Affliction Lock Endgame Basics

Kergguz is just starting out and, by the looks of it, he has barely a clue to some of it (which is perfectly OKAY) and wants to find out more.  WowWiki does a nice job in the class pages (“Starting a Warlock,” “What Warlocks Want New Warlocks To Know,” etc.), but it doesn’t have all the min/maxing that you can get out of Elitist Jerks, if you can find it in there.  EJ is a great resource, but their organization of information honestly sucks.  You have to end up reading through pages and pages of posts to get anywhere because the top post was getting updated but stopped back in May ’08, because it was originally posted a year or two ago and they decided to just keep going.  Or it’s just one giant megathread of every subtopic possible in one spec, and you just want to know one thing about one spell or piece of gear or rotation quirk.  It’s daunting, to say the least, to wade through all of that for one answer.  When you finally find what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance the material is not current anymore.  I’m still trying to learn some of the theorycrafting mechanics, but it’s kind of hard to do when their compendium on theorycrafting is half-stuck in the BC era thinking 70 is the level cap and wtf is Haunt.

So I’ll post a series that covers some basics of playing an affliction lock in the endgame, maybe a little min/maxing, for the new affliction warlock in the current patch.  This is, of course, pulled from my experience and playing style, so it’s not the only way nor THE way to do things.  Think of it more as my personal advice to new affliction locks.  I’ll link back to this post and fill in these links as I write them:

Opinions & constructive criticism are welcome in comments or in email, from new or from old locks.

Affliction Lock Endgame Basics

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