Night of the Firsties

Blood Queen Lana’thel

The Not Quite Bite

Okay, yes, I was the last DPS before biting the healers, and no, /sadface, BQL died before I actually got to bite someone.  I was || this close! Literally, the second my buff was about to wear off, she died.



Playing chicken with Sindy

Nope, I’ve actually done her on 25man, so the actual fight wasn’t that bad.  But so far, on 25man, we’ve started with her.  That is, we take the teleporter up to her Lair, instead of coming through Valithria’s end.

Holy crap, bugs!  From all sides!

Lots of Seed spam makes a happy warlock. I was looting something and was last to run out, so I didn’t realize that the little bugs would keep coming if I stayed there, so we had a minor bugpile at the Lair entrance there.  Whoopsy.

During Sindy, somebody (possibly the heal lead (I think she is, anyway)) said over Vent, “Did I just hear a wanding sound?” Yep, I wand sometimes to clear my stacks of Unchained Magic.  Basically, it’s only when I have to go refresh all my DoTs (like after an air phase), and then I fire a couple of shadow bolts, maybe I have to Life Tap/Dark pact during this time (Life Tap counts for UM!) and I’m already at 6 or more stacks.  So I wand for three, four seconds, and then my DoTs dance well enough that I don’t really have time for my wand for a while.


Tweaking addons for a DPS role

Through my experience on 25man, I know up to phase 2 like REALLY WELL.  It’s cake.  Of course, it’s cake to being with.  So generally during the first phase, I’m half zoned out.  My DXE sound notifications — that go off with about everything because I haven’t messed with it much — bring me back in focus every second or so, but I sometimes use this to focus down on where my timers and things will be for future notifications.

During a wipe (The Valky dropped me and my circle was too far away >.<), I was checking out the DXE settings.  It’s confusing as crap.  I mean, I know warning versus just plain timers, but WHEN does something go into the warning phase?  And which things do I need to be more aware of (maybe because I’m a DPS, so Infest isn’t totally high on my list of stuff to worry about)?

So I noted I should sit down with a Tankspot video or the like and DXE to really get the best I can out of DXE.  I’ve even thought about doing a Grid/Vuhdo guide for DPSers (specifically, my type of DPS, aff locks).  It’s not as intense or complex as, say, a healer’s setup, but I’ve found from watching long after I’ve died that I really could improve the way my raiding addons display info.  (Power Auras & macros have already started being “banked” so I might publish those as well.)

Then I remembered it’s the end of the expansion, so I’d have to rewrite any blog guide ANYWAY.  I’m going to hold off on do that on FC, but I’ll go ahead and do it a bit for myself.


“Pain and Suffering”

Anytime my focus (LK!) cast bar popped this up on my screen (it’s short/fat & right in the middle; I can’t miss it), I got Voletron stuck in my head.  If the Raging Spirit decide to spawn on my side, I ended up muttering “You DARE….LOOK UPON look upon look upon…the host of SOHHHHHHHHHHLS”

Voletron = awesome raiding music, btw.

The other Voletron mix that gets stuck in my head (complete with some IRL Numa Numa type dancing) happens every time I hear or see one of our hunter’s names. He is a draenei hunter, and he’s very good, so he’s almost an eredar lord.  Pity, though, that you can’t tame gnomes.


There were two hunters, me, an unholy DK, a kitty druid…and yeah that’s it for DPS.  I always feel bad because I’m not talented into Curse of Exhaustion, but I found something else I can do.

Just like Blood Beasts, Valks can be netted. Despite Wowhead classifying the Valkyr Shadowguards as boss-level (?? level), my nameplates showed them as level 80 nonelites, and I definitely used some nets up in my target/use macro.  However, it’s a 60s CD, so see if you can switch off with someone else.


Fuck it.  Just.  AHHH GO AWAY.

It’s the spreading out mechanic that I always hate. Except this time I don’t always have my circle to hug and point to.

