Rerolling Around

Serious question at the bottom. 🙂  (btw, Xeny is now 80.)

Sphaira, the Original

Her name means “bubble.” Please don’t make me tell you that it also means “sphere.” (OMG NO WAI)  I would have to facepalm at that moment.

Sphaira was originally a blood elf and she got to level 54 through the Dungeon Finder and the Battlegrounds.  I stayed in a city when I was not doing one of those thing because she was on a PvP server, and I suck at world PvP.  Especially when it’s some asshole level 80 rogue ganking my level 28 butt that is questing and MINDING ITS OWN GODDAMN BUSINESS in Dustwallow.  >.>  Jerk.

She no longer exists, but that’s okay, because the person I was playing with on her, pretty much exclusively, doesn’t play WoW right now.

So I’m rerolling her — she was a disc priest — as a shadow priest (maybe disc offspec…when I get there), and she’s on my “home” server, Eonar, which is PvE.

So I can quest without dying for no reason. 🙂 YAY

Also, I’m going Horde because death knights are boring, and the whole “first Horde toon of mine on this server” pretty much cuts me off from heirlooms and free gold.  So I get the raw experience, like when I leveled Poneria.

Spha’s Trollin’

Trolls rock. 🙂

I feel sexy as a female troll. She looks powerful yet graceful to me.  She could totally smirk and melt your face off, I think.

(I dance like the female troll.  I sleep like the female troll.  I have hair like the female troll — except it’s not dyed a funky color.  I might just be a female troll IRL.)

Call me cliche, but I love the pale blue troll with lots of white boob-length hair.  Way closer to my own hairstyle, except mine’s not braided, just straight.  (Clue: I once cut off 13″ for Locks of Love and my hair was still shoulder-length.  I need to do that again soon.)

The chick troll hairstyles aren’t as awesome (though I bet they’ll grow on me), but the COLORS, oh man, I LOVE the troll hair colors. I can’t pick one!  (Well, okay, I’m picking white…for now, anyway…)

I remember enchanting making Pone broke for most of leveling.  So tailoring and…I don’t know what else.  Tailoring is for BAGS…mostly.  And a carpet.  But I’m still going enchanting / tailoring.  I’ve been selling a bit of the things I make (*cough* bags *cough*) and random non-DE’d loot and white items I pick up while questing (like meat, or herbs / ore / leather from chests, or elixir rewards I won’t use).  Hopefully I won’t go too broke from leveling enchanting.

Priests Don’t Get Osteoporosis

Being out in the sun all day in the Barrens, plus drinking all that Ice Cold Milk.  Don’t have energy, though, since I haven’t been eating many carbs or meat.  Don’t have any rage either because I’m shielded from conflict.

Perks of a healing class, I guess.

I was level 15 and I’d drunk 187 beverages.

132 of them are Ice Cold Milk.


Get those priests on some old Got Milk? ads.

I managed to pick up Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain, and I picked up the Spirit Tap talents, because I don’t want to drink after every pull.  Which is what was happening before I got those things.  I don’t want to hear it about how I’m picking the wrong leveling spec; this is the way I level.  I just go with how I think it should go and see how close I get to the theorycrafty version.

But only once I’ve dinged 80.

It’s more fun that way. Kind of like one of those mystery puzzles.  Y’know, the ones where the box cover totally doesn’t match the actual puzzle, but you need to solve the puzzle to get the final clues for the one-to-two-page mystery story they include in the box.

Yeah. Like that.

Though, I will admit, I have looked at in the Newcomer Forums to look at the rotation *ahem*, I mean, priority system, to see exactly which spells are pretty cool even if they’re “ehhhhhh” right now.

Class Forums — In or Ex

The mage and shaman communities have been excited this past week to watch the beginnings of their own communities, a la Tankspot, PlusHeal, The Warlocks’ Den, and  While I don’t have a mage, I have a shaman, and she is electrified by playing elemental (also resto).  I have a bunch of shaman blogs in my feedreader, much like I acquired the buttload of druid and healer blogs when I leveled Ama (& Xeny added some moonkin blogs!).

