Quel’Delar: Horrible & Awesome

Battered Hilt should be BoP.  It recently threw my heart and head for a few loops while I fought with myself over whether I had rightfully and fairly won the roll or if I had “stolen” it from a guildy.  But it also brought me some heartful happiness, not just +200 spellpower.

Epic loot for my warlock

Long story short: a group of guildies had been trying to grind the elites in Pit of Saron for this epic drop.  One of the members keeps disconnecting, so he tells the other four on Vent to find somebody else; it’s obviously not working for him.  I answered the call for one more DPS in guild chat.  I come in, I haven’t done the quest to go to HoR, and the four tell me they’re grinding for the Hilt.  No prob, I’m just here for badgers more or less.   Something like the third elite I’m in there for, the Hilt drops.  I paused in case this was a run for a specific somebody.  Nope,  “all roll need,” and within 30 seconds, the Hilt was mine.

Wicked, huh?

The part that was throwing me for a loop was after I won it, some of the group was telling me to link it to another guildy.  I did.  Twice.  It wasn’t until this guildy told me that it was his spot I had taken when I felt like a total asshole for essentially though unintentionally waving the epic drop in his face.  And the other four were offering me gold or allowing me to trade the item if I felt so guilty.

I didn’t want to steal the item, especially not from a guildy.  The Robes are my online family.  But…I also don’t like being taken advantage of for something I had won fairly.  I told this to the group, and they said, no, it was a fair roll for all and I won it, so I kept it.

It should be BoP

Its state of BoE (Bind on Quest?), tradeable, SELLABLE–it’s complete bullshit.  It’s way too stressful deciding who gets it.  A RL friend mentioned in passing, which toon did I give it to?  My warlock or my druid?  I was appalled.  Decking out my druid with the mace when my warlock won the Hilt would feel like double rolling.  Then what, my druid can roll for my warlock next time it drops?  While WEARING the friggin mace?  Bullshit.  My warlock WON it, my warlock GETS it.

That’s rather like walking into a raid on my druid, and a cool enchant or that wicked pattern drops.  Is my druid allowed to roll on those and win, since my warlock can use them?  At least on Eonar, the answer is hell no.  Of the pugged raids I get into, many RLs will state that you must link your 450 profession and then learn it on the spot.

Then why is this epic item any different?  It’s not even legendary.  I mean, yes, the questline is pretty awesome, but it’s still only purple.

Lens of the Mind: Why do you want it?

Guildies, whom I trusted and who are good raiders, were willing to bribe me for it.  WTF.  No offense, I don’t get to raid much on my warlock anymore.  I’m usually pulled to come heal or tank.  It’s not like I’m going to be hitting up ICC anytime soon on Pone, unless I pick up a rep-grinding pug.  These four guildies? Three of them are in the guild’s top ten on WowHeroes.  Like, y’know, ToC25 is a “medium” raid difficulty for them.  So it’s not really like it was an “upgrade” deal.   The guy who bribed me gold for it was offering 5k, maybe 7k, for it.  I know it’s going on the AH for 19-20k.  Had I taken it, not only would I have sold a winning roll, but I’d have gotten thoroughly cheated out of it, too.

Really guys?  I almost didn’t want it anymore.  I figured much like the EoE key, I’d never get it on my warlock due to prioritizing tanks or healers.  It’s not worth stressing over, especially among guildmates.

But I got to see Sunwell

I started playing WoW in Feb 2008, and soloed my way up to 70 as I watched many raids go on in guild chat.  As they wrestled what’shisname in Karazhan, the satyr guy, I kept getting told I need to get to 70 NOW so they can have a good affliction warlock for that fight.  One of my dreams of integrating into the guild (since I got in by being a RL friend) was to finally raid with them, because then I’d be “one of them.”  Ironically I did get into Kara maybe once.  I remember I was at 69 or maybe I had just dinged.  I came as loot monkey, running around trying to enjoy the place while the other 9 people who had the place memorized were rushing ahead.  We got to the satyr guy where affliction warlocks are king, and I was told I was just going to SoC the shit out of the place, and I looked through my spellbook and…I didn’t have the spell yet.  Bummer.

I remember doing dailies in the Isle of Quel’Danas for a while to get myself ready to raid.  About two weeks of being 70, Wrath hits.  And I went back to soloing and leveling.  Again.  So I hurried my butt up to 80 so I could raid. FINALLY RAID. With my guild, my “family.”

Anyway, favorite WoW pasttime of mine is to go solo old content I never got to do.  For one it’s a good exercise for my class abilities.  Soloing Mechanar at level 80 is still pretty slow and deadly as an affliction warlock.  I don’t care if you think I’m doing it wrong, I never got to go there.  It’s fun.  Like, y’know, when I got to the Antechamber in Ulduar, I was excited that I got to pull Banish out of my spellbook and put it on my bar.  Because OMG I GET TO CC.  So here I am, at the waning end of the questline, about to go into SUNWELL PLATEAU.


I went in already Alt+Z’d and was snapping screenshots like a paparazzi.  Because I figure since none of the old farts want to go back (they just want moar epix), I might never see it again.  And I figure I will keep this sword forever, much like I still have the cloak some guildies mass-made for an Old World Wednesday old-level-60 Onyxia run.

Quel’Delar: Horrible & Awesome

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