Excited for July

Especially the middle of July.

Well, the 11th is the World Cup Final.  It’s sad because that means the World Cup is over and I won’t see much if any soccer on ESPN again for another four years.  But I totally wanted to do the Shared Topic for this week — World Cup of Warcraft — but then I thought about how I would do it.

I’d have to do it “right.”   As in composing each team of lore characters or famous bloggers or something.  And coming up with referees who make mistakes and stuff.  And playing in which zones?  And actually discussing their playstyles in face-off posts.

It would take forever, probably.  Especially with my ramblings.

But…it would be totally FUN, don’t you think?  I mean, I get to learn lore while discussing my favorite virtual and sporty games!


But, back to July.

There’s a shared topic suggested that I really like and will probably write on beforehand but I’ll try to make sure it only gets posted then.

And then I get to attend a wedding.  In WoW.  With my old guildies.  Had I not a BFF IRL, I would consider the bride to be my BFF.  Even though I’ve only known her through WoW.  She’s almost a sister in my mind.   I don’t mean to sound obsessive, I really don’t, but this means a lot to me to be able to share in even a mock WoW wedding with them. 😀  Especially since they’re on the opposite coast from me.

Next will be another shared topic that I really want to write right now, and probably for several of my toons, since it’s an RP one.  (I totally said “an Arr Pee” in my head, so I would think that’s an an usage not an a usage.)  And then skip a week and another shared topic I really want to write on.

Also I get to go to counseling every week! Maybe it’s a sign I’m completely nutters if I’m excited to go to counseling, but seriously, I am.  I get to talk about my feelings and feel heard and solve my mental & emotional shit with someone who professionally knows how to fix me.  “Fix me” isn’t the phrase I want.  I think “teach me how to be different the way I am” is not quite it either but a bit closer.

Learning to go on being happy and excited about things I think are absolutely fantastic while other people look at me like I’m peanutters and tell me it’s not even remotely imaginable.

Like Klingon grammar. I left that book in my apartment and it makes me sad, but maybe it’s online.  It’s like Tolkien.  The appendices with the languages and the detail of scenery were some of the best parts of the book, to me.  I mean, I know some people who think he went on too much with the background and the scenery before you get to the juicy parts (you don’t meet Strider/Aragorn until chapter 20, dontcha know), but I LOVE that.  Immersion, I love it.  Watching all the parts separately together.

Oh wait, World Cup of Warcraft.  Yeah, that’s what I’ll do while the servers are down all day.

Excited for July

2 thoughts on “Excited for July

  1. “(I totally said “an Arr Pee” in my head, so I would think that’s an an usage not an a usage.)”

    Haha, I do that all the time!

    Your World Cup idea is very intriguing also. Maybe have zones compete against zones?

    “And our next match, Westfall vs. Redridge!”

  2. […] World Cup of Warcraft | Half a year later and I really really want to actually write it now.  One, because I do want to get into writing on a regular basis again.  Two, I found English Premier League on ESPN over the holidays and am now starving for soccer game coverage.  Three, I want to share both my love of lore/story-history and my love of soccer. […]

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