (the front folds out like a booklet, which usually has another panel of information or screenshots or what have you).  Instead of another “front” of the box, the Naga box had the Naga right there, of course behind a plastic panel to preserve it from buyers trying it out.  I palmed it to see, and yay!, it fit my hand well enough, even with the bulk of the plastic.

So I bought it.  The Razer Naga.

My Razer Naga in place

My new Razer Naga plugged into the USB squid.

….That’ll be another post as I get used to the side buttons.

DBM vs. GTFO Sounds

Disclaimer: I suspect the sound “channels” I talk about here are actually different from the technical term of sound channels on sound cards.  I call them channels since I can turn down one and it won’t affect another, not because it’s actually a different port (I don’t know if it is).

My guild is trying to change for the progression-orientation.  As a result, the officers are getting a little tougher, a bit at a time, on expectations for raid performance.

They started a thing of requiring GTFO for all healers, so people can’t say they stood in the fire because they couldn’t watch their timers while healing a whole 25man Grid. (more…)

My Gearsheet

Inspired by the Blueberry Totem post about how much BS is in “BiS lists.”  I agree, so I’m going to show you my own Excel spreadsheet of items for my own PvE gearset.  It’s not really a BiS list; in my view, it’s more of a source list than anything.  I encourage you to make your own; I’m just showing you mine (& possibly how I make mine).

I double-checked with people (via Twitter) whether uploading my own Excel sheet would be useful or not.  General consensus was people will use it just to tweak their own sets, so it’s meh if not useful.  I then commented the crap out of my Excel sheet, so putting a minimal FAQ (by worksheet) here.

If you have questions or comments, just comment on this post. More-tag time.

4.0.6 Affliction Spec Discussion

Specifically talent spec, glyphs, and pets.

I was going to do a fishing reprise, now that my guild has the feast.  Because since we have the feast, that doesn’t mean “stop fishing.”  Actually that means “keep fishing more.”  But our guild bank is going through supplies quickly, so I figured less writing, more fishing.  I’ll finish it later. I keep forgetting the more tag.

Go Fish

My guild doesn’t really like to fish.  It’s boring, they say.

But we gotta do it for that awesome cool fish feast you get from the guild achievement That’s a Lot of Bait.  We have 4.3k!  Almost halfway, guys! And in the meantime, our raid leadership has decided that 60 stat foods are not enough for raiding and we need to bring our own 90 stat foods.

Most of which come from fishing.

Even worse, some of the important ones — Deepsea Sagefish, e.g. — don’t actually have pools.

Cue the QQ. Here’s my RR response…

[gear] 85 But Not Yet Raiding

My guild has tasked myself and my guildmates to plan out gear in order to get ready to raid.  Of course, we have a week or two on our raid calendar already for Five-Man-Festivals, and it’d be great to know what blues I ought to look out for.

Normally, I’d just go by my usual stat priority.

This is a gear list which means it’s super long, so I’m going to try to break up this post with a more! tag.  As far as I can figure out, my settings should still keep a full post in the feed reader, but let me know if it doesn’t. Go on, go on!

Affliction Talents & Glyphs (Raiding)

Since only a radical expansion-changing change would change talents around beyond minor edits for this post, I’m going to leave it a vague title and update as needed.  Raiding is in parentheses since that’s my main focus, even though this discussion could apply to various spec foci.

Updated for 4.0.1.

Making a T&G Build

I’m all for making your own build.  Even as you level.  I find it a bit of a fun game to see if I can guess the raiding talent & glyph build as I level and then check it only when I hit 80.  I usually get pretty close, too.  I may have chosen leveling talents, but I can tell almost the exact raiding build upon hitting cap level.

For a caster DPS, anything that increases your damage means you should obviously take this.  Beneficial procs like haste or crit are also, dur-hur, taken.  In the Cataclysm trees, those heavily-bordered talents are actually spells that get added to your spellbook in your specific specialization’s tab.

