It’s VH Heroic For Fuck’s Sake

“Fail you guys.”

Because, y’know, in questing gear, you’re supposed to survive a heroic Loken Nova.

“I HATE THE FUCKING NOOBS not for you. /leave”

Because, damn, why can’t a holy pally heal the Xevozz fight, while an elemental shaman, a ret pally, and a hunter dps, who are all wearing just-dinged-80-ish gear, dps the shit out of him.

I’m not fucking sorry that when I hit 80, the Old Gods did not bless me with the plentiful epics you are wearing, such that I might kick some ass.

Nahhhh, I gotta work for them.  Like you did.  Because me getting free epics would piss you off, remember?

I think I kick ass well enough in my questing blues and smattering of heroic blues that I’ve managed to collect thus far.  I’m doing about 2.6k DPS.  After dinging 80 yesterday.

Poneria, my main, didn’t do that when she hit 80.

Fuck, 3k was fucking awesome when Pone walked uphill both ways in the snow.

I’m sorry, Mr. Tank, that you will have to wait, OHHHHHH MAGAWD 30 minutes for your insta-queue, so you can do content that’s 3 tiers below your gear level.  Whereas I can continue on doing content that IS my gear level.

Mr. ICC, you can GTFO of MY content and back into your own.


What’s that?

Oh, you don’t have the gear yet for ICC?

You fail at your own content?

Well, damn then, no wonder your self-esteem depends on chewing out new 80s.


It’s VH Heroic For Fuck’s Sake

2 thoughts on “It’s VH Heroic For Fuck’s Sake

  1. Um.. You could always bring the shaman over to Elune where we have tons of resources and Lissanna and I could run an instance or 2 with your new 80.

    1. Thanks, but I kinda of like the grind. I don’t know why. Probably for the same reason that I find fishing and doing dailies fun.

      Plus I have an in-game event to go to in July that’s on Eonar.

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