[RPish] To Northrend

Zeppelin Leaving For Northrend
“It be…flat.”

Sphaira’s tusks twitched to either side in a frown.  This zeppelin wasn’t like the others.  The netting was sparse, like ropes tied to balloons rather than rigging on a ship.   Even the gasbag envelope seemed to float above instead of resting on a sturdy column at aft.  The lack of big wings in the back made the zepp look…empty.  But emptiness wasn’t the problem.

“No goblins be sailin’ zepps wifowt no gold sinkas!”  Sphaira stepped onto the zeppelin and waved her wand about in deep disappointment.  The pink crystals bonked a goblin shipman in the head.  He retaliated by slamming his hammer into her shin.

“Shadra SPIT on you!”  The priestess pulled the goblin up by the hammer and dangled him over the side of the zeppelin, fully prepared to drop him overboard without a levitating spell.  The shipman flailed about, kicking with his legs and threatening further injury to the troll.  Sphaira stretched to arm’s full length and smiled.

“Cut it out!”

A green finger thrust its way onto her person, jabbing into her thigh.  Sphaira jerked her arm inwards and grasped at the already-sore spot on her leg.  She let go of the hammer, and his momentum sent the goblin flying onto the deck starboardside.  The tool rattled across the deck and the goblin stuck it in the floorplanks in an effort to not tumble off the other side.  Sphaira rubbed her tender thigh and glared at the zeppelin master, to whom the finger belonged.  She spit in the direction of the shipman, giving him one last glare.  Withdrawing to the fore of the ship, she settled on a spot between the two huge foglights to sit for the journey to Northrend.

This story just has to come out of my head so I can do other things.  Calling it [RPish] because I haven’t actually really in-game RP’d, but it’s not a journal, so…I don’t know what to call it.  Comments are totally welcome.  (Yes, my graphics quality is crap.)

[RPish] To Northrend

3 thoughts on “[RPish] To Northrend

  1. Your Priest is a meanie :p poor little Goblin!

    I tend to call “RP-ish” posts on blogs fanfic, which isn’t such a scary concept when it’s not found on fanfiction.net 😉

  2. Zach says:

    Hey Pon, did you ever do anything more with this? It’s pretty interesting, and I think you nail the troll personality pretty well in it.

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