Hello world!

Hmmm, this obligatory first post already had such a sweet title from the default WordPress First Post. So uh…


Well, at least, I hope it becomes plural.  I’m Megan or Meg, whichever you like.  I play mostly on the US-Eonar server, Alliance-side.  I call my warlock my main, though I’ve lately been playing more on my druid or my shammy.  I’ve been playing WoW since Feb 2008, and I’ve been reading WoW blogs since about Wrath.  I especially started reading various WoW blogs when I started my second toon (druid) and wanted to learn how the class was played.

I’ve recently felt like I want to express my opinions on WoW, mainly after reading various blogs but not having the guts to post a comment, mainly because I feel the need to have something awesome to say other than “Awesome! I agree.”  Or sometimes I won’t agree, and I go to Notepad++ to type up this huge long reply, and by the time I’ve figured it’s too long for comment-space, one to three other people have already more eloquently worded and posted my opinion.  So I’m essentially reduced to “Awesome! I agree.”


I love theorycrafting (math and computers are yummy), so maybe some of that from time to time.  Class and spec posts will be whatever I feel like playing at the moment, though probably focusing on warlock (affliction) and druid (tree/bear), since those are my 80s.

Hello world!

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Teh Wookiee says:

    Hey Meg, just found this link in Twitter. Can’t say I know much about droods/locks, but the other stuff is interesting to read. BTW, if you ever need a tank for some of the Old World stuff, I would be happy to do it.

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