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This Blog, It’s Small

I expect to find no activity here, since that’s what normally happens. Especially since I’ve been lolling around with no posts in my head, and unfortunately, no real drafts either.  Unless you’re the type of person who likes to read about week- & month-old news.

I’m happy-fied when I get a comment, and it elevates to super excited if I hit two comments on a post within a week of posting.  It’s ridiculous “WOW PEOPLE LIKE ME” if I go above 20 views in a day.

Yep.  Small blog, rarely read.  That’s a’me.

So I was quite surprised when I fired up my feed reader to see Keeva with a second post, the title of which eerily familiar to a rant I just did.

I don’t really remember if my jaw dropped first or my cheeks blushed tomatoes before that.  Something facially equivalent to “I just shat my pants” happened.

I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess that she wasn’t intending malice in my general direction, but there was a big old BOA rant brewing for a while, and my mention of BOA sharing was just enough to open up the floodgates.

I could take a few paragraphs of my normal too-many-words-than-necessary style, but yeah, that’s pretty much it.  My first thought as I started to read Keeva’s post was “THE FUCK DID I DO??” because quite frankly, I adore Keeva (I still refer to the Grid post, honestly) , and I really did not mean to piss on anyone about this.

But I hit the publish button, it’s out there, and no real amount of apologizing will do anything, I imagine. Nor do I really feel like back-pedalling.  An elephant’s faithful. But…

I can attempt to clear up my ire, I think.

If I use BOA gear it’s not because I want to shred mobs up with my massive DPS, it’s because I want a bit more wiggle room in questing.

I wasn’t imagining Keeva was wanting massive DPS over questing wiggleroom.  I really wasn’t trying to be all pissed off about people who use BoAs for a particular reason like going faster or skipping over the boring parts and whatnot.

What I hate are the people who go get BoAs and then flaunt them like they’re epics.   What I hate are the people who act like BoAs are a default; QED, if you do not have any, you’re either new or a complete idiot.

So really, it’s not the BoAs I have a problem with.  It’s just insecure bullies, more or less. Which happens in every flavor of tier gear on down to grey suits, but the post combined with recent runs of BoAssholes just…yeah, my floodgates just went WHOOP! DERE IT IS.

I Don’t Want Faster In My Default

This is my problem.  It’s the thing I kept mentioning.  Blizzard has already quickened the leveling pace, even without the +% you get with that tan-colored gear lettering.  I’m still outstripping my professions just by questing.  The LFD also contributes to my leveling experience pollution, especially in the Vanilla content where the experience you get from dungeons is a crap tonne more than just questing.

This is the part I’m more than annoyed with.  I can choose to not take the BoAs and go just a bit slower at the leveling speed.  But if Blizzard is going to speed up the default leveling pace?

Nuh-uh, stop that!

I get it that people on the 5th, 10th, 20th time around are bored with the leveling process.  I said it in a comment on my post, but here it is again.

I tend to do a little “theme” every time I level an alt. This time, on my rogue?  It’s to do as little Kalimdor quests as possible, since I absolutely adore the Eastern Kingdom zones.  My troll priest was one all on her own; she was my first serious Hordie all the way to 80.   I did Feralas on her, a zone I’d never really touched before, and ZOMG you guys never told me there was a Silithid hive there!!!

So it took my four 80s to become bored of my usual Alliance grind.  Big whoop-de-doop.  But I did find some quest chains (& found out that I love quest chains, the longer the better) that I really do love.  All of Duskwood, for example; I was really sad when I remembered there isn’t really a Horde outpost at all in Duskwood, so I had to go find some other 15-30 zones to do.

