I am the Mage Buff

(Goo goo g’joob.)

We realized after OS (Twilight Drake for me…next week, maybe? *finger-crossing*) & VoA that we had no mage tonight.  So no mage buffs.

Then, someone with brains (as opposed to me) pointed out that I was providing it via my felhound.



Who needs mages anyway?  Don’t even need no stinkin’ strudels!


We killeds us a Dargon.

Dargons: not very slimy, but oh so satisfying.

We’d been smashing our heads against the Lag Wall for a long time on this one particular batch of attempts.  It was my first Sindy 25 kill, so I mashed my screenshot keybinding to snab some good visual effects going off.  Since it wasn’t the guild’s first kill, I made a joke for it.

You can /groan if you like.

But just like Putricide, I’ve found that this fight is actually fun, once I’ve gotten the hang of the maneuvers involved.  I’ve also learned to bring my own speed pots to make my own Chained Magic Heroism when I want one, instead of being stuck with the Actual Heroism going off when I’m covered in Unchained Magic.

Chained Magic = Not + Unchained Magic.  Double negatives cancel each other out, right?

Super-grats to our unholy DK who finally got the Sindy part done for Shadowmourne.  Now he just needs a buncha shards, he says.

Note of unrelation:  I finally got Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows!  Without dying!  Or trying to get it!  /squee

Now I just need my favorite drake to come home with me.

I am the Mage Buff

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