Tattered Robes

My guild just died. I got to watch.

Overnight, somebody had a pissy fit and whipped out a threat of physical violence at a guild RL gathering and just like that.  Boom.  My guild died.

I logged on to find the GM had stepped down and then I watched him leave.  THe entire day I couldn’t log off because I was afraid I’d miss the chance to say another goodbye.  Half my favorite people are gone.

I don’t log onto WoW to theorycraft or to raid or to do quests or to WoW.  I log on to play with my Robes, my family.

And now my Robes are gone, almost.  I say almost, there are some of us left, it was huge schism, though.  So there’s still The Scarlet Robes, been around on US-Eonar Alliance since forever, but we’re tattered scraps.

I’m still terribly sad, devastated, and a little shocked.  So maybe posts will come just so I can write my way through pain or maybe I’ll leave off here for a bit.  I’ll try to keep up the TNWiki like I said I’d start, though.

Tattered Robes

5 thoughts on “Tattered Robes

  1. I saw you mention that on twitter… I noticed on your about page how much you love your guild, I can’t even imagine how rough that must be 😦

    Hopefully those of you left will stick together and rebuild!

  2. […] Tattered Robes / Saying Goodbye / Farewell, TSR | Three posts, actually, but they’re in a row and they’re related.  ”Tattered Robes” was the initial shock.  ”Saying Goodbye” expresses a few things about how I take my guilds with me wherever I go. Now, I actually like to use my Black War Bear more (UR ran a For The Alliance together just before 4.0.1 dropped), and my Twilight Drake (Thank you, Maer, for passing that night!) as well.  And the tabard is different now, though I really did like the old red one.  ”Farewell, TSR” is more because of how I signed it.  ”She used colors in her app” still makes me tear up sometimes. […]

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