I know, probably not a very awesome blog post, but I’ve got ideas running in my head, and I don’t know if I’m awesome enough to write them down here and not be laughed or pfft’d at.  Assuming people read this.

User Interface Theories and Addon Reviews

I like addon reviews.  I like messing with my addons.  I have alts specifically for messing with my user interface.  I also like reading articles by others on how your UI should be set up for raiding or whatever.  Clutter is not good, etc.  I want to explore UI tweaking, but I need more than my opinion.

Loot List for the LFG/Badge Whore

I see lots of loot lists pop up every patch, but they always show what’s in the newest raid instance or BiS.  But I’m a 5man’r, a casual 10man’r.  I usually end up going through WowHead/MMO-Champion with twenty tabs in Firefox, and then ten more tabs comparing the gear I find in the various dungeons.  The BiS/Raid25 lists do nothing for me.  Even Raid10, because my guild is about a raid/tier behind everything.

What’s out there for people who cruise LFG or get our purple pixels largely by emblems and not by drops? Or what professional stuff can you use?  Or how can the new 80-dings efficiently catch up to the 3.3 raiders?  Also questions of how can a toon who’s solo’d 1-80 by questing transition smoothly into the hostile LFG environment without too many L2P comments thrown their way.  I want to explore the band of experience of good players with good gear looking for more, but who aren’t necessarily in a progression guild because of playtime or scheduling.

Theorycrafting & Gear Scales

Obvious explanation by itself.  Though I’m more intrigued on how to build my own gear scoring template, or if I even need one, and how tweaking stats by only so much really will or won’t matter.  There’s lots of links to gear score templates, but not many to how those are actually built.

Like trackbacks–I’m still trying to figure out how to do that whole “I linked to your blog” deal.


BlogAzeroth has a slew of them popping up.  But, c’mon, what would I going to put for the blogging one? “How long have you been blogging?” “Oh, barely a week. Unless you count Xanga in high school.”  Seriously, not interesting at all.  But I feel leechlike just chilling on the forums with my one intro post.

How To LFG

With all the FailPug hate going on due to, well, jerks in LFG, I’m wondering about exploring how to be a better pug, even on your bad days.  Yes, some FailPug jerks are just that, jerks.  But some of it is people just not knowing how different classes do the same job.  Like bears & palliesMaybe I can take what I learn in raid by healing or tanking or dps’ing with other classes and apply it to a 5man. Also not just covering interclass mechanics, but interpersonal. Like saying “hello” when you join a group rather than mowing through in silence.

What do you guys want to know? The few who come reading, anyway?


One thought on “Blogstorming

  1. Alex says:

    Everything in your list sounds good. Personally I often skip over memes because I don’t find them very interesting, but don’t let my opinion sway you. I think I’d be most interested in the theorycrafting, and the maths behind it, as well as the addon and UI things you mentioned.

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