In Cataclysm, you must spend 31 points in one tree before you can branch out to the other ones, and then you have 10 points to put wherever you wish.  I will run a 32/3/6 build when I hit 85, so you don’t have to leave the Affliction tree once you’ve got your 31 points.  Beyond about 33 for PvE is getting a bit ridiculous, however.

Discussable Talents for Afflic

You wouldn’t discuss whether maxing out Improved Corruption or Everlasting Affliction is a big deal or not.  Taking both of those is a no-brainer in the land of PvE DPS.  (Even PvP DPS, dare I say.)

Improved Life Tap | I’m going to run with ILT 2/2 because I’m all for more mana back during a Life Tap.  I would have to Life Tap less often, which would certainly please my healers who, I’m told, will be seriously confined by mana in Cataclysm.

Jinx | Taking Jinx means that you can cast Curse of the Elements and have the spell effect extend to any-enemy-body within 20 or 40 yds.  Which is cool if you’re raiding and don’t have an Unholy DK (Ebon Plaguebringer talent) or a Moonkin (Earth & Moon talent) to help spread the love.  You can get by with a 20 yds increase if you’re a smart warlock and don’t Seed on the outside of mob packs.  (It’s the same deal with CoE; put it on the middle mob for max effect.)

It also does something to manaless powers regeneration, but I guess that extends to PvP.  I don’t see how it does in Battlegrounds since players tend to die in a matter of seconds.  Plus, usually when I die to a rogue it’s because I’m stun-locked, not because OH NOES his energy is regenning like CRAZY YO.  However, I’m a relative PvP beginner, so maybe I’m just talking a load of crap here.

Curse of Exhaustion (abbrev. CoEx) | I consider this a definite take, mainly because I’m excited to CC. I’d say “CC again,” but as a Wrath raider, I didn’t have much CC’ing going on in the first place.  I already have it in my 80 raiding build in 4.0.1, and it serves some use on Val’Kyrs in the Lich King fight.  Or the various mobs in Dreamwalker.  I don’t consider this a discussable talent, but some min/maxers may if they have other classes with slows covering them.

Improved Fear / Improved Howl of Terror | These are PvP talents, for the most part. Generally Fear isn’t used in dungeons because the warlock has no control of where the Feared mob will run.  Often it will run into the next mob pack and pull everything.  With the Glyph of Fear, however, we may be able to use Fear again, since the glyph keeps the mob in place with the Horror effect rather than running around.  Regardless, the mob moving slower after the Fear falls off is rather useless in PvE.  Also, slapping a CoEx on the mob would slow it more for longer than the maxed-out Nightmare effect would.

Howl of Terror is an AoE fear; i.e. you’d use it when the melee specs close in on you in battlegrounds.  There is no glyph to hold mobs in place, so using this in a dungeon practically guarantees you’d pull the entire place (unless, it’s the last mob pack).

Destruction Tree

In the days of the 51-point talent tree, Affliction warlocks would branch out into the Destruction tree, mainly for improvements to Shadow Bolt (which is a Destruction-school spell).  Bane and Shadow and Flame are the two talents most appealing to Affliction warlocks.  Bane shortens your Shadow Bolt’s cast time.  Shadow and Flame increases the damage of your Shadow Bolt, but it also puts an effect on the mob that increases spell critical strike against that target.

With a Soulburn, Soul Fire becomes instant-cast, regardless of your warlock spec.  With Improved Soul Fire, the min/maxers may prove that burning a SF at the beginning of fights is an increase in DPS (since you’ll have 15% haste).  I personally don’t want to take this talent; Affliction is shadow and drains to me, not fire.  It’s not in the personality of the rotation for me. So maybe the min/maxers will flame me *chortle* for that.

