Ding 80 #3

Hex! + some other spells between 78 & 80 = ~300g to train.

Another major glyph, yay!

Now to gear up.

First, I still have the dumb totem-relic you get when you first combine all of the little totems. Hopefully there’s not Horde to lolsmack my pvp-scrub face off in Venture Bay, eh? I got Totem of the Bay.Β  Now my ele set will just look stupid.

Second, I’m in heirloom gear.Β  The leather heirloom gear, because they were hand-me-downs from my druid.

Third, I don’t really want to heal Loken or UP.Β  I don’t care if it’s so nerfed now, I have bad memories of those from leveling Pone (in ye olde days of Wrath).

Ding 80 #3

8 thoughts on “Ding 80 #3

  1. Loken is hard to heal as a shaman – at least lately because people assume you’re just gonna heal them through the lightning nova instead of running out like good little DPS. UP isn’t bad, unless your DPS is extremely dumb on the gauntlet (well… ok…. they probably will be.)

    1. Fortunately, the HoL we got the tank was nice enough to ask before we did the fight. I said I hadn’t healed it yet, so I didn’t know if I could handle it, and he said that was okay, we could run out. All but the mage followed him down the white line as Nova happened, and the mage died on the 2nd Nova like a dumbass because of it.

      UP on the other hand, was kind of annoying because the ret pally was “gogogo” — he’s not even 80 yet and it’s a freaking regular, for fuck’s sake. After the gauntlet he went and pulled a group while I was drinking from healing my butt off and then rezzing the tank, and then the pally promptly died because I was still drinking. And then he switched to prot because apparently the bear wasn’t pulling fast enough.

      Pfffft, I learned from my druid that it’s often not worth it to heal through stupidity.

  2. I refused to heal heroics on my shaman until I was certain my gear was better at 80. I actually found Skadi to be worse than Loken – at least with Loken if they’re standing in Lightning Nova, they’re all together and can be chain healed. When people start the AOE fest in Skadi’s Gauntlet, you often find yourself wondering why the stupid ranged aren’t getting healed, and it’s mostly because they’re too spread out.

    If you know you’re going into a fight with heavy AOE, tell them ahead of time “My AOE heal is chain heal and you guys need to be closer together for it to work properly.”

    1. Ah, I’m not in heroics yet. The DF won’t even let me queue for them. Ii just recently got the check box opened for ToC and FoS reg, too.

      Most AoE heals are ranged-restricted, aren’t they? WG only works with a 15yd radius anyway, and I think (I don’t actually know) the holy priest AoE is a circle, too, right? =/

  3. Ellyn says:

    Heya Pone, I was wondering what addons you have enabled in the screenshot of this post as I am looking to update from my ye olde UI haha.

    And I know exactly how you feel about healing, I have a priest who I recently got to 80, and nothing frustrates me more than arsehat tank. At lvl 69 I queued a Wotlk dungeon and got said tank who wouldn’t wait for my mana, and we wiped a couple of times. And even now I get them in heroics 😐 One of my most memorable experiences was when our tank got that debuff from PoS that stays until healed to 100%, and they were not very beneficial so they quit at 5% health and most likely died haha.

    I do realise this is an old post, just wanted to know what addons and relate to the tanks πŸ™‚

    1. Any particular addons you had in mind? I’m sure if I listed my entire UI it’d be a lot of addons. Though, then again, maybe I’ll make a UI page or something. But my current UI has changed up a bit since that one (I’m always tinkering).

      1. Ellyn says:

        Well in particular the HUD located in the centre displaying health, I gather the bar at the top is fubar/titanbar, i forget the name; whatever displays your spells and the chat with your dps meter in that bar across the bottom; and whatever addon altars your minimap so. Any other ones that are largely visible on the screenshot would be great too, if not too much hassle.
        Thanks a million πŸ™‚

      2. The HUD is IceHUD. I actually use LDB brokers (not Fubar), and my display for that is Bazooka. I’m using Dominos for my bar addon, and my shaman also uses TotemTimers (that’s the totem buttons in the middle). I use Recount for my DPS when I look at it (haven’t used the main window in a long time; there’s a LDB broker for it, though). My minimap is pMinimap, since I really like the simple square maps.

        I should probably do a UI post at some point, but I’m currently switching it up majorly (unit frames, mostly), so I don’t know when I might do it.

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