Friends I Trust

I think I’ve been missing my colors.  So let’s fix that.

The aftermath of the patch, in terms of addons: /agreed. Like, seriously, every time I log in, it resets the chat box position to the default UI’s chat box position.  Ew.  That and Prat, for some reason, doesn’t have the editbox mover anymore.  So I’m using Chatter for now.

Real ID

I’m wary of it. I don’t want to give out my email to just anyone, and yes, I do have an authenticator.  Yes, I’m one of those people who has her Facebook locked down to Only Friends.


I’m barely into my third decade (0’s count!) on this planet.  I don’t trust myself not to say stupid stuff that’ll hurt me later (employers, etc.).


Nearly five months ago, I left a guild’s worth of friends behind on a different server. Either I go over there on an alt, or I share comments on Facebook…or I can’t talk to them at all.

I trust my old Robes, most of them anyway.  I’d totally swap some Real IDs in a heartbeat with them.

Would I add my current guildies? Maybe.  But…I mean…we share green text already??

Of course, saying “maybe” and “probably not” to my current guild makes me feel all awkward and traitor-esque, but I want to invoke the fuck-off alt argument.  You know, that one alt you have that you get on when you just want to play by yourself.  Where any whisper you get is “<DND> Fuck OFF” responded?  Yeah, it’d be great for the few times I’m not early for raid.  That’s happened maybe twice, and Twitter worked fine then.

Would I add Twitter peoples? Maybe.  Like Psynister.  But…I mean…we share Twitter already??  And yes, I have one screen, so I alt+tab like everybody else.

Honestly, I can really only see using Real ID for RL friends and my old Robes.  Maybe Twitter peoples.

What’s your plan?  Do you dis/like Real ID or are you somewhere in between?

Friends I Trust

2 thoughts on “Friends I Trust

  1. I agree on Real ID. I intend to use it for a bare handful of RL friends who happen to be on different realms. I’ve got plenty of other ways to communicate outside of WoW – no need clutter my screen with Real I’d chat. I’ll catch up with them later 🙂

  2. I agree completely. The few friends I would trust with it have my phone number and can call or text me.

    Besides, I’m a big fan of the fuck-off alt. Then again, I’m a big fan of alts in general. 🙂

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