Gist of Vermont: no interwebs, except for the the couple of times I made it to a Barnes & Noble 45min away, because I was at a former farmhouse.  Seriously, across and down the road they make croutons and you can smell the garlic in the morning.  And the B&N was 45min away because the part of Vermont I’ve seen operates at 40mph as a speed limit for the most part.  The roads are terrible now, so you do actually end up going 40mph anyway.

Gist of no interwebs: I burnt myself out on my computer and my DVDs.  I don’t want to see any of Criminal Minds Season 4 for a very long time.  Nor do I wish to play Freecell or Minesweeper.  Just…no.

So I devoured some books like I haven’t in a long time.  And it was cool.  And thought-provoking, to the point of typing in Word for four hours without realizing it was four hours.

And then realizing a WoW blog is not really the place to post something about how I relate to and think of books.

Even though the whole thing started because I read this one mini-story in this one book that reminded me of the WoW blogging community relating to the WoW playing community, and talking about the blogging community was a warm (maybe not hot) topic when I left for Vermont.

Blah blah blah, who cares, Pone?  This post is totally not needed, but I wanted to /wave.

Because, um, the World Cup.  It starts tomorrow.   And I can’t quite raid yet, but I want to fish or do some Loremaster or something.

So uh, yeah.

/wave 🙂


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