Demonology Tree

In the days of the 51-point talent tree, Affliction warlocks would branch out into the Demonology tree for survivability use.  There was a build called SL/SL (Siphon Life / Soul Link) that was particularly fun to solo old dungeons with.  You could even almost solo world elites (I remember doing the last parts of the Hemingway Nagrand quests as SL/SL).  You were almost invincible.  Except for, you know, being a clothie.  Bah, cloth.

Typically, as a raiding lock, only the first tier is available, and not even all of it unless you want out of the Destruction tree entirely.

Demonic Embrace will increase your stamina by 4/7/10%; this is helpful considering most of the healer Cataclysm discussion reveals we will endure boss fights at around 70% health on average.  More stamina means more health means more 70% health to knock down than a talentless 70% health.  More health also means more Life Tap before you annoy your healer and kill yourself.

Dark Arts might be useful if Affliction ever gets back the Felhunter as a pet.  Currently, the Succubus with her Glyph is the best DPS I’ve gotten out of a pet.  Before 4.0.1, the felpup was awesome since he had both a talent in the Affliction tree and a glyph.  Now he just has this Demo talent (same effect from his old talent).

I’m probably going to opt for Fel Synergy 2/2, which heals my pet for a portion of my damage.  Pets already have a 90% avoidance to AoE effects, but with healers having trouble keeping up players, there’ll be even less of a chance for your pet to be kept up.

Plus, what are we without demon pets?



>.< Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

Prime Glyphs

Here’s the possible Affliction glyphs you can obtain: Bane of Agony, Corruption, Unstable Affliction, and Haunt.  The pet glyphs are Lash of Pain and Imp (and Felguard, but you have to be Demo to have a FG).

We use the succubus as a pet, so Lash of Pain is in.  In fact, her glyph is what makes her better than the felhunter.  I fly with Haunt and Bane of Agony.

Unstable Affliction I don’t find very useful, especially with the amount of haste I raid with.  Corruption will give you double the change you had to get a Nightfall proc (instant SBolt).  That’d be helpful in heavy-movement encounters, but it’ll remain my backup choice for now.

Major Glyphs

Major glyphs are that middle ground between prime and minor glyphs.  Minor glyphs are complete utility; prime glyphs visibly affect your DPS.  Major glyphs, then, are utilities that can also help out your DPS.

Soul Swap, as an Affliction lock, is a must-take. Once you get the hang of using Soul Swap, you’ll know why.  Soul Swap originally takes your DoTs off the first target before putting them on the second.  The glyph lets your DoTs stay on while you copy them over to the second target.  So you’re multidoting without the ramp-up time. How COOL is that?

Most min/maxing advice will tell you the Life Tap glyph is next.  I don’t agree. The min/maxers use simulations and theoretical math to determine the best of everything — talents, rotations, gear, glyphs.  I have a feeling that these simulations just Life Tap whenever a certain mana threshold has been reached, regardless of what you’re doing at the time.

Furthermore, I believe Life Tapping is a bit more of an Art; there is a right and a wrong time to Life Tap, but it’s so variable, it’s really hard to put about set rules for when you should Life Tap.  You get a feeling for when you’ll be able to survive without 15% of your health for the next few seconds.  You might need the mana now, but maybe a big raid-wide damage effect is supposed to happen and you know your healers will be grinding their teeth just trying to keep you guys up.  Minus fifteen percent isn’t going to help them out.

And really, half a second is going to help you out?  I’d rather be Life Tapping while I can’t DPS; maybe I’m out of range (Sindy’s air phase) or I’m moving (spore running on Festergut).  At least then I’ll be doing something futurely beneficial.

Glyph of Healthstone might be useful — I’d rather see if I really do need the extra oomph from a fel cookie to survive an encounter.  As Affliction, I’ve got Drain Life and burning DL SOOPAFAST DOWNLOAD! and then whatever health pot I have, then my Healthstone, plus whatever I’m getting from Siphon Life off my Corruption.  As Affliction, I’ve got a variety of options to keep myself alive, compared to other classes and specs.