My rogue?  She’s my first serious melee character. (Yeah, I leveled as a kitty and did some heroics as a kitty, but I didn’t like the tank dancing (still don’t, PLEASE STOP MOVING SO FFFF’N MUCH), so I became a beartree instead of a cattree.) It’s so different and it blows my mind so much, it’s so exciting right now.  It’s like shaman healing was for the first time.  I was so used to tree heals and a bit of low-level discipline.  Mitigation?  Pre-hotting?  I’m good on those.  Actually wait for health to drop before I can heal?  Having the tank missing health and not many instant-cast heals to go around?  Scary & exhilarating at the same time!

Perhaps it doesn’t take much to entertain me; I mean, if the veterans are getting bored enough every expansion, I guess I must be simple-minded or somesuch.  Or maybe I’m just one of those who can stand to read books and watch movies multiple times.  Heck, I once listened to “American Pie” for about three hours nonstop.  I didn’t want to stop; I believe I stopped because a parent yelled at me to change the track already.

But I feel very much like a kid in a candy store right now.  I want to try them all!  But I *have* to do it RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT because my parents (*cough* Blizzard *cough*) don’t have all day to let me explore properly.

All because the older kids are already tired of the current flavors.

(Yes, I know, I’ll go over there in that corner and pout until Mommy tucks me in at bedtime.)

It was simply a suggestion to display all of the BOAs that you had purchased on your account (considering they are bind on *account*), and to have a way to access them – perhaps in a kind of account-wide equipment rack, or as something tacked onto your character bank, so that you had to visit a major city to retrieve the items.

I feel like all I can say is, “My bad,” but then I feel like that’s so so so SO not enough of an apology.  I was mostly thinking of the upcoming glyph interface and how the popular reaction seems to be more “Thank goodness, I don’t have to keep buying this one glyph for this one fight,” than “Oh sweet, so now I can keep track of what’s available for me to use.”  Y’know, the glyphs thing seemed more of saving more currency than cutting out the Wowhead middleman.

Mea mala. 😦

I had no idea that people have been kicked out of groups for not sporting BOA gear. How utterly stupid – how are new people supposed to learn how to play in groups if nobody will let them play in groups?

Ditto. I’ve not yet been present to a vote-kick for no BoAs (heh, it would be me, wouldn’t’cha think?), but I’ve been present for some other stupid vote-kicks.  Like the hunter teleports out after a dungeon to get more arrows.  Vote-kick.  Vote-kick has passed.  Really?  You’re vote-kicking a guy because he’s going to fix his DPS supply?  Gee-ZUS…

I leave group if it’s a stupid reason to vote-kick.  Kicking the tank, heals, DPS, doesn’t matter who.  Also, my prediction has been true so far: when Blizz was coming out with the filling in a reason for a vote-kick, I kept asking “Why?  No one’s going to take the time to FILL IT OUT…”  >.> The only time I’ve seen the vote-kick box filled out with a reason is when I initiated it.  I don’t think the other three even read it before confirming the kick.

That’s just …sad.

Just Wondering

It weirds me out that I go to Keeva’s post and find a bunch of “I like BoAs” comments, and then come to mine and find a bunch of “Yeah, no BoAs for me!” comments.  Not saying either post is without the opposite opinion, but … you guys ARE allowed to disagree with me over here!

Also, totally TOTALLY not trying to be all “You people are weird/stupid/wrong/ewww/different.”  I’ve noticed that out of the few comments I get, most if not all are of the “I agree!” flavor.  A pat on the back is cool, but it does make me a bit sad that I never really seem to get discussions going.

I’m just a total ranting buzzkill, I guess. =/  WTB advice.

Did I do it right? Maybe?

20 thoughts on “Reprise

  1. You don’t have to apologise 😛

    When I first read your post I think I felt the same way.. I was thinking, what the heck did I say, I’d better go re-read what I even wrote in the first place.

    But as I read your post over a few times, I realised that mine had just enabled you to let rip with a rant.

    So at first I was cowering, thinking “uh oh, the internets think I’m whining for free BOAs, that’s not what I meant!!” but then I could see that it wasn’t really directed at me, but at the concept of BOAs and what they do to the levelling process.

