Gear Jerks, Part 1

Green isn’t working very well. How about orange? Or purple? Druid & warlock, heh, heh.

I’m having issues with some of the topics cropping up in blogs now.  Particularly the “Worst PuG Ever” or the “LFG sucks because” posts.  Because they generally deal with problems between people, but it gets blamed on some addon or the game mechanics of Blizzard’s new Dungeon Finder.  I swear, it’s a people problem, guys.


I use GearScoreLite. It puts the GearScore in the tooltip when I mouseover your toon’s unit, and I’ve chosen to put in the average ilvl as well.  Honestly, I wish I could turn off the GS and just use the average ilvl.  But there’s no option for that.

Originally I started using it in raid as a warlock.  I would see other warlocks or dps specs beating me in the Repeencount and I wanted to know if I was sucking or if I was merely outgeared. Unfortunately, people like to move in raids.  I’d try to catch a moment to inspect somebody, but really only the tier pieces are recognizable by icon.  Often someone would move before I could catch what the name was or the tooltip that said where it dropped.  I had a vague idea of how ilvl corresponded to where it dropped.  200 for Naxx10/OS/EoE/t7 10 & purples in heroics.  213 for Naxx25/OS/EoE/t7.5.  226 for Ulduar10/t8.  Etc.  I had heard of GS, looked it up, and lo and behold, it had a Lite version that just put the ilvl in the tooltip.  Perfect.

I use the average ilvl in the opening 30 seconds of every pug. Y’know, before anyone says hello or before a mob pack gets pulled.  I use it to gauge how much I can goof off during a heroic.  Like answering IMs.  Really, chances are I’m talking enthusiatically in guild chat or with my friend on Pidgin while I’m healing your heroic.  Or tanking.  Or dpsing.

I don’t use it to judge your gear or your skill or your chances of winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  I just use it to gauge if I need to take a chill pill since the heroic isn’t going to be superfast because people are in heroics/Naxx10 gear (ilvl 200) or if that DK is in fact being a slob because there’s no way his ilvl 226 gear would be putting out under 2k dps.  The only times I recall negative thoughts in my head relating to GS is when somebody underperforms in their current gear. I really do not mind people in 187 ilvl gear in heroics with me.  That’s why heroics drop ilvl 200 gear.  DUH.  However, I do believe the 187 people should not be in ToC5+* or new ICC 5mans.  Why?  ToC5+ drops 219 gear.  Theoretically, 219 ilvl drops means you should be in mostly 200-213s, not fresh off the questing street.  232s from the new ICC 5mans were meant for the people like me who didn’t terribly raid ToC in patch 3.2 but who ground enough heroics to be decked out in the gear you can get from Conquest Emblem vendors (226 ilvl).  So what I do have a problem with are fresh 80s in blues & greens in an instance that drops 232 gear, because that’s a 2 tier gear difference.  Would you take someone in Uld10 normal mode gear to ICC raiding? No, you’d probably say go to ToCr for a few drops and then come back.  Maybe you wouldn’t majorly suck in that gear in that raid, but you wouldn’t be what most guilds are looking for in a member for that raid.

Yes, I realize you can get emblems to buy 232/245 gear just by doing heroics.  But you can’t just do one heroic and poof 232/245 emblem gear.  The lowest cost is 30 emblems for a non ranged-slot (idol, librarm, totem) piece.  30 emblems is about 6-8 heroics, depending on the heroic you get.  Per piece.  That’s enough time in between to learn how to play your class and role in endgame.  I believe gear doesn’t make you a better player. It just makes your output numbers bigger, is all.

Bottom line for me in letting a jerk intimidate you in group for a lacking gearscore is the same as letting them intimidate you for a low Recount spam rank.  It’s your problem if they bother you.  If you think you rock, then you rock. It’s also a problem when people don’t stand up for newbies being shamed for this.  I don’t tolerate people who chew other people out when they’re there to gear up and are honestly trying.  If someone is trying to be just carried along and play loot monkey, well…I don’t tolerate that either.  I’m there to get emblems, so more than likely I’ll continue to the group until it’s done, but you’re on my ignore list after that.

I use GearScoreLite, but lightly. It’s not a major factor in my opinion of a player; it’s lighter than fluff, actually.

* In my shorthand I use 5/10/25 for the size of the raid and + for heroic or hardmode.  So Uld10+ is hardmode Ulduar 10, OS+3 is 3 drakes, ToC5+ is Trial of the Champion heroic.

Gear Jerks, Part 1

3 thoughts on “Gear Jerks, Part 1

  1. Kergguz says:

    Hey. Liking your blog, and as it happens I’m also an Affliction Warlock and have recently started a blog too. It appears my toon is less advanced than yours so we may have different perspectives, but I wonder if I could get your opinion on a recent post I wrote…

    I’ll sum up in case you don’t want to visit the link- I was doing a random heroic and my dps was low on the trash pulls. My dps was ok on boss fights. When I say ok, it was over 2k, which I guess is ok for heroics. For trash it was more like 1200 – 1400. I was eventually kicked despite explaining that as an afflock I have trouble getting good recount numbers on trash. I guess my question for you, as a more experienced afflock, is this- shoud afflocks be competing on the recount meters on trash pulls? And if so, what strats would you use?

    Cheers. I’ll link to your blog when I get home from work, keep writing!

  2. 2k+ is fine for heroics; it’s bordering on awesome if you’re still in blues and not decked out in the uber epics yet. I’m happy if I break 3k in heroics, especially in overpowered melee & burst-damage groups. You should still be doing good damage on trash pulls, but since you’re doing ~2k on bosses, 1.2k-1.4k on trash is within what I’d expect of an affy lock.

    I don’t “compete” on the meters on trash in the sense that I’m not upset if I perform last or even below the tank. Okay, maybe some tanks would upset me, but if the tank her/himself is doing 2k dps, I don’t beat myself up about it. It helps to set your meter to ‘current fight” as opposed to overall (though I flip often between the two). It’s also helpful to sometimes watch “damage done” as opposed to “dps”; I’ve topped DD while being sub-1st on DPS, before.

    Strats…I’d write too much for a comment to explain heroics affy lock strats. Maybe a blog post instead. 😛

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