I’ve branded myself a warlock.  I am a warlock, though sometimes I’m a bit too nice for my fellows to handle.  This is a warlock blog. My main will always be a warlock, and I’ll be into that theorycrafting the most.  If I were to only raid on one toon (which I do at the moment), it would be my warlock.

Can I join the other communities?

I feel like maybe this is a stupid question, knowing that the mage & shaman communities were set up by bloggers, whom I already read, and if the SAN community is any indication, the answer is “DUH OF COURSE YOU CAN.”

I’d still feel a bit of an outsider.  I mean, I’m not a shadow priest or a tank or a shaman at heart.  It’s not part of my identity.  Warlockery feels like it’s part of my identity in WoW.  I can’t not like warlocks.  Bad warlocks can make me facepalm, but I can’t hate them.  (Mages…I can hate mages. =P)

I lurk for the most part, as well.  Even in guild forums.  On blogs, even.  You’d think I was a rogue, maybe, but I’m a warlock.

I’ve been lurking for a bit in the official WoW warlock forums.  I don’t feel like the Uber Theorycrafter, because while I do know the insides and outs of affliction PvE, that’s … I mean, I don’t even know affliction PvP very well, nevermind the other two specs.  I’m not super wicked, I’m even nice some of the time.  So…I don’t know if I’ll ever show in WoW forums, really.

So I’m curious.

Do any of you readers belong to class/spec/role communities other than your main’s, or are you pretty much your main’s spot?  I know Keeva has five million druids, whereas Psynister has pretty much one of everything.  I know that you could be in a shaman community while also in PlusHeal, if you’re a healy shaman, but I mean for classes/specs/roles that are different enough.  Even beyond things like Tankspot has some healer things (Aliena comes to mind).  Like a dual-enh shaman also contributing to PlusHeal.

Do you contribute equally (I do, I lurk in all of mine =P) or are you a newbie in one while an expert in another?  Are you a lurker, like me, or are you a regular poster?

If I do poke my head in on, say, Totemspot (because no way am I going to Magespot), do I sign up as Poneria, since that’s most recognizably me?  Or should I stick to my shaman’s name, Astrape? Do you have different names for different communities, or do you just have one, universal handle/nickname?

I told you, I’m curious, so please discuss. 🙂

Rerolling Around

5 thoughts on “Rerolling Around

  1. Zach says:

    My first thought was, and still is, that you obviously need to dye your hair a funky color. If not for real, then you DEFINITELY need to go as a troll for Halloween.

  2. Jae says:

    Don’t forget, you can mail heirloom items across factions if they’re on the same server.

    I’ve been playing for five years and only have one level 80. The closest I’ve gotten on another character was a death knight. At 57.

    Its all about having fun anyway! I’m doing the same thing with my newbie priest (picking talents without checking sites) and I think I’m doing okay. I’m using the wand more than I probably need to… but hey, I haven’t been able to use it on my warlock in almost three years!

  3. I’ll probably sign up on the shaman community (or at least read it), even though my druid will always be my main. If I post I will still be Jen, even though my soon-to-be-80 shammy is Aushra. I always post as ME, and I’M Jen. It’s not my real name, but I’ve been using it online for 10+ years, so when I decided the druid will become my main I changed the char name from Cynn to Jen… partly because my identity is important to me, and the name “Jen” is a part of that.

  4. I’ve played every class and raided and most of them, but I’m most familiar and comfortable playing a Warlock. Abi was the name of my first lock but also the name of a Shadow Priest I raided as and the name has just stuck. Most people still think of me as Abi the Warlock even though I might be raiding as a Moonkin or something. I still dabble across the other communities though! WoW is a social game and it’s always good to get involved in discussion about any class that you play, even if it’s just casually.

    I’m also a sucker for Trolls =X

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