Screenshotty Shammy

I can’t talk about the raiding changes right now.  By can’t, I mean can’t concisely talk about raiding, 10s vee 25s, or what raiding means to me / why I do it / what I get out of it.

Because I spent the past 2.5 hours trying to write up a post like that and I just seem to be wandering around in written circles for my own edification, except I don’t come out satisfied in the end.


I think what I was trying to get across to myself was that I raid with people not with flashy spell shows or 9/24 distinct 17-piece collections of loot.  So it doesn’t really matter to me what size the raid is or what loot comes of it so long as the people whom I share the lockout with make it worthwhile to be there.

It’s like marching band.  It takes a certain amount of skill, and some people are flat-out ridiculously good (like military bands OH MY GAWD) and you need a certain number of each instrument/flag, but the parts I remember aren’t which shows we did or the trophies we got in competition or the coolest line we clarinets had (clarinets, we clarinets are a dime a dozen, mmmm, that sounds familiar…).

It’s the funny shit that happened when we were chilling and playing pep songs in the stands that I remember most.  And that’s why I did marching band.

KAY.  Moving on.

Meanwhile I’ve been having fun by revitalizing my playing time with my elemental / resto shaman.  I don’t know if the captions show up in the feed, though.

Obligatory Through The Dark Portal Screenshot

Gogo Sentry Totem for uber from-the-floor angle that you can't normally get.

Though I think I got my artsy side to get it right this time.  I was originally planning an RP post of Astrape writing a letter to Amadruada, explaining her transition both physically and deciding whether to follow Pone & Ama to Elune.  After reuniting through whispers with some old guildies, Astrape will probably remain on Eonar.

Am I the only one who thinks Ogres are cute?


Especially when they sit.  I want a non-combat pet ogre, pweese.

Inside Oshu’gun

Bet he gets lonely sometimes.

I never went inside before, and wanted to see what’s up.  Just so you know, you can walk past the Void wraith things, even though they are red.  If you don’t, they spawn elite things which wtpwn your face.  TY Reincarnate. But you can’t talk to K’ure if you’re Alliance, sadly enough.  Which is dumb, I mean, Draenei…Naaru…c’mon…Yes, yes, I read Rise of the Horde, I know it’s mostly an orc thing.  But still, after having read about it and being a shaman to boot, and then…can’t do anything with him.

Is Vuhdo Bugged?

WTB Scaling icon size, not icon-layout size.

Unless I want it to be impossible-to-read small, I can’t get the corner HoT icons to actually BE in the corner.  I can deal for now, but it’s ANNOYING.

My Coolest PUG Yet

"That was awesome." -- group members

This is the aftermath of Forgetting To Drop Tremor Totem.  Pretty much the entire room got pulled.   Fortunately, my group came out of it — ALL ALIVE, to boot — and commented that “that was awesome.”  You can also see how I redid my TotemTimers and action bars to center around the totems; I like it this way now. Also that’s ShieldsUp just above Vuhdo; you can see that Carc has about half an Earth Shield on him and I only have one charge left on my water shield.

Best pug ever?  Yes. While we were in OK — our 3rd dungeon together — the mage started to help the rogue with being a rogue.  When to use abilities, what spec maybe, etc.  We took a 5min break as a group and the mage continued to help the rogue a bit during it.  Yes, five people, who didn’t know each other before, from different servers (except the mage and the warrior were from the same guild), collectively agreed to take a break and came back and do some more.  We did another dungeon, DTK again (was our first, too), and by the time we finished off with King Dred, the rogue had improved from 700 dps to 1100 dps.

Amazing, you guys.  Carcinimus & Copparfiel from <PUG LIFE> of Laughing Skull, Shisui from <The Hand of Fate> from Eredar, and Lotusixx of Aggramar, thank you guys so much for rocking my socks.

Nice Kilt, You Guys

Two Elemental Shamans and a Resto Shaman walk into a bar...

The tank threw a hissy fit over, omg, get this, the hunter called him by his first syllable instead of typing all six letters of his name.  The nerve of the hunter, amirite.  >.>  Seriously, on Vuhdo, I can only see the first 4 letters of your name, because that’s all I have room for, so if I have to type something really fast while healing (“get out of the black shit” comes to mind in DTK), chances are I’m not typing out your ENTIRE name.  Calling you “healz” or “tank” or “hunter” when I could use your name, I can see being annoyed by that, but c’mon, you’re overreacting if you think a first syllable is a bad idea.

Anyway, the tank left, and we requeued, but we could handle trash by ourselves, and we four-manned Moorabi.    Then the new tank popped in and we finished.  So the other two shamans and I did another dungeon together.  And one of them told me about the Venture Bay totem, since I still have the original all-in-one totem, and then mana trinket you can get from there, so my mana will suck less.  Thanks!

Storm Peaks is the Zangarmarsh of Northrend


Zangarmarsh is my favorite zone in Outland and I always look forward to it and always have to level through it.  So you can imagine what hitting level 77 is like for me.  It means it’s STORM PEAKS TIME. XD  I’ve now finished making the Hodir react greenly to me, but the Brunnhildar form always makes me laugh.  It makes most mounts look like kiddie rides.  But there’s one other thing that’s fun about being in Brunnhildar form…


C’mon, I can’t be the only one to laugh my ass off every GCD.

And yes, I will leave you on your maintenance Tuesday with Jazz Hands. 🙂

Screenshotty Shammy

7 thoughts on “Screenshotty Shammy

    1. I should do more fun picture posts. I take more anyway. It’s the cause of most of my dying, because I alt+z’d my interface and then started combat without alt+z’ing it back. >.>

  1. “Am I the only one who thinks Ogres are cute?”

    There’s a reason I have the Ogre Costume trinket from the card game. 🙂

    1. Okay, card items, is it a random chance to get a card or how does that work? Because I don’t want to buy fifty million cards I’d have no use for just so I can get a cool Ogre Costume.

  2. The thing I like best about ogres is their “ME SMASH [RACE]” cry. I like this especially when you’ve got a pet, e.g. a small chicken from the Barrens called Clucksworthy. So they then shout out: “ME SMASH CLUCKSWORTHY.” It’s so sweet that they went to all the trouble of finding out his name before threatening to smash him.

    1. I like the chuckle / laugh they do before or after they yell that. But I’ve never known them to yell out my minion’s name on my warlock. Huh. Now I gotta go try it. 🙂

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