Got A Groove Back

The A is important.  I don’t know if it’s my groove yet or not, but I’ve got a few itches to write some stuff down.  More than a few.

It was the writer’s block that is no ideas.

Now it is the writer’s block that is too many ideas. And they’re flying around at super fast speed in my head, all clamoring for attention.

I start sentences with “And” way way way too much.  Stream of consciousness, kay?

The World Cup is Over


Now, I have absolutely no good reason to wake up in the morning.  Except maybe to get on Xeny or Nooky.

I played soccer for years when I was younger.  I really should find some intramural team in college that I can play on.  I’m starting to really miss it.  Especially goalkeeping and midfield, because those were my two big positions.

For the interested: my progression of positions: defense –> GK (big foot + agggressive defense) –> forward (big foot + better GK than me) –> midfield (not so aggressive forward + more endurance than my teammates) –> referee (mother/daughter reffing FTW).  Obviously, I’m destined to become a soccer mom and coach my kids’ soccer teams.

So uh, yeah.  The World Cup is pretty much why there has been no blog for a month. And dealing with depres–nyahhhh it was mostly the World Cup.

Although I was rooting for Netherlands during the final, I’m still glad Spain won.  (The octopus wins!)  It made me smile to finally see Casillas — one of, if not the best GK in the world atm — get to lift the trophy first.  I mean, this is only his third Cup, and he’s one of my favorite players.  So I was happy.  And I thought it was hilarious that the crowd would stop the vuvuzelas to boo at Suarez (Uruguay) whenever he got the ball during the third-place game.

The only thing sad about the World Cup is when Americans get so excited when we’re in it, and then we go out in the round of 16, and it’s like who fucking cares about soccer, again.  And there are few people I can talk to and gush about this goal or that foul or this set piece or this save.  And then they tell me they just can’t get into it, or they don’t have someone to explain the terminology and rules to them.  But, if you want to get into soccer, and you haven’t yet, I’d advise you to listen to commentators, at least, especially the Europeans, because the Euros are serious about their soccer, errr, football.

Especially the Brits.  Because a) BRITISH ACCENTS ❤ and b) they’re so funny when they’re completely harsh about some play or another.  Like, every bad remark isn’t some PC remark you’d get off an American commentator, your reaction after it is something along the lines of “ooooooooo BURRRRRRRRRRRRRNNN!”

But there is one non-Brit commentator whom I absolutely love. If you ever hear on ESPN (for Americans, I don’t know if ESPN reaches other parts of the world) the name Tommy Smyth (“Sm-eye-th”), an Irish guy…he’s the best, I think.  He’s absolutely brutal.  🙂  He wasn’t one of the TV commentators (my favorite of the TV ones was the Netherlands guy, Ruud Gullit!), but he was on the ESPN radio than my dad and I listened to on my dad’s Sirius XM radio in the car on the 4th of July trip.  And when we were late getting back from morning errands.

Why all the brutality that I like about soccer? I don’t really know, but I am against replays. I mean, goal-line replays, for goals only, that I’ll allow, but I really really don’t want replays in soccer.  Otherwise I’m afraid it’ll end up like American football where it takes half an hour to play 10 game-minutes, because people are wasting time and objecting to shit all over the place.  I mean, soccer games are long enough.  But it’s not really making the game longer that bothers me.  The part that really gives me the thrill in playing or reffing soccer is that I can lose.  I’m mortal, in a sports sense.  Knowing the ref is human, you can use that to your advantage (the Brazilians were SNEAKY in their pushing!), but having him as the sole judge — and the center ref has seconds to judge things — in what happens just…energizes me.  Knowing the players are human, both your own team and the opposing team, gives me power because I know it’s possible to beat somebody.

It’s like in practice, I could never be the fastest player.  Even the sprinting practices, I just couldn’t do it.  But in a game, there’s all that adrenaline pumping, because THE GAME IS ON THE LINE, GURLZ, and suddenly I can voom so fast down the field, I could rez Norweigan Blues.  Knowing it’s not the end of the world, that I get another go at it, that just ruins most of the thrill and spirit of the game for me.  So I’m really against introducing replay technogology to soccer.

But that’s my view.  I like my soccer as raw as possible. What about you?

World Cup of Warcraft

Okay, I, uh, I…I brainstormed this whole thing out, and wrote pieces of it.  I don’t know if anyone would really want to read commentator-like style on soccer played Azeroth-style.  Considering how many people read this blog, and then how many of you actually follow soccer and like it?  It’d be something I’d totally enjoy writing, I think I could actually get lost in it, since I love both soccer and WoW, but I don’t know that I should post it if none of you would like it.

Wanting to Redo My Toon Bios

It’s like my UI funk.  Every month or so, I want to tweak things aesthetically for no reason other than to tweak them in another way.  It’s like alt-ing for UIs, I guess.

Anyway, I did these long Toon Bios for my main toons over in the sidebar, including some playing in WoW Model Viewer, and now I’m not really loving them, so I want to switch them around again.

Whatever, I’m weird, move on.


I don’t really like the iTunes interface for browsing podcasts on iTunes, but I use an iPod, so iTunes is what I have.  But I want to BROWSE, damnit, because I don’t know of any really.  I’m a podcast newb.  But I’ve found some!  (If you have any other suggestions, I’ll try some!)

