Keyboard-turning & “Wrong”

I’m a keyboard-turner.  I’ve been a keyboard-turner since I played all my Might & Magic and Baldur’s Gate games.  I tried mouse-turning in WoW, and I didn’t like it.

I have issues when people say this is “wrong.”

Faster, sure.  More effective in tight spots, sure.   I even do it sometimes, though I recently found out I was using the wrong bind for it.  Oops.  I tried using it again, and I still don’t like it.

It’s like you said writing a novel by hand is “doin it wrong” because typing is so much faster.

You can do both.  If you can’t get the job done, I don’t think it’s the method by which the letters are formed that is the problem.

Calling it “wrong” makes no sense to me.

P.S. Not feeling the colors or the posting lately.

Keyboard-turning & “Wrong”

21 thoughts on “Keyboard-turning & “Wrong”

  1. As a fellow keyboard-turner to another, I agree. There is no wrong way to play the game. If you can’t move out of void zones, etc. that is a user error, not a method error. I have no trouble getting out of void zones, etc. I see plenty of lazy mouse turners who are just being lazy sitting in them. Don’t blame the method, blame the user.

    1. I personally can’t handle the way the camera spins so quickly when you spin via mouse. Even though I’ll often turn my camera to face myself while running and then steer “backwards” that way.

    1. I find myself laughing while thinking “well, I don’t click+heal either, lol.”

      Basically to mouse-turn you hold down the right mouse button (I previously thought it was both buttons, but twas wrong; it’s just the right) and then flick your mouse in the direction you want to turn. If you flick it quickly and tightly, you can do a 180 or more; if you just nudge it a bit, you just turn a little bit. BUT your mouse hand pointer does disappear while you are turning, and reappears once you stop. So part of me is like “OMG WHERE IS MY MOUSE oh there it is, across the screen,” whenever I try out mouse-turning again.

      1. Poneria, I agree with you so much!
        OTOH, not having mastered mouse movement is why I will probably never play a melee class with any great skill, and one of the reasons why the thought of tanking intimidates me so much

        @Zelmaru — I’m a Grid+Clique devotee in my healing style as well, and I totally thought the same thing

      2. @kamaliaetalia

        Huh. This is true; I do play ranged classes, with the exception of my bear tank. But then again, on my bear, typically I’m the one doing the positioning, so I can set it so I don’t have to to fidget as much. The only time tanking was a real pain as a keyboarder was learning to strafe around Maly’s ring *while* tanking (which is how I learned the true meaning of mashing, because casters don’t really mash unless your latency/fps is really sucking).

        So it’s entirely possible that I’d cross over to the dark side should I ever seriously play a melee class. Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂

  2. I use both. If it works for you, it’s not wrong. For the most part (in PVE at least) there is plenty of time to keyboard turn. I’ve done it to get away from Sindragosa’s Blistering Cold a nubmer of times without getting hit. I also find it’s often possible to avoid the turning issue altogether with strafing.

    I’ve been having issues with a lot of blog posts lately, preaching to people that X talent or Y glyph is wrong. It makes me a little mad when bloggers tell those looking for advice that something is wrong just because it isn’t their personal preference.

      1. “It makes me a little mad when bloggers tell those looking for advice that something is wrong just because it isn’t their personal preference.”
        ^ I do agree with that.

        But it also depends on the context. I guess I should have rephrased it a bit in the post. Yes, I would most likely get creamed in PvP because I keyboard-turn by default, and it is actually slower by a smidgen than mouse-turning. (I’d get creamed for a number of other reasons, too, but since this is the topic.)

        But I don’t PvP. So I don’t terribly care how fast I turn so long as I do. I can also get away with a certain amount of not-being-precise. So for me, the choice of hardware with which I turn is a personal preference issue.

        What I guess I have a problem with is people who are on a totally difference page than I am, insisting it’s the same page and that I’m wrong. Whether this is turning or talents or glyphs or whatever, I’m annoyed when people totally ignore that the other person is talking from a different perspective, and thus probably talking about a completely different situation altogether.

  3. Windsoar says:

    I find mouse turning gives me a headache, so I spend all my time getting out of the goo by strafing. PvP, mouse turning is da awesome, but most mechanics in PvP don’t require that kind of twitch happiness.


    I remember when I first started MMOs with EQ and my brother had to teach me WASD instead of the mouse turning. And now that I’ve been doing it for so many years, I can’t go back. Plus sometimes I play on a laptop with a touch pad. Keyboard turning *works* for me. I’ve tried to change, but I can’t get comfortable with it.

