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The first time I stopped over on your blog, the first thing I noticed were the COLORS. Purple and orange seem to get top billing, but blue is thrown in there quite a bit as well.

What’s the deal with the rainbow? Oh, and why I wrote that I thought, give me 10 reasons Affliction Warlocks rock… I expect a kaleidoscope of colors ^^

Windsoar’s question originally felt like I was supposed to write about the awesomeness that is the affliction warlock.  While affliction warlocks are always rad and mages are bad, I’m not really in a mood to exalt unto you our epic virtues.

But I’ll answer that comment she made to me, and that others have made before.  Because I’m in one of those thinking about the meaning of life and why things that happen to you happen to you moods.

In my application to Conspiracy, I had spent hours writing it out, so it was ridiculously long, and I decided, as usual, to color the questions and my points in my answers.  And one of the responses on my app thread was something like “well, I have no time to read this, but I can see it’s full of legendaries and epics.”

I started to freak out because I had never even seen a legendary, why was he saying this, I hope I’m decked out in epics, I mean, I’m applying to rai–


The colors. Orange (legendary) and purple (epic).



Hey…that’s kinda cool.  I didn’t think it was different to color some words.

I’ve never had anyone say, “Ewww, you used colors.”  So I guess it’s a good thing.  I like it. The colors particularly have been my thing, what makes me stand out, but make me stand out in a way I like about myself.  I’m glad you like it.

I started doing it in forums, because sometimes just bolding the font doesn’t actually stand out, and I wanted the meaning of bold, not of italics or underlined.  Bold is more “this is my point,” italics feels like clenched fist emphasis (“whyyyy, I oughta beat you senseless”) or pointed finger emphasis (“this one”) or snarky or just aliena verba (foreign words), and underlined feels like I’m being disciplined by a schoolteacher.  Or maybe a book title, but I prefer italics for book titles.

Yeah, formatting speaks to me.  I don’t know why, maybe because, as was noticed in a discussion on the BA forums, written words don’t convey voice tones or facial expressions very well by themselves.  So I think what happened when I was younger is I started to think of formatting, though I probably didn’t know what “formatting” even was, as a second flavor, a second voice of meaning for words, and also I noticed the sounds.

It’s like when I tell people I would never use a fuck when it’s a damn moment. Damn is so elegant, and can convey impressiveness, I think.  You can totally say, “dayyyyyyyyyyyymn” and it could be a good thing, a compliment.  Fuck is primal, it’s the word I use when I’m just being emotional & I can’t think of more impressive or elegant words to go in there.  “Well…fuck,” just has that gist of this is a totally, irreparably awful situation, but in a simple, guttural utterance.  Shit (“well…shiiiit…”) can also do this.

I’d never use an orange when it’s totally a purple moment.  They mean different things.

Orange started on the forums.  It was one of the only colors I could used consistently on both dark-backgrounded forums and light-backgrounded forums and it wouldn’t cause a headache or too much of a “yuck.”  Here, on the blogs, I started to use it, but it gets used here as a header.  The big idea.

I wanted to highlight in between the headers, but I didn’t want to assault my readers with craptons of orange.  I needed a different color.  I needed something…warlocky

GREEN! Green is warlocky, right???

Except it kinda sucks with orange.  You can see I used it in earlier posts, but now it’s gone.  Maybe if I was writing on a dark background and could use a brighter green (that becomes near unreadable on white), maybe…but it kinda sucks here.

PURPLE! Okay, purple works.

So purple is my “this is important but not the big idea” color.  Purple words everywhere (on white at least) isn’t as blaring, “OW MY EYES!!! >.<”  as bright orange words everywhere (on white) are.

Blue…well, I figure Blue posts are Blue, y’know.

Here’s what I’ve settled on as

a quote color.

It’s not the default black, so it’s not my words.  Indented, of course, that’s standard block quoting.  It’s not white, but it’s lighter than the default black, so it almost blends into the background while still be readable and very much there.  So it’s like it’s the background but it’s the information. It’s the background information for the post.

I swear that paragraph makes sense.

Colors, formatting, sizing, what order you put the words in, whether you use correct grammar or not, to me these are just other parts of what the words are trying to say. I get a little annoyed when people say things to the effect of, “Written words are weak and don’t explain everything,” but they say it in plain text.

Way to not utilize all that is written, and then complain about what you wrote.  Isn’t that kind of like trying to heal a raid with Rejuvenation or Flash Heal alone?  Sure, it’s the bread and butter of what you’re doing, but really, I could NOT eat just bread and butter.

Even if it’s peanut butter.  Need me some grape jelly or banana slices.  Or chocolate chips.  Something with a little…flavor.

Y’know? And this, this big bolded stuff at the bottom, that’s extra-indented? I mean this as a question, a prompt, for people to talk to me. Doesn’t usually happen, but I figure I’ll try.

a’Musing along

11 thoughts on “a’Musing along

  1. Windsoar says:

    The meaning behind the colors is revealed ::yay::

    I’ve always liked the feel of the colors and they way they break up your posts, but it’s nice to see the reason for the seasons 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  2. The colors are awesome. I’ve been working a lot with typography in my computer art class and how fonts/colors relate to voice and meaning. Your blog posts are a perfect example of how expressions can show through with a little bit of tweaked formatting. Love it! Always brightens my day.

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