ALEB: Warlock Resources

* Will be updated as my ALEB series is written.

Here’s a listing of the various resources I’ve used to compile my Affliction Lock Endgame Basics (ALEB) series, with the bonus category of useful warlock addons.  I also frequently check these sites and use them myself as an affliction warlock in the ever-changing World of Warcraft.

general infoGeneral Information
These resources hold information relevant to all classes.  Typically these are awesome for their databases and the latest news.

Blood Pact : This is the warlock column from  I particularly like Dominic Hobbs; the previous columnist tended to just restate the patch notes and the obvious.  Hobbs takes the latest and the basics and brings it all to life.

Elitist Jerks : EJ are the kings of theorycrafting and math.  However, their organization of information sucks and the environment is not terribly friendly to newbies in metagaming.  Tough skin recommended for visitation.

MMO Champion : MMO-C is my go-to for patch notes and blue posts.  Recently with his datamining for the Wrath patches, he’s also a pretty awesome source for upcoming loot to watch out for.  Very well organized and frequently updated.

WowHead : My choice of database of WoW items, quests, & spells.  WowHead has excellent tools to use, including a talent calculator complete with glyphs and item comparisons.  The comments are often reliable to any quick questions about quests or items.

WowPopular : I use this site more to gauge what I can probably sell with my professions, but it’s nice to use every time a major game or class mechanic gets changed.  You can see the popularity by class and spec of different enchants, gems, gear…mix & match heaven.

WowWiki : The wiki is a good starting point for many things, theorycrafting to boss strats.  I use it more to browse for things, whereas WowHead I use for specifics.

ALEB: Warlock Resources

One thought on “ALEB: Warlock Resources

  1. Hello!

    Fantastic to see another Warlock blogger about, especially one who talks about Affliction, because I’m definitely more of a Demonology kinda guy. I just came across you via Purple Fiend, and shall be adding both of you to the RSS 😀

    You’ve likely got your own resources for writing the upcoming series of guides you mentioned, but if it helps, I gave some good links to Affliction blogs / guides in one of my recent posts:

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts,

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