What’s in a name…

The only other Poneria in the ENTIRE GAME is on…

Elune. The server I wish to transfer to.  WAT.

So…Pwneria, Ponneria, Ponerria, Ponerya, Ponerea, Ponera, Poneriia…

Fimlys came up with Pwneria, calling it Gr33k = Greek + 1337.

Ponera probably won’t work because I just *know* then there will be some kind of joke about why I call myself Ponera but I can’t make mana muffins…

Poniria…is not going to work.  I’m sorry, I’m a Latin nerd at heart, I just can’t handle my i’s next to my r’s like that.

I already have a Ponn on Elune, btw.

Amadruada, on the other hand, is completely unique.  Astrape is not so unique (there are lots of shamans named that, hmmm, maybe because it means LIGHTNING), but there are none on Elune.

Also, there will be a warrior of some sort named Aristeia for my future worgen.  Greek nerds should know why.

What’s in a name…

6 thoughts on “What’s in a name…

  1. Makes sense. I didn’t expect Astrape to be taken, but I’ve invested enough in her to probably want raiding once she hits 80.

  2. yeah that really bites that of all the servers out there your name is taken on the one you’re moving to. I know what you mean about names, while my names might not be all latin/greek awesome like yours I can’t stand people with names like ‘Healz4you’ or other lame shit like that. And I despise hunters that don’t name their pets.

  3. Hmmmm…what we have to do his hack the other Poneria and delete the character. It’s simple. Harsh but simple. I remember Chas was furious that Chastity was taken by some other, like, level 8 paladin, when we transferred to AD.

    *embarrassed* I wouldn’t actually transfer to a server where I couldn’t be Tam … but I suspect the new guild is worth the sacrifice 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Might be a connection between the number of toons to how Astrape sounds like… assraped…

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