    Also, outlevelling professions is a royal pain.

    Don’t stress.. at first I thought you were having a go at me, but I know you were just annoyed at BOAs, and not at me specifically.


  2. Well, I see you got some differing opinions in the end 😛 Like I commented on Keeva’s post, I love BoAs and I don’t think they make the leveling too fast – actually, after doing RaF once, BoAs feel very, very slow. The theme for my characters is “get me to 80” – I’m not a big lore fan (and I prefer reading about it in big chunks a la WoW Insider) and I don’t enjoy killing 10 boars the slow way. I love raiding and I want to play with my friends, and since the odds of said friends having a char in my level range are low… come on 80! (Leveling “solo” was fun the one time I did it, until level 50 or so, but coming home to my main realm and getting heirlooms was soooo good.)

    That being said, berating a player because s/he doesn’t have heirlooms is beyond dumb. I’ve never seen someone kicked for that and I hope I won’t either. I’m sure the ones initiating vote kicks are the same one linking Recount in SM…

    Also, I don’t think you should apologize for anything. It’s your opinion, you’re allowed to have it, and I didn’t see anything offensive in it. I’ll admit I’m lazy and I don’t feel bad about it 😛

    P.S. The reason box *never* pops us for me when I initiate a kick. I read a discussion somewhere and I was under the impression it was never implemented, since no one ever saw it… now I’m confused, if it’s there for you, what’s the deal?

    1. Really? Well, at least when the box thingy shows up to confirm yea/nay on vote kicking, there’s a blank space where the reason should be, every single time. Granted, the time I remember the box coming up was a while ago, so maybe they did discontinue it.

      But that was also the only time I managed to get a space of non-combat period to vote kick in. Usually now it’s so gogogogo, I’m actually waiting to friggin drop combat so I can start the VK. =/


    Seriously, almost all the posts I see these days are:
    – people are sick of Wrath
    – Beta news

    I don’t care about either so it was great to read something refreshing.

    On the topic of BoAs, I play with them on my server and without them on other servers. Either way, it still takes me years to get to 80. Honestly, I could take them or leave them. They’re nice to have, but since I rarely play alts, I don’t notice the difference too much. Since most people tend to level using the dungeon system anyway, I don’t think have BoAs would make people lazy, it just means they’ll do BRD 119 times instead of 130.

    I’ve also done just about every quest on my main (I didn’t stop at Loremaster, I did EVERY quest I could find), so I don’t feel like I’m missing out by skipping quests on my alts.

    Kicking people for not having BoAs is messed up, but I guess jerks will use any excuse to be jerks. I don’t think it’s all that common- I leveled up to mid-Outlands on my offserver alts and haven’t had any issues. Most of the people I met leveling were, um, you know, melee hunters and warriors wearing cloth.

    If you’re really good about keeping up to date with gear, the blues and epics you can buy for cheap on the AH are often better than the BoAs anyway.

    @Jen- I’ve seen the “reason” bar before, but now that you mention it, it’s been a long time. (But then again, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a random pug) From what I recall, the person getting kicked isn’t supposed to see the reason, but I would assume those who got kicked for not having BoAs were simply told why they were getting kicked.

    1. I feel so bad because I seem to get one of two comments usually: “I totally agree” or “You’re mean because you called me lazy.” o_O I don’t mean to personally insult. I think BoAs are utter laziness, not the people who use them. There’s a diff, and no, I’m not just nitpicking.

      1. Nah, it’s just your perception. Greylo’s comment was a little aggressive (aggressive posts usually do set the mood for comments), but everyone else is just rambling about their usage or unsage or BoAs. You got people to think and you started some good discussion. You should be proud, not repentant!

