Roleplaying Realms Rundown

Ooooo, alliteration.  I’m so clever. 😉

Jaedia & Gazimoff both beat me to the punch on posting a bunch of RP resources.  That’s cool.  I’m still compiling.  I think I’ve got the writing part down, since I’ve had some practice via forums, but…I still feel unsure.

Where, realm-wise, is the right fit for me?

Who else, guild or otherwise, can I roleplay with?

So I set out to research the roleplaying realms. Here’s some simple stats.  There’s 23 realms you can pick from.  Eight are Pacific time, ten are Central, and four are Eastern.  The only Mountain-time RP realm is PvE.  Four of the six PvP realms are Central time.  Shadowburn and Whirlwind are the battlegroups with the most RP realms, clocking it at 4 each, closely followed by Emberstorm at 3.

That may or may not help you in your picking of the realms.  It barely helps me.  Except maybe as a way to unbiasedly organize them in a post.  I’m more interested in what the realm is like as a player. So what am I looking for when I pick a realm? Is picking an RP realm any different than picking a non-RP PvE or PvP realm?  The only reason I’m on a PvP server is because I know some people over there IRL, not because I’m terribly awesome at PvP.  I picked my PvE servers…well, because I knew someone over there.  Eonar was because my friend John already played there (my trial toons were on a completely different battlegroup, too), and Elune, I was applying to a specific guild.  Argent Dawn, I was joining specifically to join SAN.

Obviously the key component for me is community. I’m also in it on a RP realm for the roleplaying action, so I don’t want to pick an almost-dead-for-RP server.  The toon I have in mind is a dwarf paladin, so I’m leaning on picking Alliance — but!, I think I can adapt his personality well enough to the Horde.  It will just require more lore research.  So to “research” the RP realm for me, I’m going to want to know what the atmosphere — RP, leveling, raiding, PvP, whatever — is like.

I’m pretty sure nobody wants to see a couple huge paragraphs per realm for 23 realms in one post, so I’m’a split this one up into three pieces by timezone — Pacific, Central, and Eastern & Mountain.  That way it’s all unbiased to whatever opinion I might have, but also unbiased to time.

Currently my research consists of looking at the realm articles on WoWWiki.  Yeah.  I know, LAME.  Because people may or may not keep the wiki updated or plump with information.  Which is why I don’t want to post quite yet.  I plan to continue to gather more info, specifically by browsing the WoW realm forums and also by reading some of the archives and sites the various communities have.  I’m also plenty open to advice from readers & other bloggers; feel free to drop me a comment or an email about your realm if you want.  If you bloggers have some kind of “In Character” posts on your blogs, I’m probably going to read it to see if I can find out what YOUR realm is like.  But also just for good readin’. 🙂

When I do post them all, I’ll probably give you the abbreviated stuff I’ve learned / taken notes on from my sources, maybe links to bloggers & some quotes from people who leave notes (if y’all leave me anything), the realm’s sites & archives if they have any, and the general impression I gathered from all that.  So yeah, some paragraphs per realm. I predict the Central post will be HUGE. <.< >.>  But I intend this to be a resource post, not a my-opinion post.

Hopefully I’ll get the first post up Sunday.  Monday at the latest.

Roleplaying Realms Rundown

3 thoughts on “Roleplaying Realms Rundown

  1. This is a hefty undertaking and I wish you the best of luck! I think probably the best advice I can give is to check out the realm forums for each realm. The more active RP communities tend to have a lot more RP-related posts. Also, each realm generally has a sticky of RP guilds and events.

    I came to the Scryers because it was a low population RP realm. And I will admit, it’s not the best RP realm; not by a long shot. I see very little open RP, and if it’s in Dalaran it’s usually met with some griefing. If you’re hardcore into immersion, I would not recommend this server.

    But we do one thing very well: Small communities. There are several guilds Horde and Alliance side that could be considered RP guilds. My own guild, Rotten Luck, no longer wears the tag of RP guild, but the majority of our members RP, and all are respectful and tolerant of it. We don’t have huge, server-wide get-togethers, but we run monthly events and generally if you start RPing with someone wearing the tag, they will RP back.

    The Scryers really exemplifies a low-pop server to me. We don’t have a lot of RP, but what we do have is pretty solid.

  2. I’ve actually rolled quite a few toons on random servers to get a feel for them. I’ve been terribly lucky when it comes to finding RP. I’ve even tried Horde & Alliance to see how the major cities where (as RP goes). Roll a tester toon and wonder around.

    I guess that would be my best advice to you.

    #1 way to attract RP is to walk.

    Good Luck & have fun 🙂

    ❤ Fuu

  3. Eilensar says:

    Hi meg,
    Looks like my first post killed by script blockers. I think or is waiting for approval not sure. lol It was a bit wordy. 😛 Here is a short version:

    1) Datacenters > TimeZones: There are only 4 location for Servers. LA, Boston, Dallas, and Seattle. East Coast server can actually be in LA and West coast one in Boston. For better pings pick the closest one.
    [url=]wowiki realm list by datacenter[/url]

    2) I have a female priest on Thorium Brotherhood that has gained control of a guild because old GM wanted to join another. Don’t player her much. Kind of feels weird to RP a girl.

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