4th 80 & Bits

(nnnnnngggg Multishot fudged the screenshot. >.>)

Yeah, it’s kinda weird that I have more druids than I do warlocks, but maybe that’s an indication of how much I love affliction how it is.

Also, the new warlock beta talents look way better than they were!  Some new abilities in there, though I’m sad that Dark Pact is gone from talents (maybe in abilities??? please???).

But I have plans.

Next Toon to 80

I’ve figured out that I love casters.  I don’t know why, but I figure if I really do love casters, I ought to have one of each of the DPS and maybe some of all the healers.  Out of DPS I’m missing a mage and a spriest, and out of healers I’m missing the priests and a pally.  I figure I can level priests like I did for druids — two of them — and either have a heal/dps x2 or a pure heals & dps/whatever.  Mages…

I’ve tried mages.  Really, I have.  I can’t get past about level 14 or so because they go oom just staring at mobs.  Which is totally ANNOYING when you’re questing.  Like, not even the orange quests.  And priests, they go oom too, but I had luck on the belf priest by dungeoning & healing.

I think a priest is next.

Yes, I know Cataclysm is “coming,” but it won’t be here for a few months, and I can definitely level something in that time.

Blog Cleaning

Uhhh, my categories and tags, that is.  So if stuff moves (not that feedreader people can tell), don’t worry, it’ll get settled at some point.  I don’t know if this is my occasional UI twitch at work or if I’m doing some weird nesting gig in order to get ready for Cataclysm guide posting.

Because, y’know, everything’s changing, so I can actually do a leveling guide or a talents guide or something dealing with warlockery advice without repeating what the rest of the blogosphere has been saying for 3 expansions.

4th 80 & Bits

2 thoughts on “4th 80 & Bits

  1. Jae says:

    I can’t level mages either. I think I’ve gotten 4-5 mages up to level 23 and then dropped ’em. Druids on the other hand, I can’t get past 44. I have five druids (on different servers) stuck at 44, like 45 will start the plague, or something.

    *sigh* Oh well. I’m trying my hand at priest before Cataclysm hits. I want my memory to be fresh of the Horde side leveling up process when I play with a goblin later on.

  2. Initially I had trouble leveling my mage too… Then a friend looked at my spec and facepalmed… I skipped what’s considering the trinity of the leveling mage and it was no wonder I was having problems. She sent me a leveling spec and I had less problems. She also told me that the “point” was to kill mobs before they got to you. [I leveled frost]

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