  4. Yeah, I’m with Ophelie on this one: You’re a Warlock. We don’t eat feet. We burn them. ‘Nuff said.


    Next time, you set someone’s feet on fire, you be all like: damn right I set your feet on fire. Then ‘lock port 15 feet away and laugh under your green disco ball like a maniac. Finally, run away shooting shadowflame at any and all critters. People love that. Maybe not right away, but they’ll be alone later in their room, putting on lipstick and listening to Electric Light Orchestra and say to themselves after crossing your name off their hit list, “I see wut u did there.”

    Nah, but srsly, discourse is good stuff. Especially when it’s not like blatant name calling and/or questionable spork prodding.

    As for BOAs, your point is a valid one, but I will be getting them for my baby Druid come Cata. Really, I’m just not a big fan of replacing gear often. I like having one piece for a long time and then replacing it after some randomly arduous process. So you can imagine that the ease of obtaining gear has distressed me for some while now. Well, not really distressed me as much as has rendered me numb to gear. I mean, it’s tough to get excited about something that’s easy to get, IMO. That washes over to the BOA arena for me, since gear is gear and easy to get, so why not keep it simple with a piece that grows on you.

    And, who am I kidding, I love feeling OP and winning at recount because I’m shallow like that. (Also, leveling is never really where I’ve looked to for my in-game challenges).

    So yeah, they equal laziness for me… but here’s the thing: I feel like I am relaxed and “smell the roses” more when I don’t have to worry about things like survival or gearing. Thus, the journey is more enjoyable for me. I guess a lot depends on what the journey is to you, personally. Are you expecting a challenge? Or do you like to faceroll your way through the pretty scenery?

    Either way, judging a book by it’s cover (or lack of BOAs) is dumb. I think I learned that mantra right along with “sharing is caring” in Pre-school. Okay, maybe later since like kids books aren’t usually all that deep. Except of course for “The Puppy Who Lost His Way.”

  5. Yeah I didn’t take it like you were dissin’ Keeva (hehe, dissin) or anything. And I feel you for “holy shit, did I just start a fight? WHUT? I didn’t mean to omgwtfbbq.” So lots of hugs to everyone. Don’t set my feet on fire, k?

    1. Lol, yes, I remembered your previous incarnation as I facially shat my pants. I didn’t want to turn this into “I hate people who use BoAs,” because I really don’t. I just hate BoAs and the, well, what I consider to be super-easy & bum way to get to 80.

      Using BoAs to level bores me like leveling alts multiple times seems to bore most people. As in, I become ungodly bored when I try to use BoAs, because everything is so flipping easy to kill. Red quests, ZOMG, RED quests are easy then! That’s just so wrong on so many levels in my mind. I expect red level mobs to kick my butt back to the Sundering, not sorta maybe hit me hard a couple of times.

  6. Well, I suppose you could call one of the ways I use BOAs as very definitely being “lazy”. I’ve bought a handful of BOA items purely for RP-costume use, because I had the excess badges on hand and buying the BOA item that I could share between many characters was much MUCH faster & easier than farming a level 60 dungeon for the original version of the item that only that one character would be able to use.

    I’ve done some leveling with BOA shoulders & trinkets and some without. I’m mostly of Keeva’s mind regarding the benefits of the BOA extra XP — it allows me to pick and choose my quests, to bounce around the map doing all the ones I like and skipping the ones I dislike the most, to do all the quests that fit a particular character’s schtick and ignore the ones that really don’t suit her personality, while still getting enough XP to level at a reasonable pace. I also like the extra 10% XP from the shoulders because I have several alts that I don’t play with very often, and so anytime that I *do* play with one of them, every little bit of XP I can get is valuable. The trinkets are nice for reducing downtime somewhat, but if I’ve forgotten to mail them to myself from the last character who was using them, it’s no big deal.

    Though I mostly feel like the pace of leveling, either without heirlooms or with +10% XP from only the shoulders, is about right at the moment, there *have* been times when I did feel like I was moving through the content a little too quickly, when I’ve been sad that quests I enjoy doing were turning green or even gray before I had time to get to them. When that happens, I’ll often stay in the zone to do those quests anyway, before moving on to the next zone.