On other spread out things *cough* Blood Princes *cough*, if you see a lock circle, RUN AWAY FROM IT.  Seriously.  God damn, people.  I teleport to MY SPOT, it’s big a green and GLOWY, I’m there for a few seconds, all by my lovely lonesome, and then somebody just HAS to run by it at the last second and blow me up.

Geezus, Effin, *grumble*.

“This is my spot.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.  … SO FUCK OFF AND FIND YOUR OWN.”

Pay no attention to my crap gfx settings.

Harvest Soul

…was SO COOL, MAN.  Got to go in there twice, though I coulda sworn the second time the friendly NPC was about to die.  He didn’t, but I was going “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG” the whole time.

Vile Spirits

I found Rain of Fire to work better on these guys. As with most RoF I do, I’ve found best results by looking for the OT’s AoE ability (in this case, D&D) and placing my circle right on top.  Nearly everything gets hit, and my threat is taken care of. 🙂

Phase 4

“Grats, guys … good job,” I hear over Vent.

“BUT BUT BUT He’s got like 10% to go and he has a LOT of health, man!”  I think as I continue to DPS my ass off.

A pause in my mind, and then it hit me.

At first, I didn’t realize it had hit me, because everybody DIED, and I was all “WTF WE WERE || THIS CLOSE” but then the realization sank in.

Tirion saves your butt at 10% and mass-rezzes everybody to finish the LK off.




Yeah, I saw it around the time it came out because I was pretty sure at the time that I wouldn’t get to see Lich King.

I’m Accomplice-ranked, ffs.  Which I’m totally fine with now, but Accomps just don’t ever get to do the awesome progression stuff when it’s still progression.  At least, in my experience.

Well … here’s my foot … and here’s my mouth …

Tirion, get ON with it already

I kept waiting for the really bad pun-chline and the Bolvar to break into a “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH” as The Who kicked in on the music.

I am disappoint.

But at least I have a title?


That’s my new nickname for <Undying Resolution> members.  Though I never really got to the point of having one for <Conspiracy>, I’ve had “Robes” for a long time, then “Gods” or “Gooeys” (GoEs).  I used to have nicknames for myself that I’d use with the Identity addon; something related to my spec or class + Meg. Now that Pone is the only one I really play with on Elune (Ama has fallen by the wayside, and I haven’t done much with Xeny in a while), I’m having a lack of names for fun.

So you guys are now the Undies. Even with all the URspam (“URhealing,” “URinthefire!,” “URinbosscrotch,” etc.).  There’s a UR healer channel, I forget what it’s called exactly, but I figured the DPS ought to have a channel for fun.  Just for kicks, y’know, because we hardly need anything to talk about.  But if you want to say hello, /join URonfire.

Night of the Firsties

5 thoughts on “Night of the Firsties

  1. Congrats on the LK kill! On all our attempts I never got sucked into the room so I’m a little envious, haha. Nice in-the-moment tweet about BOLVAR too! ;D

  2. Many many grats!

    I died at 11% by getting sucked into the toilet … I mean… Frostmourne.

    Honestly that’s really annoying for a healer. It’s like you have to go into the naughty corner and spam heal Terenas…..

  3. Zach says:

    So I clicked the first Voletron link…
    Yeah, now that’s going to be in my head for a few hours. Thanks Pon. 😛

    Gratz on the Kingslayer Kill. That’s great. I is now jealous.

    – Teh Wookiee –

  4. Grats hun!!!

    I got to heal that fight on Tuesday (did it on my lock in July) and it is completely different as a tree.

    My guild had the lock in the group (me in July, another guildie on Tuesday) stay at the far edge of the platform and away from the main group. It made it easier to have her chosen by the flappity bitches.

    Just grats again!! 😀

  5. Grats on the Lk kill. Still working on my first kill here too.

    So, my only suggestion, on Blood Queen, I put the chat window in it’s own window. Too much raid spam going on. PST RL, then right-click that chat line to start a new window.

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