Make a WoW Card

Totally stolen from Cynwise on Twitter, who retweeted Anexxia.

Make a WoW card for this little guy.  Or you could use one of the other things in his list of things he likes.  WoW was just one of them, but since I got wind of this via the WoW community on Twitter, I figure I’ll go the WoW way.

I’m a warlock, so I contemplated making a Soulstone card, but then scrapped that idea since you have to die in order to use a Soulstone, and that’s a morbidly bad idea.  So I’m going to give him a Fel Healthstone card, with maybe a little extra Blood Pact for recovery.

Someone else could do a Paper Zeppelin or similar.  He’s got a bag — errr, wall — of 100 slots (maybe more), so he’ll totally have room to catch it.

Edit: here’s the address for easy reference:

Ethan Millerick
c/o Ronald McDonald House
520 Sand Hill Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Make a WoW Card

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