Venturing into RP

First it was SAN and the revelation that I, a PvEr and dabbling PvPr, was on a roleplaying realm.

Then it was that, “Well, I always said I want to, on a rainy day, roleplay.”

After emptying my rainy-day mats into my old Robes guild bank before shoving off to Elune, I realized you shouldn’t procrastinate rainy days.  People do, I do, but I need to embrace my rainy days more often rather than putting them off.

So Jaedia starts sumfin.  Others follow.  Well, okay, I read Righteous Orbs like I’m breathing air, and Tamarind made this amazing roleplayed post about a kobold, and then Chastity added another roleplayed post specifically having to do with Jaedia’s sumfin.

After reading Chas’s post, I felt some drop drip drops tapping on my shoulder.  Maybe it was the Blight, I don’t know.  This:

It was beautiful.

The Blight rained from the sky like raindrops and promises. He danced with the scourge and the living alike, ran his fingers through their hair and down their spines, and laid them down in the snow like children.

This is beautiful. Especially since it’s plague, and normally plague is disgusting and horrible, but not to the undead, oh no.

It’s writing like that that makes me want to write, too.

But…my current toon-on-a-roleplaying-server-specifically-for-roleplaying is level 8 and she’s a Tauren, whom I think personality-wise I know how to play, but I’m totally retarded when it comes to historical Warcraft lore — y’know, the Wars and politics and such.

Are there no Cliff Notes for the Ancient/First/Second/Third Wars?

Also, if you begin a character from scratch — i.e. level 1 — are you supposed to act like it’s vanilla WoW time or Wrath of the Lich King time, which I’ve heard is a few years later, lore-wise?

So I want to roleplay some awesome awesome story, but I mean, whadya want me to write when I’m only level 8 and I’m shaky on the surroundings & history of my character?

I guess I could take Pone or Ama out somewhere and write some reactions.  They already have personalities of their own, if not totally immersive and separate from me.

I keep missing my Robes. The talkative social part of the Robes — the green text part.  At first I thought I’d feel empty and detached on my druid since she isn’t guilded (yet?) with Conspiracy.  Ama’s tagless on Elune.  But I feel…free?  No, free’s not the word at all.  I do feel Ama would follow Pone wherever the guild tag goes, but … it’s not as big a “omg, there’s no green text pouring down my screen” difference as it was whenever I was on a non-Robe Eonarite alt.

Okay, SAN has a faster, denser flow than the Robes did, but both feel constant to me.  For some reason it’s comforting, calming, watching people interact. Silence in gchat, even in pugs, it’s almost nails-on-chalkboard annoying sometimes.

I keep typing some telling instead of some showing who Poneria and Amadruada are.  Need more pondering & typing.

Venturing into RP

6 thoughts on “Venturing into RP

  1. It can be tricky to get into the whole of Warcraft lore – it’s complex. with multiple (sometimes contradictory) sources.

    A good start point for the history is at:

    If you really want to get into it, the best place is the Scrolls of Lore forum:

    As for starting out, I’d advise working on your character’s personality and appearance first, then think through details about the history later.

    1. Oooo, I’ll check out those forums.

      Yeah, I looked at the “unofficial” timeline and thought, “Holy shit…” Though I think what I want is a multi-flavor timeline, y’know, like the ones with events on them, but also showing like the orcs and their events in one colored line and then the night elves and their events in another color overlapping the orcs and traditional…

      It’s so easy to draw and so hard to explain in words.

  2. “Are there no Cliff Notes for the Ancient/First/Second/Third Wars?”

    First War:
    Second War:
    Third War:

    “Also, if you begin a character from scratch — i.e. level 1 — are you supposed to act like it’s vanilla WoW time or Wrath of the Lich King time, which I’ve heard is a few years later, lore-wise?”

    I fear the answer to this question is “yes”. As in, you have to do both, depending on what you’re doing. By and large if you’re talking to 80s, you have to assume that you’re in Wrath-Timeline, but if you’re RPing with lowbies in lower-level zones it *might* make more sense to assume you’re in classic-wow timeline (since otherwise you might have to ask yourself why you’re killing Dalaran mages, when they’re your allies now).

    Take your cues from other people, remember to build rather than block, and (and this is the important thing) remember to treat each individual RP session as a thing on its own. You won’t get a consistent narrative, you’ll have to expect some things to contradict each other, just roll with it and … umm … be in the moment.

    1. Thanks!

      I’ve been using WoWWiki a lot, but it’s a LOT. Also I think what I’m looking for is more one of those map-like history books — y’know, “these events happened while these other events were happening over here,” kind of nonlinear deal.

  3. CunningB says:

    Heh looking around for the egg on your site so thought i’d add a couple of things while im here ^^

    Ok firstly, if you just want to write something straight off just do it, the link it to your character can be tenuous at the moment as she not really developed and if you don’t like it at some point in the future you can always bury it xD

    If your worried about the Lore keep it close to home, write about her daily experiences, life in mulgore, around the city, a trip to org, sights and adventures into the barrens, just craft something close to home as that way you can write from your experiences and can worry less about the Lore.

    Also most of the Lore that would effect you locally can be picked up through quest text so if your really interested actually start reading the stuff xD I know i skipped a lot of it in the past but their really are some great stories buried in there.

    Finally actually just engaging in RP can give you some great stories, especially the bigger events, marches for undead rights and what not. I still remember the march that I went on with my very first RP character, from the gates of SW south to Booty bay across the sea to ratchet and then up to the fallen hero monument in the barrens, we we’re joined by a lot of hordies at ratchet and although it was frivolous activity (we walked the whole way!) it was great fun, especially the bits through STV guarding the low levels from the wildlife!

    Anyhow just a few thoughts ^^ back to the egg hunt!

  4. I don’t know about SANUS but SAN-EU has been crazy for getting us in the RP. Before SAN happened to me, I rarely thought about it except in a frivolous way.

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