Glyph of Fear will help you bring back your main warlockery Crowd Control ability.  C’mon!  What’s a warlock without Fear?  I discussed this earlier when talking about the Fear talents.

The last glyph I picked was Shadow Bolt; it reduces the mana cost of SBolt by 15%.  Shadow Bolt easily takes the most out of my mana pool without using AoE abilities.  Less mana cost means more casts per mana, but it also means I need less mana to do the same DPS.  In healer-speak, I won’t need to Life Tap as much.

Minor Glyphs

As far as minor glyphs go, warlocks got shafted.  Of course, a lot of classes are rather PFFT about their minor glyphs, but it’s really hard to tell you that even ONE of these six possibilities is needed.  We used to have Drain Soul as a definite, since it had a bonus effect of possibly generating a second shard.  Back when we could have like 32 or more shards.

But now we only have 3.  And Glyph of DS doesn’t have that shard bonus anymore.  Whoop-de-damn-doo.

I opted for Souls, Unending Breath (I hear dere’s dem water zones now), and Kilrogg (FLYING EoK YESSSSSSSSSSS).  It’s really more what floats your boat than what’s useful.

And that should be it for talents & glyphs.  I’m not on beta, so I can’t really do a rotations thing at 85.  You’ll have to wait for me to get to 85 to tell you all about that one.

For Your Fel Intel

After reading Beru’s post on multiple sources and the comments that followed, I’ve decided to take a bit of a plunge.  It feels largely like a plunge because I’m going to label it like a guide, and then I’ll cross my fingers until my knuckles grow white that I’m not guiding new locks in the wrong direction.

No Nose Snubbing Here

I don’t like untentionally annoying or pissing off people.  Pffft, okay, nobody does, but I seem to have a particular knack for it in the eye-arr-ell.  (Yes, I’m aware saying “in IRL” is like saying “PIN number.”  Sssssh!) Today’s culture also seems, to me at least, to take things very personally without or with very little context, and there’s always a contest of some sort, and people won’t drop things until they “win.”

However “win” is defined.

I’m tired of competing to “win.”  So I’m trying to convince myself to do this for myself, which usually ends up being my scratchbook for figuring things out.  Because that’s what I do in my free time, I fiddle with things and do puzzles without the box.

I really don’t mean to sound like an ass by saying, “I solve puzzles without the box,” or “I level without heirlooms.”  There’s no mental or hypothetical “/flex” at the end of those statements. It’s just what I do, and I feel like I have to add on “without the box” or “without heirlooms,” because otherwise people just go on about heirlooms or how those murder-solve puzzles where the box picture isn’t the puzzle picture are so annoying, which I really really don’t care about.

“Lemme ‘splain.  … No, there is too much.  Lemme sum up.”

I find playing the way I do as fun.  I’m up for trying things, but if I don’t like a way, I won’t do it that way. I encourage the same.

I personally found affliction fucking awesome to play when I first tried it as I leveled.  I still find it fucking awesome to play.  I don’t dual-spec myself affliction just to snub my nose at the other two specs.  I dual-spec affliction because I love PvE affliction and affliction PvP made me not hate PvP so much.  (Well, affliction PvP and a podcast episode.  Okay, mostly the episode and some really cool BG maps.)

If you don’t like affliction, if affliction makes you scream at your computer screen in blinding rage…then…don’t…play it.  I won’t hate you for it.  There’s this demonology lock in UR who is BAD ASS in my opinion.  Ridiculously good.  AKA “Dude, I might go try demo if it’s THAT cool.”

My aspiration is set at doing that for someone else.  Maybe it’s a bit too high of a star to gaze at, but stargazing’s fun, right?

For Your Fel Intel

I was looking at Keeva’s 4.0 Druid Healing Guide, but mostly the icon, because I’ve not played my tree in so very long and I don’t know when I’ll pick her back up again. I’m not sure if I’ll make an icon or just leave it as a text link on the side. Icons are fun! But FYFI is what I’m planning on calling it.