    I haven’t done any leveling wearing BOA chestpieces because while I can handle wearing the same shoulders for 75 levels, I absolutely could not stand to wear the same chestpiece for 75 levels. Now that I think about it a little more, having +20% XP from using both the shoulders and the chest would definitely make leveling feel “too fast” for me.

    1. Ooo that’s true, I’ve only done it the shoulders + chest + mana trinket way. Yes, I was a total newb and leveled with spellpower gear as a cat druid. Because I had planned to level caster-style, but then I found cat druid, and it surprised me how cool cats are.

      I should try one piece, but as I feel like the leveling is a bit too quick just naked old gear, I don’t know how much my opinion would change. =/

  7. BOA gear all the way! I am of the mind-set of “Been there, done that”. I don’t want to quest the same quests, yet another time, just to see them again.

    I am in total agreement with Ful’s laziness. I wish I had BOA pants and gloves too (at least new gloves drop regularly in the RDF goodie bag). I always have BiS gear for this toon as s/he levels up. I want my gear rack, free vendor or cross-faction mail, so that my Alliance toons will also get the benefits. My latest alt has ran nothing but RDF for 12 levels just to avoid questing. Of course, now I’ve ran the same dungeon 10x and haven’t logged back into that toon since. Sure, I’ve out-leveled my professions, heck I don’t even have flight paths, but now I don’t get attacked running around to pick flowers or mine ore.


    1. I do admit I avoid PvP servers like the plague. I tried a PvP server once, and getting ganked repeatedly by someone 50 levels above me when I’m quite obviously just trying to quest was far too aggravating to put up with on a routine basis.

      So the only times I get attacked when picking flowers is when I’m personally too stupid or oblivious to see the high-level raptor standing nearby. Then I feel okay when I get my butt wtfpwned Devilsaur-/Fel Reaver-style, because I totally deserved it. 🙂

      1. Ah, okay then. That makes more sense. Though I’m currently at that stage, running around picking some greyed out Fadeleaf because I need more Emerald Pigment and just don’t feel like blowing half my gold on the AH for one stack.

  8. I am highly conflicted with respect to BoAs.

    On the one hand, I love collecting them. LOVE IT. I love having sets ready to go for pretty much any alt I choose to roll. I love having multiple sets so I don’t have to mail them back and forth, which is how I ended up with three Grand Staffs of Jordan. I have more than 2 dozen heirlooms now.

    On the other hand, I’m a terrible leveler. All these BoAs don’t help me maintain my motiviation and drive to keep going. I enjoy questing well enough, if there’s a purpose (as evidenced by my recent Horde grind) but leveling doesn’t motivate me.

    They’re also not really necessary at the lower levels; I’m leveling a hunter wearing nothing but a Simple Dress, and she’s doing great questing through Eversong and WSG. Low levels are pretty easy once you’ve done them a few times.

    So there you have it. I like BoAs, a lot. But I don’t like how they obscure a lot of the great quest rewards in the game, and remove a lot of joy you get from an upgrade.

    There’s a balance somewhere between like and dislike. Perhaps it’s as easy as wearing them in BGs and taking them off to quest? 🙂

  9. Okay I’m going to be the grumpy old owl.

    I don’t level my alts to teach other people the game. I want to hit 80 as soon as possible. I prefer to read about the lore on the wiki.

    I don’t run dungeons really at all when leveling alts so I don’t get all elitist about BoA gear, but it is refreshing if i group someone for a group quest or something that if they’re wearing BoA gear they (probably) have half a clue.

    The same goes if I wanted to talk about endgame moonkin strategies… I’d probably talk to someone else decked out in 277 tier gear, not someone rocking tier 7. Could the druid in tier 7 secretly be a Zoomkins from Blood Legion alt? Probably, but doubtful.

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