Bind on Lazy

Hooray, ranting?

Yes, I hate BoAs.  I think they’re utter laziness.  I don’t understand playing the game with them because you’re going so fast through the levels, I don’t think you’re really playing the game anymore.

Oh wait, they have one merit:

When you want an alt to max level LYK RITE NAO, it’s super easy to do.  I leveled my first alt, my beartree, 0-80 in a month flat on BoAs.

I never want to do that again.

Call me sappy, but I love the journey too much.  I don’t even like the leveling experience now.  It’s definitely been sped up, even in the lower levels.  I’m 40 and outstripping my professions, even in my BoAless gear. My professions are outstripping each other, even; i.e., my Herbalism is about three inks above what I can make as a Scribe.  I remember doing tailoring and enchanting long ago on my warlock and, okay, yeah, I was a little behind if I went out and quested constantly, but I could at least keep the two together-ish.

I like leveling without super stats.  Gives me a sense of mortality, y’know?  How I like my heroes, with a bit of failure in them, so it’s not like a guarantee that they will win in the end.  I need oomph in my journeys for them to mean anything.

One of my 80s was leveled with the leather chest and shoulders, because I felt I should use the BoAs I paid for to hand-me-down them to my shaman.  I nearly ditched them midway because I was going too fast, but I kept them because ICly I felt like I should.  “Sisters” sharing gear, y’know, it’s got that loving feeling to it.

Sorry, Keeva

I don’t want an account-wide BoA interface.  Maybe you can pay for it if you want to, but I rather like how those who use BoAs have to go and pay up emblems for all the different sets.  In your tradeoff, you get to slide through 80 levels.

Now, I’m not asking for my old-style alts to get gear instantly upon dinging 80.  That would just take all the oomph out at the end. Yes, *shock*, I go run regulars a few more twenty times to gear up for heroics, and then I go run some heroics a select few (i.e. not a random few) at a time to gear up again.  Also to learn how to play the alt in cap-level dungeons, because through five 80s, it’s been different every time.

No Competitions, Please / Where Real Life Leaks In

I’m also not trying to claim that I’m perhaps better or more awesome or more hardcore because I do it without BoAs.  I really don’t care.  I’m playing a game, not trying to win a pissing competition.  I’m actually so sick of the pissing competitions in real life.

I mean, for fuck’s sake, I can’t even go learn in a major without having to play the game of “my life sucks more; therefore, I am more awesome than you.”

Okay?  Didn’t know I was in a competition?

Can’t I just learn some stuff / play a game without having to prove myself better than other people?

I’m awesome.

You’re awesome.

Is it so impossible a concept that we can both be awesome in different but equal-ish ways? Perhaps it’s too much carebear for you, but damn, no wonder the world is so pissed off all the time.  Stop trying to be better, just be.

This is a rant after meeting so many people in the LFD who swear by BoAs and then piss on me because, shocker, they can do more dps or whatever in their BoA set than I can in my native clown gear.

Guys, I really don’t care about your uber-awesomeness.  I mean, it’s cool that you are, but I see this, and I really don’t need to be repeatedly shown this.  I GET IT, NOW MOVE ON. And I really, really, don’t need you pissing on me when I’m trying to relax.

No shit, you’re bored

I feel like most often when I run into someone saying the game is boring right now, they’re decked out in BoAs.  Sometimes even decked out in alts who are decked out in BoAs.  They have every damn BoA in the game.  And I hold myself back in the interest of not being a complete douche, but really?

You take the super-speed route and then complain that it’s boring?


This concludes my ranting, because after this, it’s just fuming and making strange gestures for the words I want to be saying right now, but can’t really find due to my utter frustration.  Not to mention I’m starting to rant more about douchebags than about BoA gear, when the two aren’t necessarily connected. /rantfail

Bind on Lazy

18 thoughts on “Bind on Lazy

  1. Windsoar says:

    I was lucky enough to be vote-kicked on one of my alts for lack of BoA gear. I used BoA gear once, and I agree, the leveling experience felt to rushed and manic. I have picked up the shoulders/chest for the one I plan on leveling with my husband; however, I hope I can talk him out of using his set by the time the expansion rolls around because I hate feeling RUSHED!

  2. Jess says:

    I completely agree, I used BoA’s once to help give my warrior a boost through outlands because I couldn’t seem to get into playing her. But it definitely went too fast, and as soon I hit Northrend I plopped them right back into the bank in favor of regular gear. Here’s to doing things the ‘old fashioned way’ and having a lot more fun in the progress! /raiseglass

  3. I’m leveling some alts just for fun, and I don’t really mind if they have BOA gear or not. I’m enjoying the leveling experience. But I’m also trying to level up a character or two to join my raiding group, so I’m trying to do it as fast as possible. In this case, I cherish the bonus xp the BOAs bring, since my goal is not to “see the world” while questing but to hit 80 and help my guild as soon as I can.