Because I thought it was at least half-punny on FYI.

Because I figure “information” is a better way to put it than “>> HEY, DO IT THIS WAY OR YOU SUCK <<”.  Not that any guides I’ve seen on the blogosphere do that (well, except those “Keyboarders are slow” ones), but like I said earlier, I have a knack at coming off in that rude way by accident. Information can be collected and then later rejected if desired.  It’s not a do or die thing.  I’m not going to be offended if you decide to use someone else’s way of doing things or even if you make your own.

Wiki-d Setup

(Reading that as “wickeed” just ruins the pun.  Gosh.)

For Power Auras and macros, I’ve already started to experiment with a wiki-style format, since freebo WordPress doesn’t give much options for hiding humongous blocks of code (aura import sets, e.g.).  Instead you just get textwalls of non-formatted code, maybe in little code boxes, but nevertheless…blwaaahhhh.  It looks bloated whenever I try to do it just on the blog.

I found a freebo wiki (I like being a cheapo!) that I can set up, and it’s already cool because a) I can change the CSS of the whole wiki if I want, for no charge, and b) the wiki lets me use little widgets like those really cool collapsible blocks of text (+ show / – hide toggles and such).  So you can go grab the import code you want, but it doesn’t look BLWAAAHHHH on the page.

Now that I’ll be jumping into this expansion as a raider, I might even start putting up boss guides for warlocks.  Raiding, but also instancing, because with raiding you do get a certain kind of consistency going, but in 5mans, especially through LFD, sometimes you have to switch tactics depending on your groupmates, be it class or gear that’s the difference.

This Ain’t Math Class

I’ve been told in the past (specifically by a healer) that I was a “good warlock.”I think at the time it meant I didn’t life tap myself to death or pull threat just because I could or sacrifice group utility to the meter gods.

So realize that I’m not out to theorycraft my way to the best DPS numbers I can output.  Besides, judging by the last time I tried to read EJ’s Theorycrafting 101, by December they might have it updated to patch 3.0.1.  (Oh! Burn! But it’s SO TRUE!)

I’m out to present how not to drop your fel ass in the bee pit. Also how to find yourself some demonic aloe if you do happen to step on the wrong side of the Dark (Bee) Portal.

So here’s hoping I won’t be blogospherically Hellfiring myself by accident.

Raid Prep

Was reading some Druid Main just now, and Icedragon had a post about raid prep IRL.  This is totally too long for a comment, but I can’t really mention parts about my raid prep.  It feels so wrong to not go through with the whole deal, which I guess is a good thing that it’s habit to do it all and not just parts of it.

Food Collection: Noms Away

My guild raids at 8.  Well, invites are at 8 anyway, but in order to accept an invite (or in this case, whisper it) you have to be at your computer, and then it’s only 10-15min to the first pull anyway.  So at 6, I plan to have dinner or be on my way to getting dinner.  7 is the absolute latest for pickup dinner food.

Why so early?  Because eating at my computer, although I kind of do it, is not cool.  I’m next to my computer, but I’ve got my chair turned or backed off from the desk or something so me being a clutz doesn’t affect my computer.  I hold my bottle of drinkage in one hand, the cap in the other, and the cap is only removed because my mouth is in contact with it.

“Food Collection” however is also snack food.  It’s making sure my IRL raid consumables are on my shelf in the kitchen. (Yeah, my shelf, it’s what happens when you share an apartment with people.)  My drink of choice tends to be Dr Pepper — I know water or milk or something would be better, but it’s got a bite to it that I like.  I also make sure I have cookies or crackers or a bagel or whatever I can just grab from running downstairs before I run back up again.

If I gotta go to the grocery store to grab snacks, I do it by 7. Just makes it easier when I’m not freaking out because I’m not quite hungry now, but there won’t be enough time to run to Subway in the middle of the raid.

