Secret Admirer!

I love memes.  Or un-memes.  Especially if they have sequels.  Or projects shared across bloggers.  I don’t really know why.

Anywho, The Physician’s Log has suggested a Secret Santa-like thing, except it’s Valentine’s Day, so, of course, it’s Secret Admirer, not Santa.

Which means I get to stalk a blog over the weekend.  Actually, I figure I will stalk 15 blogs over the weekend, since, like Miss Medicina, I want to see if I can figure out the whole puzzle!  The reward is a custom RSS icon by Dristanel (The Physician’s Log), but really, I consider the reward if I can successfully leave comments without giving away too much in the first one…I’m horribly bad at surprises.

I also fail at timing things, because I woke up thinking today was Friday but it’s totally not…oh well.  Sorry, SA!

Secret Admirer!

3 thoughts on “Secret Admirer!

  1. Love in the Shadows says:

    Oh How Do I Love The?

    Let me count the ways:

    I love the way your hellfire makes your hair shine and your eyes sparkle;
    I love the way you write with your whole heart (though I wish that heart was mine);
    I love the way you cast dots and fears, rejecting every other suitor (or enemy) but me;
    I love how your Succubus charmed me, but you charmed me even more;

    Won’t you please love me back and join me for a picnic under the trees of Eversong?

  2. Perhaps Not Romeo, but Still in Love! says:

    But Dark, what shadow in yonder window fills!
    It is the Dusk and Poneria is Night!
    Arise, dark mistress and kill the jealous mage,
    Who is already Envious of your pet
    Who spell-locks her in PVP.
    Be not her kill, because she is envious.
    Her tier 10 robe is purple and ugly
    And no one but fools wear it. Burn away her life!

    It is my lady, Oh, it is my beloved!
    Oh, that she knew she were!
    She pwns, but she takes no damage.
    What of that? Her Eye of Kilrog Discourses, I will reply.
    But I am too bold, Tis not me she targets.

    Two of the Shiniest Purple trinkets in all the game
    Having some business, do entreat her eyes
    To sparkle in their spheres, like loot waiting to be collected.
    What if her eyes where there, hidden by her cowl?
    The paleness of her cheek would shame those purples
    As the shadow darkens the corner, her eyes in the shadow,
    Would through the zone so dark,
    The nubs would run and fear the night.

    See how she casts shadowbolt from her hand!
    To be an epic glove upon that hand,
    That I might smight her enemies.

    She blogs!
    Oh blog again dark angel for thou art
    As knowledgable as a GM, assisting the noobs,
    Like a winged Val’kyr from Arthas
    Unto the fear-kited eyes
    Of Scourge that run away
    When DOTed and feared
    And running from thine infernal.

  3. Secret Admirer says:

    Most Admired Warlock,

    Our love cannot be reduced to Science; alas it is as art or magic, moving to the soul and unexplainable. Yet here we stand, the same, and yet so different. You embrace the shadow and I the elements. My colleagues tell us that we can never be, two star-crossed lovers torn apart by their obligations. Yet it pains me to bid you adiu, though it is clear that I must. For these three days only, my heart was yours alone, and so it shall remain, until we find each other again.

    Your Secret Admirer

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