Unexpected Fun

Quick Question

I was reading some Righteous Orbs today, and I noticed in the linkage there was Anea with some blogging tips and I was like “omg, more stuff for the wiki?” and she had some more links and things, and now I have a Firefox window with almost ten tabs up of stuff for the Blogger 101 page.

But.  I’m wondering. Should I ask bloggers before I put things on the wiki?  I mean, I already pulled out what I used to get started blogging, and I linked / cited everything.  But I’m wondering if I need to ask if I see something in the future and think “Oh, that would be great for the wiki!” or if just citing/liking it is okay enough.

It feels kind of like the whole click-through debate on feedreaders.  Like I’m being the feedreader almost & yanking some content off your site, even though I keep it completely yours.

Bloggers out there reading this, should I ask or can I cite/link?

ANYWAY…back to the real reason for the blog post.

That Unexpected Fun … PvP

I went a-PvPing on my baby disc priest.

Now.  Normally, I hate PvP. I am terrible at it on my lock.  I have no reaction whatsoever.  Well, actually, that’s not quite true, I have excellent reaction time.  It’s more the “what spell do I use?” confusion that happens and I flail about until the ganker completely wtfpwns me.

But PvE, I love PvE! I consider myself to have excellent reflexive skills in PvE, whether it comes to tanking or healing or warlocking. So I figured I was just one of those people who can do PvE superbly but just naturally f(l)ails at PvP.

Then I figured I needed an experiment of sorts.  Y’know, practice makes perfect?  So if I force myself to PvP, maybe I will suck less? So I rolled a priest figuring I’d at least get more responses to HALP as a healer than I would any other role.  Plus, bubble priests are intriguing, especially after playing a druid and hearing all this “omg disc + tree = amazing!” chatter.

And, y’know, maybe I was having fun because I was in the battleground with my boyfriend, but there were points when my belf wasn’t next to his troll but I was still having fun.  On this PvP realm, I really don’t like questing because I don’t want to be bothered with some asshat Ally ganking me for kicks.  So I figured what would happen is I’d level professions (tailoring + enchanting again) in UC or Org and LFD my way to 80.  Which would be a bit of an experiment in itself, because I’ve almost always solo’d my way to 80.  Yeah, I did a few dungeons on my warlock when she was younger, but from about Scarlet Monastery on, I rocked out by myself.  So yeah, this priest has had more PuG interaction before 80 than all my other toons combined.

But after my first battleground (AB), I wanted to keep going.  And I forgot what time it was.  Forgetting what the time is and being sad that it’s bedtime already is my definition of fun.  🙂  And WSG is not as much fun as AB in my limited opinion.  But I learned a lot.

For one, my PvE UI sucked for BGs.  First AB there were bars everywhere on my screen and it was cluttered and more clusterfuck healing than anything.    I realized the importance of seeing all of my target’s buffs & debuffs; normally, in my previous PvE UI, I had the target buffs & debuffs off to the side and nearly transparent in opacity, because the only ones I really cared about were the ones *I* put on there, whether that was DoTs or HoTs.

PvP?  It helps to know if you need to dispel something or if they can suffer through it.  Also, nameplates.  I use them to target a lot of the time, actually.  I just click on them in the playing field.  Currently I like Tidy Plates: Clean Plates.  And while I don’t really care about the totems of my team, having nameplates up for friendlies is cool.  Nameplates with cast bars are also awesome. Though, I do need to see if I can bind a key to toggling just the friendly nameplates; I don’t need them in dungeons, really.

As for actual PvP tactics: one of the hints my bf told me was that in PvP your job as a healer is to keep everyone alive, not necessarily topped off.  Keeping them topped off, well, it’s practically ingrained in me from PvE.  So it was hard not to waste mana on buffing someone and then throwing a renew on them to heal the increase in stamina.

The combination of the PvE dungeons where sometimes a tank will pull almost more than my mana can handle and the PvP battleground where being oom is dangerous if I can’t get out of combat & into a safe drinking spot…it’s taught me why disc priests and trees are an awesome combo.  Power Word: Shield helps mitigate some damage, so often I throw it up when I first see you.  It gives me time…time for a HoT to tick, but also time for me to get to a spot to either cast a longer heal.  I’ll often also throw a renew on a melee but a PW:S on a caster, because while under a shield, you don’t get interrupts.  From playing a warlock, I know interrupts just make it longer to do anything, whereas in melee, I would think you have to be stunned actually.  But I’m not completely sure on it.

But I’m also learning not to always shield & then renew. I’m figuring out the rate at which my renew ticks for, so sometimes you don’t need a shield because the renew will keep you up and the mob dies or the enemy moves on by the time the renew falls off.  And sometimes a shield is all you need, because once you kill that mage who’s almost dead anyway, your natural health regen will resume once you leave combat, mount up, and run off to the Stables.

It’s a completely fun learning experience, actually, instead of the deathfest I thought it would be.  YAY AWESOME SURPRISES! 🙂

Unexpected Fun

5 thoughts on “Unexpected Fun

  1. I’m relatively new to blogging, but I wouldn’t mind. I would want to know if my stuff was mentioned/linked to, through one of those fun pingbacks or another way.

  2. Triz says:

    You should probably ask the people, even when citing and linking back, because unless they state otherwise on their blog, you would probably infringe copyrights without wanting to, so asking is always easier and safer (not that I would think that any blogger would say no).

  3. @crankyhealer @Triz
    Excellent. 🙂 I thought this as well, but I was not sure if I was being paranoid or not. I think I will, then. But, from perusing the blogs, I also read the comments…contact the original commenter too, or just say, “hey, check out the comment, there’s some good stuff”?

  4. This might be Totally Wrong TM but I think blogs are by their nature quite an interactive space … and whereas in other media you might want a more formalised structure of ‘rights and permission’s, in blogging having your words thrown around all over the place is undeniably a good thing. As long there are linkbacks and you can go “ooh, that person liked what I said” it feels good. In short, I genuinely can’t imagine anyone would object…

  5. If they don’t include a Creative Commons or other license that forbids it, you can use the information there based on the license given (if there is one). I would suggest going ahead and using the information (including the comments if necessary) as long as the link back to the original, etc. and thanking the author is very prominent on the page. If someone has an issue with the information being there it can be removed later if they would like. Another alternative if they might not like the reproduction of the information onto the wiki would be to summarize the information and link to the original article. (that can usually be done even if there is a license that forbids re-use of the text)

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