Connection Stuff: Hey, I’m Tawkin’ Eer!

That sounds vague, but it’s stuff I need to connect my real life body to the in-game raid.

This means Vent.  I try to be logged into Vent a good 10-15min before the raid invites.  Just logged in, not necessarily in a channel, just on Vent.  So at worst, if I have to afk and come back late, I just have to drop into a channel.  No biggie.

Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I keep my main Vent info (my guild only, usually) crap together in a text file with Vent, and then it’s also in my password program holder thingy.  Along with things like my authenticator number doohickie and, y’know, passwords.  I keep PuG Vents, though I don’t log onto them except for a PuG raid with them.  If it’s a guild run mostly, it gets named after the guild; if it looks more like a personal Vent or not really a guild run, it gets named something stupid like TotC pug or Naxx pug 2 or whatever generic name.  Haven’t pugged a raid in a while, though.

Vent means…headsetKeep your headset somewhere consistent, in a drawer, on a shelf, wherever.  Mine’s on a hook on my desk now.  I’ve had a couple of nights where 5 min. before pulling I can’t find my headset, only to stumble upon it later during the afk break.

Connection Stuff also means my addons.  I make sure what I want to raid with is up to date, and I use Addon Control Panel to switch my personal profile to “Pone raid,” which loads only what I need for raiding.   So no AH addons, no Gearscore, not even Postal, no Lightheaded, no roleplaying addons, no addons I just downloaded to play with, etc.

Make sure if you use some sort of points loot system that you have the addon for it running.  For example, Conspiracy uses EPGP, so I make sure that’s loaded in my raid set of addons.

Finally “Connection Stuff” means my me-to-outside-world connection stuff I close Firefox and only open it for a few minutes if I want to check which raid group I’m in.  I close TweetDeck, and make sure it is closed / exited, not minimized to the taskbar.  All my computer health stuff — Spybot, MSSE, Malware Bytes, backup schedule, CCleaner, Defraggler, etc. — is scheduled for outside of raid time.  If the dumb Windows Update thingy pops up, I tell it not to talk to me for another 4 hours.  I make sure it’s just WoW, Vent, and my desktop.

A word on instant messengers: I used to just put myself as “Away.”  It worked most of the time.  Every once in a while, despite having a “Raiding” away message, somebody would send me an IM while raiding.  So the IM window pops in my face, on top of WoW, because I play WoW as maximized window mode.  (Yay small laptops.)

So I’d spend half the time going “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK STOP IT STOP IT GO AWAYYYYYYYYYY,” before the window would finally load into existence (wtb Windows not freezing), then I could click back to WoW, and then find somebody dead or myself dead or some raid leader wondering why the fuck I didn’t move out of the Malleable Goo right away.

Now I close Pidgin entirely, just like TweetDeck.  If they really need me, they’d call. Calling = incessant phone buzz; texting = bit of phone buzz.  It’s never failed yet.

Mental Zone: Time to Game

This tends to be more in-game than out-of-game, but I focus more on my toon being ready and it gets me ready.

Pee! Especially with a soda as my primary drink, I’m gonna wanna.  Yeah, any good raid will have an afk break or two, but start out on empty.

Consumables: Flasks / Elixirs, Pots, Fish Feasts, Personal Food.

I make sure I have enough to last both the entire raid time (~4 hrs worth of flasks covers it and maybe a weekly raid or something) and multiple wipes.  My druid makes the flasks: 2 for her, 4 for Pone, per raid.  Pots = at least a stack each of health, mana, speed, & wild magic. Usually there’s a few people in the raid also with Fish Feasts, but I try to have a stack of Feasts when I walk in.