    1. I basically grew up on WASD. For the longest time I though mouse-turning meant you had more than 2 mouse buttons because you essentially bound WASDs’ functions to them. /facepalm

      Oh yes, the touchpad. I remember when my USB mouse died and I went back to the touchpad. I got a new USB mouse when my thumb got tired of holding down the right button while navigating the pad to aim in the Ulduar siege engines.

      >.> I appreciate my mouse much more after that. 🙂

  5. To be fair, I didn’t say “keyboard turning is wrong”, I said that if you are keyboard turning “you’re doing it wrong”. Semantics FTW!

    Either way, if you want to take your game to the next level and improve your ability to handle in-game events – unbind your turn keys.

    You’ll thank me eventually.

    1. “To be fair, I didn’t say “keyboard turning is wrong”, I said that if you are keyboard turning “you’re doing it wrong”. Semantics FTW!”

      Semantics ftl, you mean. The latter is just stepping around actually saying the former by putting down the person supporting that solution rather than critiquing the issue being disagreed with. It’s a bit of a dick thing to do.

      “improve your ability to handle in-game events”

      I still don’t see how mouse-turning is “better” than keyboard-turning. It doesn’t significantly change my game for the better, because it spins my camera funny. Possibly my mouse settings are too sensitive, then, but I do well enough anyhow.

      1. Oh believe me, I meant what I said – in any way people may choose to take it.

        Let me be 100% clear:

        If you use the keyboard to turn, you are playing below your potential.

        I also believe the following:

        If you don’t PVP regularly with success, you are playing below your potential.

        You don’t see how it is better? Situational awareness and reaction times. You may be a great player, able to keyboard turn and backpedal out of “the black stuff” but I propose that you’d be an even better player if you went out of your comfort zone and took steps to improve.

        Yes that means keybinding, mouse-turning and PVPing.

        Don’t care about playing below your potential? No sweat – there are plenty of guilds and gameplay out there for you; Blizzard is even waiting to give you free epics for showing up.

        One question; how did you manage to keyboard-turn in Baldurs gate? Do you mean scrolling the screen?

      2. If you meant what you said, why did you try to get out of saying “keyboard turning is wrong”? Just effin say it if you mean it. I’m not offended if you want to hold a dissenting opinion.

        I am offended, however, that you seem to be trying to diss me by saying I don’t work for my epics or I’m playing in an inferior way, just because it isn’t your way, rather than giving valid reasons.

        Situational awareness isn’t affected by turning. It’s affected by what you know of the fight and your party, your abilities, and your camera angle/distance. It’s knowing where the fuck you are and what the fuck you’re doing.

        Reaction times, that one is possibly valid, because yeah, the flick movement I get out of the mouse spins my character is faster than the slower/wider circle my keyboard does. But then it becomes invalid because while I’m trying to figure out which way my camera is pointing after I flicked my mouse, I died in the fire or the rogue stun or whatever.

        Regarding the keyboard in Baldur’s Gate: I said “since” not “when”. I know “since” and “when” both have temporal meanings, but the first refers to a time period, while the other refers to a singular time. “Since” means that in the time between playing other computer games — like Might & Magic and Baldur’s Gate — and WoW, I have been keyboard-turning. “When” means I played Baldur’s Gate using keyboard-turning, which is absurd, since you move via telling your entire party to perform a certain formation in a certain spot. But I used “since,” not “when,” so I believe I was semantically clear in my original post.

  6. I was told many time I suck because I keyboard turn. To which I say… oh well, so be it. I tried, it’s confusing, I end up facing somewhere random (usually the ceiling) and by the time I figured out where I am, I’m dead. Strafing gets me out of shit much faster.

    Yes, I suck at PvP, and I’m not the best tank in the world, and I probably won’t ever play a rogue properly, but for my role (healer) key turning works just fine. I was worried about Sindragosa’s pull, because people said keyboard turners will die there… LOL. The only time I died was when my laptop was overheating and running at 2fps, which made any movement nigh-impossible.

    I’m sure that with a little more practice I could get this turning thing right, but really, why bother? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  7. I’m a keyboard turner too. It’s too much of an ingrained habit to break and I’m not in a role where I would benefit vastly from mouse turning. Honestly, if I try to only mouse turn, I’m slower than I would have been if I had used the keyboard anyway, since I’m trying to figure out wtf to do.

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