Just focus on the colors if you don’t want to read it

I said I was going to skip posting today because half the blogosphere has already hit on the Cataclysm news, and I’m sure you’re now sick of it.  Then I got an unexpected near-instant reply which kinda blew my mind.

DruidMain: @slowpoker But but but…your pretty colors and fonts make everything so much more news worthy!

Well okay then.


I wrote some RP between Poneria & Amadruada.  It was cool, I thought the idea was awesome, I was having fun.  Then I read it.

And scrapped it.

Because it was just one long infodump, it seemed to me, some things you’d never really say if you were really just chatting with your best friend in a leisurely walk in SM Cathedral.

Meh.  I suppose I’ll try again later.

Cataclysm blah blah blah: If you don’t care about warlocks or redundant information that has been posted every-flipping-where on the blogosphere, you can skip Fel Concentration tomorrow.

I realize the guy realizes his screen is cluttered and is asking for help, but WHAT THE FUCK MAN HOW DO YOU PLAY ON THAT.  I thought my UI was bad for not being pretty pretty minimalist like I like.

Like him, I play on a laptop (TabletPC) in windowed mode (but maximized) and have a small screen, so I understand his plight, even while horrified at it.  Seriously, take a piece of notebook paper and hold it up in front of you.  That’s the size of my screen.

Oh yeah, my UI. Debating posting about it, because it’s UI, and it’s addons, and they’re so cool, and pretty, and I can tell you all about why I use these over those, and you can tell me, hey, these are better! And I can be all, omg, that’s amazing.

Debating about not posting it, because who the fuck cares about the nuances of my UI.  (Except for maybe why I may or may not be insane to use a HUD as my unit frames.)  Looky looky at the druid/DK HoR party I had, where I blew both my Innervate and Tranquility at some recent point.  Clicky Clicky to embiggen.

Yep, I had a random PuG composed of only druids and DKs.

I’m sure if you want me to talk about my UI, you’d ask.  So blah, there it is.

Raiding-wise, Conspiracy is recruitingLissanna at Restokin is doing an awesome job at it, and I feel like I don’t frankly know anyone who needs or wants a guild and is a good fit too.  I’m really starting to settle in, aka talking in guild chat and saying hello to people logging on and grats to dumb achievs because I feel like it, and not because I feel like I wouldn’t get bashed for it.  My druid is feeling a little dumb, despite being the more individualistic of the two 80s, because she’s not up to Conspiracy’s par.

Don’t get me wrong, I love healing and tanking on my druid, and I get compliments often enough in PuGs (om nom grinding triumph emblems for bear gear).  But Conspiracy is ICC-25 geared and a raiding mindset, whereas my tree hasn’t hit haste cap yet and my bear, well, my bear only has 2pc t9 and the rest is stuck in conquest gear.  So my poor bear can barely hold aggro against a Conspiracy 5man.

Not to mention we’ve recruited some fabulous trees and a bear and a kitty (I’ve heard), so it’s pretty slim chance my undergeared druid will see Conspiracy parties outside of daily frosties.  (Geared druids looking to apply, there’s still plenty of chance for you!)

So Ama’s slightly sad, but still pretty happy that Pone is happy for a change.  She’ll cheer her on from the sidelines.  Meanwhile, Pone is worrying that she’s not flipping amazing DPS, not geared to the teeth, nor decked out in gold to buy upgrades and things.  Ama does her part to encourage Pone that she’s awesome, but it only goes so far.  I said earlier in a few places that I’m feeling gnomed (not even respectably dwarfed) by Conspiracy’s awesomeness.  Not that Conspiracy is a mean place or anything, quite the opposite, but feeling like maybe I am not so deserving to be in the presence of such awesomeness and feeling entirely grateful I was even accepted.

Bah, insecurity needs to die in a fucking fire.

Postage in the works:

  • Roleplaying Realms.  I said I would, anyway.
  • Egg Hunt results & screenshots.  But that’s not going up till it’s all over.
  • The UI post that keeps getting trashed.
  • I figure one of these days I ought to do a Shared Topic.
  • RP: specifically Pone & Ama, because I’d like to express my homesickness & sadness for my sundered Robes without being all WAHHHHHHHHH I WANT JESS & MARY & LEAH & REED & PATRICK & MURF & ED & AMANDITA & SCOTT & SHARON & SAWCIE & THRAX & SEAN & DON & KAREN & ROB & RAIOS & JF & RECK & KEL & JOSI & JANET & MATT & DANTE & STEVE & AIJARA & GRIMTOK & WARHAMMER-MARK (btw, who won champs, was it Dook??) & ANYONOV-MARK & QAT & TEMP & TYA & MARMOT & CONSE BACK.
    • & Tigeris should be on that list, but he doesn’t really play any more, plus, I can poke him IRL.
    • I’m going to slap myself further on in the day and edit this post half a million times as I remember names that I missed.
    • Seriously, peeps, we’re bordering on 2 months removed here and I can still remember half the guild by name right off the bat.  THAT tells me we had us some good times.
    • Eldi & Hannahgoat particularly get yearnings whenever I log in and run around doing dailies.  I don’t know why, probably because Mary was like my surrogate Robes mother, and Jess was my surrogate Robes sister.  At least, I saw it that way.
    • But I have a little comfort — one of my guildies sounds like Reck on Vent, and there’s another guildy named Geraldus, except he’s not a big lovable ape (but OMG I giggle so much whenever I see his name and picture big ole gerald), and there’s the token French guy, though the Robes had crazier and more French peeps than Conspiracy does. (I might get slapped if I did the “channeling your French side, eh?” Robes joke if somebody has an oops caps moment.)  However, I have yet to hear an Aussie on Conspiracy Vent.
    • I think Lissanna is my Eldigoat.  Y’know, Eldi & Hannahgoat except in one.  I mean, when she’s healing, she’s Goattree, and when she’s boomchicken, she’s Eldikin.  Make sense?  I feel she is Eldikin to me more often than she’s Goattree, even though she’s been healing a bit more.
    • Okay, so maybe the post is not really about RP.  This is possibly why it sucks too much when I read it back to myself.

BLAH BLAH BLAH Rambling post is rambling. Move along to a better, more informative & useful post.

Just focus on the colors if you don’t want to read it

4 thoughts on “Just focus on the colors if you don’t want to read it

  1. UIs… yeah… I keep meaning to finish that series. I’ve got about… 3 aricles up and about 5 more to do? That’ll teach me to work on it in segments…

    How that guy can play on a 13″ macbook windowed with that amount of crap on the screen is beyond me.

    RP is cool, but it takes ages to write about. Maybe screenshots with funny captions would work better. Maybe.

    1. Well, if you tell it to maximize the window (actual in-game options, not just the big square in the upper righthand corner), it’s the same as if you’re playing full-screen. You can just alt+tab better. =P But agreed: he has too much crap on his screen.

  2. awww, we miss you too Meg 😦

    Although I have to admit, it’s weird seeing my names in someone else’s blog. Your reminisces make me reminisce too, remembering good times with all those Robes… But we’re happy at GoE too, same good fun and craziness for the most part, need to work on some guild events though. And Reed and I are just finishing up raising up a new druid into the ranks. He’s gonna get his toes wet in ICC for the first time come Thursday…I’m ridiculously excited.

    And Druidmain had it right, I love the colors 😉 I’d be inspired to put colors in my blog text, but by the time I’m done typing I can’t ever seem to summon the enthusiasm for editing.

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