I also have at least a stack of my personal food, but probably not more than 2 stacks.  Both specs, though I don’t raid on my druid right now, but I still keep around both tree food and bear food.  I also make sure I have a stack of non-strudel Strudels. Conjured Mana Strudel is 22.5k health & 19.2k mana; so are Grilled Bonescale, Sauteed Goby, or Smoked Rockin.  None of them require spices, and you get these fish while you’re out fishing for Feast fishies, so I really don’t care if the mage isn’t here.  I grab 80 actually-strudel Strudels when there is a table, but those are more habit from grabbing food for switching healers than actually needing them.

Yeah, I fish a lot.  I find it calming, actually.

On my warlock this also means having a full shard bag.  She’s a tailor, so it wasn’t hard to get myself a 32 shard bag.  I’ve gotten myself below 20 shards in a raid before, and aside from chain-questing for Loremaster, I’ve never really run out of bag space enough times to complain about OMG SHARDS DON’T STACK.

Gear: make sure it’s enchanted and gemmed properly.  Make sure it’s repaired. Also, make sure I have my Pawn scales up to date in case anything cool drops.  Look over some boss lists in case I have anything I want as possible drops.  I have an index card per boss, usually, with what I like that drops and how much I want it (major/minor upgrade, that sort of thing).

Sheesh, yes, I’m kinda paranoid when it comes to raid prep.

Boss mods: not just making sure DXE is loaded, but being mentally aware of what I’m supposed to do.  Knowing boss strategies or at least boss abilities.  Targeting macros (e.g. Putricide Oozes) and usable objects (e.g. Jetpack), make sure they’re still working and in easy to find locations.  I try out my oh shit keybinds (Demonic Teleport, Soulshatter, etc.); sometimes Bind Pad unbinds it for dumb unknown reasons.  Better to find out now than in raid when I need it.

Also be at the raid instance or on the way there.  For one, I’m a warlock, and with that stupid phase trick in Icecrown, having a warlock is awesome.  I don’t mind, I mean, I have 32 shards, it’s no biggie.  I really don’t mind summoning for guildies.

Fun Stuff: Iron Boot Flask, a stack of Noggenfogger Elixir, Blue Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer Controller, Pygmy Oil, Baby Spice, Unusual Compass, Old Spice sometimes, etc.  Things for trash pulls or for cheering up when Putricide is being an ass.  I /dance a lot, not because I’m spastic or because I’m being dumb, but because HEY CHEER UP IT’S A GAME ENJOY IT.  No need to be freaking out and grumpy the entire raid.

I’m saving for a train set, y’know.  Heh heh heh…

So long as it doesn’t terribly affect my raiding abilities, it’s good fun.  For example, Super Simian Sphere usually only gets pulled in heroics, because in order to use it, I have to trade one of my trinkets (hit trinket or Illustration of the Dragon Soul).  Bad idea on an ICC boss.  Outside of heroics, it gets pulled on downtime.  It only lasts 5 min anyway.

Actually /AFK: When it’s break time, regardless of whether I need to refill my snacks/drinks or maybe I don’t actually have to pee, I should get up and walk around.  Stretch your body, but also just don’t think about whatever is going wrong in the raid.  Relax. Breathe a bit.  Then come back (don’t be late!) and focus.

Post-Raid: Replenishment & Tranquility

I believe that raiding is like exercise in that just stopping after you do it is a bad thing.  You gotta warm up before you raid, and you gotta cool down after you raid.  Dailies (including the Random Heroic) are typically done before raid, but in case I didn’t, I’ll go do some dailies to wind down.

New Gear: go enchant and gem that new piece that just dropped.  My warlock enchants, and between my warlock and my druid, I can fund gem-buying.  Or I can go take the triumph emblems that I don’t need on my warlock and go buy uncut gems and search Trade or Guild for a JC with the cuts I like.

Boss Mods Recap: World of Logs or Recount/Skada or knowing the Malleable Goo was causing me issues, or having some trouble on this one strategy.  Look things up on the web, is what it comes down to.  What could I do better is my goal.

