BAST: What Has WoW Taught You … Refrain

Was reading some of the posts noted by’s Daily Quest, and it had linked a whole issue of the Escapist magazine (online).  The DQ’s theme was Roleplaying, and after reading Shade’s fantastic article on the Ashbringer, I was in a “RP HOORAY!” mood and decided to check it out.

Well, there was the one article about playing in a realism military RPG.  The article itself was kinda cool, but I’m not huffing and bouncing to go be in a modern-military-unit game (though military-unit history is interesting to me), so I wasn’t super excited.

Then I reached the end of the article, bottom of page 4.

I didn’t express this sentiment because I knew that, if he has the heart to keep trudging on, he won’t need to hear it from me. Sooner or later, playing in this fake military unit over the internet will either break him in two or make him a man. Sometimes people take what we are at face value, a bunch of nerds playing soldier. The truth is that the roles that we play in the 75th Ranger Regiment are as valid as the roles that we play in real life: supporting friend, benevolent leader, proud parent, and even village idiot.

Playing in this unit, as we tell our stories of pain and heartache along with our stories of victory and happiness, we become comrades and friends. “Realism” may have been the hook for me, but the people that I’ve met, the stories and battles that we’ve shared, is what keeps me logging in every weekend.

So as I sat alone in the channel recently departed by Johnson, I knew that if he can reach that level, if he can come to grips with the roles that we play, then he will realize that camaraderie is worth more than all the XP, Kill to Death Ratios, or match wins in the world.

I colored some parts that particularly stood out to me.  By “stood out,” I mean I had a big grin on my face and I said, “Fuck Yeah! That’s what I meant to say!”

BAST: What Has WoW Taught You … Refrain

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