Addicted to TNB

Seriously, overnight addiction.

I sat in on my first TNB Live and it was absolute fun.  Listening to the live podcast while chatting is a lot like being in a partial pug while being in Vent with guildies.  It’s absolutely hilarious on the one end and when the two ends combine.

Yes, I took notes. Again.  This time the guest was Miss Medicina.  There were some links I forgot to save from the chat, so I might wait until TN puts up their short transcript before I put up my notesy review.

Other news: I volunteered to help out with the Twisted Nether Wiki, since apparently it’s somewhat backlogged.  As the blogcast was partying onward, one of the email questions that came up was from a wannabe blogger who was inspired by the blogcast.  Fim & Nib wanted to point this new guy to the Twisted Nether Wiki’s Blogger 101 page, but, alas, there’s almost nothing there!

So I’m taking it as my first venture into the Twisted Nether Wiki.  After all, Nibuca completely pwns at affliction warlocking on Raider101, so, I gotta do something.

Anyway, I call upon you bloggers!  This blog is barely over a month old, so I have some advice, but not much. Give me your tips or hints for new bloggers to put on the TNWiki. Of course, you will get credit where it’s due; I like to think I’m just a ponderer & collector of thoughts to put it all in one place.  You can either comment here, or drop me some quick tips via Twitter (@slowpoker).

Edit: I started the Blogger 101 page on the TNW.  It’s just a skeleton for now, mainly since I just realized it’s 6am and maybe that’s why it doesn’t quite look right to me at the moment.  Feel free to add to it or change it or give me some advice on how it should look, etc.

Addicted to TNB

6 thoughts on “Addicted to TNB

  1. Hmm.

    Firstly, no matter what people say, everyone wants someone to read their work. The best ways of advertising your blog and getting your name out there:

    – take part in all the events you can e.g. charity drives like the ones at Azeroth United.
    – leave comments on all the other blogs you can find (and make sure you link back to your own site somehow).
    – talk to other bloggers, perhaps offer to swap guest posts to get publicity. Alternatively you could offer to do reviews of each other, or similar.
    – sign up to the Twisted Nether Wiki and Azeroth United.
    – Post wherever you can, and definitely make sure there’s a link to your blog there. For example, at Blog Azeroth.

    Once people are reading your blog, you might want a few general tips:

    – Set aside time to write, and don’t rush it.
    – Don’t commit to a schedule right away, because you will end up not being able to follow it no matter how hard you try. Wait until you have a better feel for when you have the time and inclination, and do a loose schedule around that, if you must do one at all. Hint: Your readers probably don’t care when you post as long as the articles are enjoyable, so you don’t really need to make your schedule public unless you really want to.
    – Try only to write about things relevant to the topic of your blog. Obviously what you write is down to you, but if you advertise as a Shaman blog and start writing about Druid rotations and the latest news from the stock exchange, your regular readers will suddenly become less regular.
    – I can’t remember who said it (I think I heard it on a podcast), but “Once you’ve written around 15 posts, go back and delete the first 10, because they’ll be rubbish”.
    – Your first article will probably consist of “Hello everyone, this is my blog about and I hope you enjoy it”. Don’t bother with this, it’s pointless. Time would be better spent writing a decent post about something interesting.
    – Never ever write a post which apologises in advance for the fact you won’t be posting, or apologises for the lack of posts already. Similarly, try and avoid short, pointless articles which say “Real life is really busy right now so I might not post a lot”. Your readers don’t care that much.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Awesome job so far on the Blogger 101 page! Wow.. What a difference already. I’ll have to put up a post on the TNB blog site to let people know about it.

  3. I would agree you may not say it but you want people to read it. To to stay where your topic is although I am not 100% sure what I talk about most of the time. People are taking the time to read it so you should put forth the effort into making it something which is not painful to read on some days. I will admit I didn’t always do this…

    I am also a little new to the game and have just started to get many more readers. Mostly because I have started to branch out talk to others and get noticed a bit. I think this helps more than the normal word of mouth from others. Of course you still want this. “Did you see what Gauss wrote today I can’t believe he said that” those are the kind of reactions I want and really what I aim for.

    If you give your readers something to talk about for days , even weeks or months then its all worth it.

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