    I do wince though when I’m in a low level instance and the tank is without BOAs, and the DPS have BOAs. Too many times I’ve seen a new/inexperienced tank just unable to deal with the crazy damage & threat that a BOA-decked out DPS can put out. Conversely, my tank has BOA’s and I really enjoy the “cushion” that it provides…it’s my first tank so the extra assistance is very appreciated.

    1. Oh yes, I totally understand using BoAs to get to cap asap. In fact, that was what my beartree was; then I actually found that releveling, especially on a different class in a different role, is so much fun.

      Huh, BoAs as a cushion for newbie tanks. Never thought of it that way. Then again, I’m a DPSer who believes it’s the DPSer’s job to stay below threat. I mean, if all I can do is wand, then all I do is wand. Maybe mention that the tank should turn on RF or maybe some Vigi or more Swiping or what have you, but mostly I just try to be as non-overthreatening as I can be.

    2. You tank with your BoAs? I’ve always taken my BoAs off when I’m tanking in favor of staying defense capped. Am I doin’ it wrong?!

  4. I enjoy BoAs to be honest… I’ve already leveled ten toons [one of each class] the hard way and prefer to have things expedited a bit. I always did outlevel my professions so eh, not a big deal to me. I play catch up at xpac breaks [I’ll catch vanilla up when I hit outland level and so on and so forth].

    If you wanna play without them, go for it. 🙂 We should all be able to play how we enjoy it.

    I do wish there was a way that they would be truly account bound – not just server bound. I have a full collection of them, so it’d be nice to share with other servers.

    1. If you want to play with them, go for it. 😀

      I’m not against the people who play with BoAs, I’m just afraid that Blizz might push the leveling experience to the point of so fast you practically roll a premade toon. They’ve already sped up the leveling without BoAs to faster than I’d like.

      Ooo, servers, yes. I mean, okay, I don’t do BoA gear, but I do grab gold and bags from time to time from my mains. Being on different servers made me appreciate both gold and bags a little more.

  5. grayforge says:

    I actually feel we need more than BOA’s. Similar to the Cold Weather Flying Tome (lets alts fly in Northrend at 68 instead of waiting ’til 77), I’d like to see a “Level my alt to the next 10th level mark” tome for like 1000G.

    As I level more alts, the grind to 80+ gets more & more tiring. I mean, how many times do you want to redo the same old quest? How many times do you want to “collect 10 special twigs” from mobs where the drop rate is 25%? Is killing 40 mobs really that interesting?

    Sure, the 1st time or two was fine. It was all sorta new.

    So I’d say, add these 10 level tomes that top level mains can provide to alts, but restrict them just a bit so that the alt needs to level say 2 levels before using a tome again. So level this way:
    1-12 on your own
    Use tome to lv 20
    20 to 22 on your own
    use tome to 30
    30 to 32 on your own
    use tome to 40

    This way, you can get a taste of new abilities and get your toon past most of the rerun content. Plus, you’ll still want to run class specific quests.

    For those who wanna spend an hour collecting 30 spider legs on their 6th toon, more power to ya. No need to spend the gold on the tome.


    1. I personally have a leveling grind in my head. For example, I’m not too fond of the Kalimdor zones, but I love about half of the Eastern Kingdoms continent, zone-wise. So I’m currently doing a toon that’s only EK quests.

      I recently did my first Horde toon all the way to 80. Yes, half the quests are the same song, different key, but some zones became really different experiences Horde-side from my old Alliance grind. Also on that toon, I tried to do some zones I’d never really gone to before. Feralas, for example. It took me 5 toons and 2.5 years to find out there’s a Silithid hive in there!

      I usually pick a broad “theme” for each toon and go with it for the leveling process (“New zone every 10 levels” or “Kalimdor only!” or “No/As little as possible Forsaken quests” e.g.). It keeps me from being bored without be so restricting that I end up grinding a zone until my brains fall out.

      Maybe it doesn’t take much to occupy myself versus the rest of the internets, but I feel like I’m not finished yet with exploring. Rogues, for example…I jsut started a rogue. I did cat dps for a little bit, didn’t like it, but now I’m seriously melee dps full-time, and it’s exciting!

  6. I’m not overly fond of them either. I hate the fact that my mage looked exactly like my warlock and everyone else’s warlocks, mages and priests for 80 levels. I even miss the Outlands clown gear. I dislike the discrepancy in low level PvP between those who have and those who don’t. Having double the health and probably double the spell power than your opposition takes a lot of the pleasure of warsong/arathi for me.

    Finally as someone who loves questing, I hate the rushed feeling I get with the bonus experience, meaning that I have miss out on whole zones. I use them however because I always level either with my husband (who hates levelling with a passion) or guildmates.

