Because I have like 5 unfinished drafts rolling around in my head and draftcan, all threatening to kill me if I don’t focus on them. this.very.MOMENT.  No serious amount of coloring this time, because it’s rambling, if you don’t want to read it, you don’t have to.

Roleplaying realms rundown. May or may not happen.  For one, I got some well-I-think-it’s-awesome advice from Fuu at Killing ’em Slowly to just roll a toon on the RP realm and go with it.  Unfortunately, there’s next to no one around the starting areas.

Fortunately, I’m using the starting area to putz around and figure out my backstory.  I’ve got my usually questing addon turned off so I can actually READ the quests and get a feeling for the place.  Talking to random NPCs, not always in a rush to go finish things.

Practicing walking.  Practicing walk/run toggling.  Practicing remembering all the various default emotes since my chat addon doesn’t have the list option.

Rolling a male dwarf paladin and then rolling some female dwarf hunters.

Unfortunately “starting area” is like until level 15 or so.  Yeah, it takes a snap leveling up to 10, but for some reason 11-15 take longer.

Umm yeah, after about four toons, I’m finding it hard to come up with more things to personally explore.  Unless I try to go Hordeside, but I think I have the core character down.  So part of me just wants to go pick a realm and run with it.  Part of me just wants to go back to AD and run with it.

Part of me was wondering about a fully-immersive 10man raid and could it be done?  And got excited upon pondering it actually happening.

However, I figure I will continue my realms rundown as a side resource and fill them in as I go.

Jagoex had a thought/question/educational challenge on Twitter about interrupting Drain Soul and refreshing Haunt. I wanted to go do the math.   I got distracted halfway through the math, apparently (>.<), and am now in the state of “wtf was I thinking?”

Windsoar is a Muse for her 6 month blogaversary.  I’m on the coloring stage.  Then I get to proofread my coloring, and then I get to post, so this one will probably be the next post.

I feel like I’m spamming the comment section of Byaghro’s post on Community.  So maybe that needs a post. However, this is why I like philosophical conversation, rather than philosophical ponderings, because the back-and-forth acts like an idea-proofreader, so I’m not rambling on and on and on in one vein of mind, post it, then come back two days later and go, “WTF SELF it makes no sense / important now.”

There’s also that one discussion on the BA forums on blogging respectfully.  But uh, Byaghro did an excellent job of taking the one-half sentence out of my freaking long post that summed up my post.  Because I fail at TL;DRs as well.

I wanted to make a UI post. However, the latest patch just minorly broke my UI.  I mean minorly as in it broke my unit frames.  I’m getting by with my old Pitbull 4.0 setup, but I really really dig IceHUD as unit frames.  But it’s currently broken, and yeah, the addon author is working on it, and yeah, he had been on the PTR and couldn’t get it to work.

I hope IceHUD gets fixed, because I had my debuffs and buffs and Power Auras and action bars and scrolling text and raid warning mods set up around the two GlowArc curves.  I had it so my head was up and aware of the rest of the screen rather than staring at my cast bar & action bars the entire time, which make up, what, maybe 10% of my screen?

Cool, yeah, so food time, and then hammering out one of these things.  (Or possibly just more procrastination.  Yeahhhhhh Bones Season 2…)


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