Flask Monkey: my druid goes and makes a batch every week for a week’s worth of raids plus a few backups for Pone.  She keeps a raid’s worth for herself (both specs) just in case, but it hasn’t happened yet.  She also makes the preferred battle/guardian elixirs for bear/tree in heroics.  Pots too, though she’s not pot-specced.

Go Fish: it really is calming. For me, anyway, some music, or a podcast, or a DVD stuck in my laptop, and…fishing.  It’s repetitive enough that I can think, ponder, percolate, but interactive enough to have to be awake to be productive with it.  Like flasks I tend to do the cooking as a week’s batch at a time, but I fish throughout the week.  Sometimes I just go see if I can catch Mr. Pinchy, or I go read the coins in the Dalaran fountain.

This seems like a lot. It’s not really.  The most bothersome is the consumables, because I make my own foods & flasks & pots & the enchanting part of enchants.  When new bosses come out, then yeah, it takes a bit to read up on them all and figure out what drops are cool, but that’s only for the first three or so nights you face them.

First Conspiracy/ICC Raid was fun

Seriously, the only boss I’d seen as an avatar before was Marrowgar. XD

My highlights:

Marrowgar always follows me during Bone Storm.  I swear, I can’t get away from him.

I must have been watching the 25man versions of Lady Deathwhisper, because it was totally not as complicated on 10man as I thought.

Gunship: I was relieved that the jetpack has a target mechanic and doesn’t just boost your own jumping.  I’ve only failed once on Thaddius (due to massive lag) and I was determined not to fail-jump ship.  Except I stayed on the boat, so it’s good.

Saurfang = I got to CC!  Yay Demonic Portal for kiting.

Blue Gas Frogger = fail walking out first and just dying.  Then I realized it was Frogger 2.0.  Oops.

Precious & Stinky weren’t as awful as I’ve heard stories.  Then again, this is “only” 10man.

Festergut was cool, I got to cuddle with Jin & Liss whenever the spore came out and I vomited a few times.

Rotface was interesting, though I got debuffed in the middle of or just after a phase transition so I had a minor “OMFG WHERE IS THE OT” heart attack.

Putricide took a few wipes, partially because I hadn’t done it before.  On one of the wipes I died due to bad luck (bouncing ooze while I was green-ooze-linked = >.< FUCK), so Liss tried to brez me, but…uh…that gas phase thingy hit, and I rezzed into a DoT that wtfpwned me before I could hit the healthstone.  Sucky part = my healthstone got counted as used.  WTF BLIZZ.  But yeah…once I got the hang of all the moving and junk, Putricide was hilarious fun.  I could seriously do that fight all day and not get bored.

Blood Princes were a little frustrating in the beginning.  I had disco ball duty, and at first I thought the orange balls were part of the deal, but it’s just the white ones.  I also had issues when both balls appeared on my side of the room and I was supposed to get them because it just took a “little more effort.”  Yeah.  Felpuppies don’t run quickly, and the balls almost always spawned on the complete opposite side from me (i.e., I was at the top running away from the blast thing, the ball spawns near the door).  I eventually got it to siccing Bheez on the *far* or higher up ball while I ran to & SB’d the near ball.

Blood Queen…well, we ran out of time and had some funny dumb wipes, but from what I did of it, it sounds cool.  I was on the list to be bitten, but I never got bitten.  Though, I do need to check if the vehicle bar will pop up in Dominos — it usually does, but apparently this is where your biting ability comes up when you go nuts.   We got to phase 2 and had a MC’d pally running around.  I wondered if I could Fear him or what, but twas a wipe anyway.

They kept telling me to roll on stuff so I can gear up for 25mans.  I got Soulcleave Pendant & Bloodstained Surgeon’s Shoulders.  They kept trying to get me to take the wand, but Pawn & eyeballing it told me mine was better.  Sadface at Gunship not dropping the Icecrown Spire Sandals…it’s either those or me saving up for Sandals of Consecration (1+5 primordial saronite) in order to replace my Naxx 25 Boots of Persuasion.


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