Ye, Gods, That Was Fun!

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It’s my first one published.  I have drafts chilling somewhere of others, but this one…this one needs posting.

This one is important to me.

What Has WoW Taught You?

I almost wrote about confidence, since I’ve gained a fair amount through learning to tank and heal and even leading a raid event.

I almost wrote about teamwork, since my Robes often pugged people for raiding, and I’m quite comfortable with pugging.  Except for the jerks.  But I try to set an example.

I almost wrote about my virtual identity and whether my toons are separate characters from me or part of me or parts of me or separate from and part of me together.  How I relate to others on the internet and when the person begins and the character ends.

I almost wrote about gamer stigma, and how I basically ended a friendship because the other person wouldn’t respect that WoW friends are real friends, too.

I almost wrote about the brink of Cataclysm, how it will change warlocks as I know them, and how warlocks as I know them contribute to my identity.  Wondering what new transition and experience the new expansion will bring about.  When I started WoW, I was leveling Poneria in late BC.  Pone was my only toon.  Then Wrath hit, and I began raiding for the first times.  A year ago I began my first alts, Ama and a pally.  Now, I’m finishing off a 4th 80.  What is next?

But then Saturday came.  An event that was truly amazing and awesome and ridiculously happy and funny.  I realized I wanted to just capture the moment.  Forget the commentary on the various philosophies going on in sequence.  Forget the politics, forget the self-consciousness.  Just show the joy experienced.

If you need a name to call it by, I’m going to show you friendship.  It’s totally virtual, online.  I’ve never met any of these people face to face in my life.  So they’re not “real life” friends.

But they are REAL friends.

The Druid and the Dwarf

…got married. In real life, not quite yet, I think they have a week to go, but tonight they got married in WoW in a raid of friends.  As she asked later in the Blue Recluse, “How crazy is it that we’ve been playing with you guys for four years?”  I’ve only been playing with them for two, and then I left to raid elsewhere.

I love where I raid now for the raiding.  But I miss the Robes.  Though they are the Gods of Eonar now.

Whatever, y’all are Robes to me.  You’ll always be Robes to me.  I don’t know that I can word how the Robes make me feel.  Maybe when I’m older, I’ll finally put the words together.

I want to share a little bit of what the Robes mean to me.

(The videos were fraps’d & edited by the groom, Balthamus.)

(The videos sometimes aren’t loading when I try to refresh the page, so here’s the two links: The Ceremony, The Afterparty.)

The Ceremony

We met up at Fort Wildevar in Howling Fjords.  Most were Gods, though a few were former guildies and friends now wearing a different tag.  We even had the Murfs show up and return to the guild!

MURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRF! 😀  I love Murf!  Daring, dearly kind, and goofy, that’s how I see him and many Robes.

Wedding Vows

I felt a twinge of longing when we were making sure everyone was there before starting.  I was always the warlock, Poneria, and I always made sure everyone was there by going ahead and putting up the summoning stone.  But now Pone is on Elune, with only Astrape the shaman on Eonar, at 80 anyway.  Astrape is a different person, and yet she is the same me as Poneria.  Astrape is a new Poneria, the Gods are Robes anew.

I knew where we were going; I was helping the bride plan it when she thought of the place.  (I’m the fem-draenei in green.) I felt deeply honored to be the maid of honor. My first wedding ever.  I hope the rest are just as joyful.

The pet eagles were an awesome touch by our hunters. They went to go tame the eagles in the Fjord, just before the procession began.  The Druid and the Dwarf IRLly work/volunteer at a bird clinic, and for four years or so, they’ve shared with us a megathread of pictures and lessons about the birds.  The Druid said they’ll even have an eagle at the IRL wedding!  So the eagles were a fantastic touch to the altar.

We had an in-game priest, my favorite one of all, to do the ceremony.  She made a great macro’d speech to wed the two.  The vows were ridiculous yet beautiful.  I laughed and I cried a bit.

We celebrated with all kinds of toon abilities.  I popped Heroism, and Murf and I set up our totems to make the aisle.  The Hunters shot special shots and set an ice trap off to make the pathway special and to throw “flowers” on the bride as she walked up the aisle.  I do think it was great that the groom fraps’d the wedding, because you get to see the trading of the rings.  People brought kegs and flowers and sparkles and everything.  We got all dressed up, some of us, anyway!  It was fantastic!

The Afterparty

Perfect song!  The song wholly explains how I feel about the Robes / Gods — we’ve got a Good Thing Going And I Don’t Want To See It End.  That should explain the heartbreak I had when the Robes split and the pure happiness I felt when I finally rejoined the Gods.

We jumpstarted the afterparty by levitating / jumping off the mountainside.  A guildy jumped before getting levitate and smashed early on, and others jumped, but had levitate wear off before they reached the bottom!  I managed to survive with 15 seconds left.

The wedding party managed to not have a mage, so we all hearthed and reconvened at our traditional Robes meeting place — The Blue Recluse in Stormwind.  Partying commensed. Heroism, Consecrates, Death & Decays, D.I.S.C.O. balls, eagles!, kegs, cakes, pies, throwing of torches (because the bouquet was soulbound!)…

But the party was just getting started!

We had Gnomerathon without the gnomes.  We ran through the streets of Stormwind naked, yelling HAPPY WEDDING to the city.  We ran all the way over to King Wrynn and danced naked for him with a D.I.S.C.O. ball.  We then ran over to embarrass the High Priestess in the Cathedral.  From there we ran to the Tram and packed the trains, partying all the way to Ironforge.  We even had a stranger straggler, wtf’ing at us being naked.

But wait for it!  Here’s where the unexpected fun began!

When we arrived in Ironforge, we had just arrived in the Military district when the Local Defense channel broke out with shouts of Ironforge under attack!  So we ran to defend the King Magni Bronzebeard…


We don’t know if it was the other non-wedding-party killing the Horde properly or the OMGWTF AM I LAGGING GUYS? THEY’RE ALL NAKED surprise of our party bombing the assassination.  But the Horde were foiled! I even got a whisper to resurrect a guy, which I did, though I almost missed his whisper in all the excitement.  We then ran out to the bank, killing straggling Horde in front of the bank and things.  We finished our run around Ironforge at the behest of the bride, playing in the water and dancing in front of the Tram.  We ran like traditional Gnomerathon to Kharanos and there the party broke up, for the Gods had an ICC raid in half an hour.

I Will Remember This Always

This goes in my Youtube Favorites Folder.  This goes on here in my blog.  A Favorite Post, not because it’s spectacular writing but because it was a spectacular event that I always wish to remember and cherish. I took 458 screenshots throughout the night, and I’ve got a folder of 77 that tell the story, which I will remember to backup all 458 of them and keep forever and ever.

Congratulations to Fernleaf & Balthamus! I wish you many adventures and epic legendary happiness!

Ye, Gods, That Was Fun!

7 thoughts on “Ye, Gods, That Was Fun!

  1. Tanwen says:

    I’m sad I missed a good time. Unfortunately, the heat at home made me sick and I spent most of the time in the bathrom. Ugh. I am glad a good time was had by all. Congrats to newly “married” couple.

    1. 😦 Sorry the heat made you sick. The video gets the closest to capturing it, I think. Especially the second one, I just love that song.

      I miss you, Tanwen! Saw Olris there but I wanted to say hello to you, too. 🙂

  2. Murf says:


    It was the best time with the best peoples!

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