    1. I feel somewhat sad whenever I join a dungeon with BoA-wearing peeps and all I can think of is “Well…you have an 80, and you ave an 80, and you have an 80…” And then it makes me laugh when they think I’m a completely new player, then apparently I’m a bad player once they find out I have 80s but I don’t have BoAs on. I guess they think I don’t have the emblems to buy BoA gear, but eh, whatever.

      It doesn’t really bother me unless I end up without having the option to play native whites & greens & blues.

  7. Aloix says:

    I adore my BoAs. Granted, all my alts are in some service to my main (profession bots, a rogue I leveled for Ravenholdt rep) so yes, I’m in a hurry, time is money.Although even for the 1st time through on a toon, using BoAs doesn’t bother me. I did that with my 2nd druid (who I played @ 80 for a bit and then set aside as a profession bot) and my pally (1st ever who is now my main).
    I’m a huge fan of advantages, in real life as well, provided they don’t hurt anyone else/step on any toes. I’m just an efficient b*tch. Some people play/live differently, and that’s totally okay! Most importantly, let’s not sh*t on each other for it (which I do believe is a point you were getting at somewhere).

    1. Efficiency is awesome! 😀 I think I’m efficient as a leveler; I manage to average about a month, a month & a half, two months maybe, 1-80, no bags, no starting gold, no nuffin outside that one toon’s two feet.

      But then again, I play that toon and then my raiding toon, and then nobody else, for that time period. =/ So maybe I’m less efficient than just focused.

  8. I’m not sure I see how boa’s can be called lazy when you need to have leveled a toon to 80 and then collected a not insignificant number of badges to get them.

    I’ve leveled one of each class to cap. With the last, my warrior, I mostly just wanted to see what endgame tanking was like. A lot of the leveling process was so redundant and boring that I’d have been thrilled to have anything that pushed me through it faster. After throwing rats at Zul’drak lizards so many times before I don’t think it’s a problem to want to skip it now.

    1. I called them lazy for what you do with them, not for how you get them in the first place.

      The guy who does really well at the chicken wraps and meatball subs and can multitask between about four different sandwiches at the deli station at my work is still a lazy bum if he’s going to pass off refilling the ranch bottle to me just because “it too boring” to do.

      On the flip side, if he’s passing off refilling the ranch bottle to me because he’s got other shit to do, like maybe he’s learning how to the daily special or finding out where they stashed the surplus lettuce…that’s not being a lazy bum, that’s having other shit to do and needing the simple stuff done simply.

      So I understand leveling faster because you need an endgame character rather than a leveling character, but I still think it’s rather lazy and quite dumb to be all “THE GAME IS SO BORING” when you’re really not participating in half of it to begin with.

  9. “Yes, I hate BoAs. I think they’re utter laziness. I don’t understand playing the game with them because you’re going so fast through the levels, I don’t think you’re really playing the game anymore.”

    If you want to level slowly, that is your business, but I assume that you also log out outside of Inns to minimize rested xp.

    If you want to have inferior gear that is your business as well. I won’t even get on you for bring down your groups by refusing to wear the best available gear, because they are just 5mans.

    I will also say that you didn’t deserve any one “pissing” on you for not using BoAs.

    What I don’t understand is why some people (you in this case) insist on ranting/whining about “why people won’t let me play the way I want to play,” and at the same time belittle others for making a different choice. If you don’t like BoAs, fine, don’t wear them, but calling them “utter laziness” and saying I am not really playing the game shows how irrational you really are. Your arguement is the equivalent of a runner calling a bicyclist lazy.

    1. You’re right, I hypocrited myself there.

      After Keeva’s 2nd post slammed my face into a wall — as I realized that WordPress automatically does trackbacks and then people might actually read my blog despite how under the weather it’s been — I tried to clear up my ire a bit.

      I really don’t care about the BoAs, when I get down and dirty in my soul. What I really hate is how Blizz has sped up the native leveling process, and how the DF gives you so much XP you might as well just DF-level all the way (until Outlands / Northrend, then the XP levels off a bit). So even not choosing to do BoAs, I *still* can’t level the way I want (the way I did on my warlock when it took me nearly a year to hit cap).

      I feel like it’s a movement, the way people want BoAs to be more accessible, surely doesn’t that mean because they want to use them more/all the time? I don’t mind other people using them, but I really don’t want faster leveling in my default options. I love it the was it was.

      Final thing: that inferior gear note was a bit too offensive for me; you’re not so saintly yourself. During the leveling process, I don’t really care about how bad my gear is, just as long as my stats look okay and my ilevel is reasonably around the content I’m doing (that is, don’t be using greens from 15-20 levels ago). Endgame, I try to improve as much as I reasonably can, because that’s what you do at endgame, because that’s all you can do at endgame.

      I’m not a min-maxer, I’ll admit. I do it to some degree, to make sure I’m not a complete bum and because I want to perform well, but I’m not going to stress myself out over one point in my stats. I have enough stress outside of WoW as it is.

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