All Things Azeroth:  I listened in on one (12 July 2010), in the middle of it.  The trivia question was which eternal was once a mortal?  And I’m proud to say that though I’m a bit of a WoW-lore noob, I got it right away.  Medivh!  I didn’t put it in the chat room, though.  I’m such a lurker.

Obscurecast: it’s hosted by Brits, I mean, that’s, like, justification enough, right?  Seriously, British & Australian accents generally hook me anyway.  But it’s also the British way of insulting things and British humor (“humour”) that I love so much.  I just get a fuzzy ooo-so-creative feeling inside.

The Football Ramble: It’s about soccer.  It’s hosted by Brits.  Need I say more about why I love it?

Zooming on Alts

Xeny hit Northrend (& 70!).  I’m having so much fun as a moonkin since I got Starfall.  It’s just…ridiculous…how many mobs I can kill at one time.  Granted, sometimes I have to pull out the treants and then Typhoon the place, and then pop Nature’s Grasp, and then Innervate AND pot, and then maybe almost survive.  And sometimes I die, and think, “Well, if it weren’t for that pat, I’d’a had it.”

I feel bad about the alting when I, y’know, a few months ago applied and got accepted into a raiding guild.  Okay, Conspiracy isn’t hardmodes or anything high pressure, but I do feel terribly bad for basically dropping out for the summer.  Because currently my time is not totally under my control, and people like parents just don’t understand that online people are real people.  But I feel bad anyway.

Especially since Xeny is a “traditional” alt for me, on Elune.  That is, no heirlooms, no money from the mains, totally starting fresh as if it’s my first toon on the server…and unguilded.  So I haven’t logged onto Pone or Ama in ages, but I’ve totally been on Elune almost every day now.

Okay, maybe every day.  But most of that time is spent AFK reading blogs or doing chores or watching the World Cup.  Interruptions for which leveling solo is perfect.

Northrend is still exciting.  But I did feel the excitement start to fade.  Burn out, you might say.  I’ve been Alliance.  I have 3 80s, a 70, and a couple of 60 DKs, and they’re all Alliance.  I’ve done the Alliance quest chains in pretty much every zone.  I have leveling Alliance down, I think.

I’m wondering if Horde is much different.

So I started the 3rd version of Panoukla (NOOKY!) the DK. She’s on a totally different server, and she’s Forsaken.  I started with a Troll, but then I thought about the Northrend Forsaken questlines, and I totally caved and rerolled her as Undead.  Aside from the crap hairstyles, I love the Forsaken.  (Seriously, the girl hairstyles, wtf mate?  Laaaaaaaaame.)  Emotes and everything.

Nooky is out of the DK starting area and in Hellfire Peninsula. I’m too poor to buy flying skill, but I got myself a Green Wind Rider for when I do get enough money.  Who knows when I will.  But, um, yeah, Thrallmar is …different… Okay, yeah, about half the quests are the same damn thing: go kill the same guys at Expedition Armory, e.g.  But the others, they’re different.  And, holy crap, I actually have to read the quest and open up the map to figure out where I need to go.

Can’t wait till Northrend, though.  Especially since I just finished Outland with Xeny.  Ick.  But, once I get out of Hellfire, it’s ZANGARMARSH TIME!

Zangarmarsh is my favorite zone ever. I look forward to it every time, and then once I finish it the Loremaster part of that zone (54 quests is cake on Alliance, anyway), it’s rather boring.  I mean, I have the epic Northrend story quest chains to look forward to, but considering this will be my 4th or 5th time through them…maybe not so exciting.

Which is why I’m hoping Horde Northrend questlines are somewhat different lore-wise than Alliance Northrend questlines.  Don’t spoil anything for me, though!

Got A Groove Back

3 thoughts on “Got A Groove Back

  1. Post it.

    I fall into the typical don’t care about soccer category (always had far more fun playing it than watching it) and would love to see it. Maybe it’s just cuz I’m a sports buff too. Also, I always say if you would enjoy writing something and it gets your creative juices flowing… DO EET! Besides, random crazy different viewpoints is what this community is all about. I’d like to read a soccer-azeroth-commentary thing just for the fact that it’s a soccer-azeroth-commentary thing.

    That, and I’m totally with you and enjoying brutal announcers. In any sport.

  2. I love soccer and Brits – I think we might be siblings, actually, because /nod /nod /nod to all of it. (Except when I played I started in defense and just stayed there…. forever)

    I think you’re on the right track about soccer being better when it’s raw. For me, since all I do now is watch my younger brothers play, half my enjoyment of the game is in exclaiming over calls (or the lack of calls) and seeing a game played competitively and fiercely.

  3. Definitely worth seeing the Horde-side quests at least once. They are a bit different. In Northrend, certain zones will be near enough the same (Scholazar, Icecrown, all of the faction neutral places), but some are quite different. Personally prefer Borean Tundra for Horde, and Howling Fjord for Alliance, for example.

    Also, when I asked about podcasts once, I was given a bunch of recommendations and bookmarked them all. I haven’t listened to them, I suck at listening to podcasts, but I has list! Hope you find stuff in here ^^

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