Leveling a Roleplayer

Many topics & events are popping up in the SAN forums. One of them was since a good majority of the bloggers rerolled a brand new toon on a strange server rather than transferring, we’re all back at square one level-wise. So why not blog about leveling whatever toon you picked?

Well, I figured I’d pick a warlock and name her Poneria so there was no confusion. And despite leveling a warlock demo this time instead of affliction, it’s still really the same. So I thought, hey, why not learn to RP, too! Except that Poneria is firmly stuck in my head as my main, and while, yeah, I figure I could just write another story with the same name, it feels…dirty and wrong. For one, I can’t remember all the stories I had with The Scarlet Robes. Yeah, I would have to include TSR adventures because it feels like a part of my main.

But the TSR I knew isn’t on Argent Dawn. So…it feels wrong to roleplay my old warlock anew.

New toon then? But what? Though I have an urge to play a male dwarf (I normally play female toons & I don’t like the female dwarf model, hence, no dwarven toons for me), possibly a paladin, I have several qualms.

  1. A male dwarf is cross-gender for me, and I’m not terribly confident that I understand a guy’s personality beyond the stereotypical protector personality.  So go figure, a paladin.
  2. My other favorite stereotype personality to attempt roleplay is an evil character, though I would sincerely try to justify his/her evilness whether by logic or personality or history.  However, evil characters are either DKs (reformed evil or perhaps not so reformed) or warlocks (see above for dilemma of persona).
  3. I can only think of stereotypes?  Or are these archetypes, I can’t tell.
  4. I’m not too sure I have the Scottish accent down, or hell, even writing accents in general. So I feel like maybe I ought to just stick to a human, where I can get away with not having a specific accent.
  5. My experience has been either event-based (forum-RP) or it was my own fanfiction, so given a prompt, I believe I can RP well enough.  It’s the LARPing I’m afraid is hard.
  6. My previous written characters were so totally Mary Sue.  This is bad.
  7. I want to hang out with SAN, but also I want to try RP.  Which would be kind of weird to explain why my WoW character is in a guild called Single Abstract Noun.  Of course, the obvious solution is to leave my baby Poneria in SAN and then RP elsewhere, whether it’s on AD or not.

Although this feels like I’m ripping off Psynister and creating my own notebook of leveling a roleplayer, it’s what I would like to do.  It’ll give me space to ask for out-of-game feedback or to experiment or to gather my research together or whatever purposes.

I think my first step is to explore the forums and blogs surrounding RP in WoW and then my second step is to develop the basics of a character to play.  Musings to come!

Leveling a Roleplayer

6 thoughts on “Leveling a Roleplayer

  1. 1) Accents are not necessary for roleplay. The scottish accent is a nice short hand for establishing culture, but you can get away with the occasional ‘break down’ into the accent when he is stressed. An erudite, unaccented dwarf is entirely possible.

    2) Evil Characters can be ANY CLASS. Even priests. Evil is not black and white, and can be as mundane or earthshattering as you please.

    3) All roleplayers have a mary sue stage. And just about any roleplay character can be tied into this trope. Don’t worry about it.

  2. As Pewter states, evil is everywhere regardless of class. It doesn’t matter how “holy” you are, you’re still tempted by evil and able to make your own choices. Darkness will grant you power just as quickly as Light.

    I would leave the accent out all together if you’re not comfortable with it. It’s great for really getting into your character, but it’s not necessary. Nobody’s going to knock you for deciding to use an accent. If they do, just whisper me and I’ll go PvP their face off for you.

    Grab yourself a sharpie marker and a blank sheet of paper. Write in very large letters across the landscape of the paper “WWDD” and then under that write “What Would Dwarfy Do?” That’s the solution for your LARP fear. Though I’ll point out that it’s LRP you’re a’feared of, not LARP since you’re not physically acting it out.

    And don’t worry about ripping me off, I’ve got quite a headstart on the notebooking. 😉

  3. @ pewter & Psynister — I couldn’t see how I could pull off an evil paladin (the class I kept wanting to choose) without going all Arthas on it. Or druids, I don’t know how I could fit nature-loving into evil. Unless I wanted to do it a la Deathwing. Though, you’re right, there’s no strictly evil strictly good; it’s thoroughly mutable.

    1. You don’t have to be evil in a “slaughter and enslave everything” sort of way. You can be evil in a “you want me to save the woman for five silver?!? pfft, let her die.” and not accept quests that seem noble. “You want me to kill some stupid humans? That I can do.”

  4. If you are interested in roleplaying an “evil” paladin, the real world is full of good examples, from the Spanish Inquisition (who probably thought they were doing the right thing), through the Witch Finders to Osama Bin Laden (who certainly sees himself as a good guy, even if the rest of the world sees it otherwise).

    In game, the Scarlet Crusade/Onslaught are a good example.

    Good luck with finding a character to suit you.

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