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Now, I know guild hopping is generally frowned upon … but when is it guild-hopping and when is it just natural movement?  – Tamarind

The Scarlet Robes were my first home.  I grew up there, meaning I leveled my first toon there.  Really, it does feel like growing up.  Y’know, when you think climbing on top of the monkey bars was SO BADASS when you were eight, and then you come back when you’re eighteen and you realize everything is shoulder-height or shorter.

Once I got comfortable and felt like one of the Robes, I started to see drama.  I probably created drama at some point, I don’t know.    Maybe I was one of those “nice” teenagers.


But when TSR self-wounded, I sat there trying to justify why I was transferring off to Elune.  To the Robes, but more importantly to myself.  I hated the abrupt leaving that so many did.  I didn’t want to just pour some more salt in an already badly wounded guild.

As I started to get comfortable in Conspiracy but also still visiting ol’ Eonar, it hit me while thinking of spring break.

<Conspiracy> is like college. I like the people there and I like being there, but it’s kind of like college in that most of my friends are also in one of my majors.  Or at least in my classes.  Or maybe friends of friends.  I like the peeps in Conspiracy because I like to raid, and so do they.  We raid.  I got recruited there, but it’s still a big pond of people I don’t know.

<The Scarlet Robes> is still home, though.  I go back there and log on, and I still get “Hey Meg” as opposed to “Hi Pon” or “Hey Poner(y/i)a.”  I can still remember old times, and it feels like…home.  Really that’s the only word that I can describe TSR with.  Home.

So…Tam’s question.  How can you tell whether your wanting to change guilds is guild-hopping or natural movement?

Is typing /gquit emotional or even painful to you? If it isn’t, you’re guild-hopping.

This is only my opinion, of course.  I could be just naive to the world and spouting off horse manure.

But guild-hopping is generally the ends justifies the means. I.e., you really don’t care that you’re in this particular guild.  You’re in this guild to get better gear or to get attention and praises or whatever it is you are hopping for.  So the /gquit for a guild-hopper is just another chat command advancing the ultimate goal.

For the rest of us, no matter whether we’re joining a guild for social solidarity or raiding, you join it for the community that is verbally abbreviated between the angle brackets.

I’m not going to sit here and define what types of “community” a guild can be.  That’s unique and personal, I think, so I’d be sitting here all day trying to cover it all.  But it’s definitely a community, the togetherness of the world. And like in the “real world,” there’s different circles of friends, you lose some friends, you gain some friends.

Particularly I remember a line from my favorite show, “Bones.”  Season 3, Episode 11, “Player Under Pressure,” if you want to know.  Here, I’ll quote it for you.

Bones: Even Cutler knew you were lying when you said you treated women like that under the bleachers.
Booth: Oh and you believed him?
Bones: Yes! Because you still remember that first girl’s name…*she finishes her shake* Let’s go.

So the point?  Bad memories, good memories, okayish memories, whatever…if you still remember the guild after you left, and not for the reasons of leaving or joining, it’s natural incompatibilty, possibly fixable possibly not, that was the reason you moved on.

Forgetting what the reason for leaving was is a better indication.

Probie speaks

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