Ohhhh, LFD

Granted, April 1st hadn’t quite yet flipped over.

A DPS queue in less than a minute?  WATI was on my warlock and as usual queued myself up for 2 frosties, and then set off to go do dailies or AH some stuff (as a tailor I have metric craptons of Frostweave Cloth).

Cast my hearthstone after queueing at the IF mailbox.

I load into the Underbelly and “Your dungeon is ready, your role = DPS!” pops in my face.

Were it not for the complete shock of getting a DPS queue in about 30s, loading screen aside, I woulda clicked ‘yes.’

Unfortunately, it was not to be.

Thanks a lot, LFD.

On the flip side, from reading Twitter yesterday, Cynwise alerted me to a Beaker Rick Roll. \o/ But it would be better if Beaker were actually singing.  I love the comment on another Beaker music video, “I think he’s lip syncing.”  /facepalmlaughter.

Ohhhh, LFD

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