Bwuh I hate that theme

Okay, not exactly hate, per say, but dislike.  But it was the only one that wasn’t somebody else’s.

But I like this one.  For one, it’s wider.

So more text

<—————— this way ———————–>

instead of


And I like serif fonts more than sans-serif.  Even though I read somewhere that reading sans-serif on an electronic screen (like a computer) is easier on the eyes than a serif font, but then I read somewhere else that serif fonts are better to read because the serifs (the little tags, the ends of the letters) help your eye catch the shape of the letter.  Because after you learn words you tend to read by the shape of the word rather than specific letters.

Or something like that.

Whatever, I like serif better.  Probably because it reminds me of actual physical paper books, of which I am a whore.  I can’t spend under an hour in a bookstore; it’s just not possible.

But yeah.  You peeps with wider screens might be thinking “OMG THE WHITE IT BURNS,” but I guess then it’ll just make the colors of the post stand out more.

Maybe I’ll do more screenshotsy posts.  I take more in game anyway.

Bwuh I hate that theme

2 thoughts on “Bwuh I hate that theme

  1. The only reason I’m thinking “Oh God, the white!” Is because my eyes get sleepy around this time of night :p Otherwise it’s fine, nice theme 🙂

  2. The white is awesome. I’ve heard repeatedly that the more your blog looks like plain black text on white background, the more likely people can read it at work without getting in trouble 🙂

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