Ugh Computer You Suck

My computer had been getting progressively louder and hotter, and finally Tuesday night I had had it and turned it in to the university bookstore where they fix your computer.

Fortunately, the tech guy heard the noise it was making and pointed out that it still booted into Windows 7, so it was probably not my hard drive that was making the scratchy sounds but twas the fan.  Another friend had the fan fixed and said he got his back in a few days instead of the weeks they normally take to fix things.

And yeah, I backed up WoW on my external HD and can play it from there.

The idiot reason that patch 3.3 wasn’t backed up, however, is because I used Windows’s backup system instead of the long-ass copying of folders like I normally do.  Windows…like to consolidate it all in this one app whereveer your backup lands which, when you click on it, doesn’t open into folders of whatever you had so you can check that you backed up something correctly, no, it acts like an application and asks you if you want to restore from this one backup.


I just wanted to copy these folders over here.  GAWD IS THAT SO HARD.

Anyhoo…I’ll get around to writing a real post & helping out with the Twisted Nether Wiki and commenting on some posts I see and stuffs I want to blog about…when I can actually get into my notes and stuff that I backed up on Tuesday, whether that’s by finding it on my xHD or getting my computer back.

Also my priest hit 30. Woo!

Ugh Computer You Suck

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