Outgrowing Content & JP

I love this idea.  Particularly the bottom paragraph:

It’s important to note that once you outgrow content, by leveling past it by a predetermined amount, you’ll no longer gain points. The ‘outgrown’ level for end-game Wrath of the Lich King content is likely to be level 81. Once you level beyond Lich King content you’ll still be able to enter the dungeons, kill bosses, and see their drops, but they will not award you with points. This same principle applies to all content that provides Justice Points, including content from The Burning Crusade.

Emphasis is mine.

I love love LOVE this.  I just hope it applies to Cata tiers as well as levels.

Heroics in Wrath were great when I was at level — and so was everyone else.  I thought they were challenging enough (not super challenging or /wankable challenging); other people may disagree.  But I’ve found, both at cap and while leveling, that doing a dungeon with a group that is at level for the instance is far more enjoyable than overgearing it.

Overgearing it, in my opinion, includes heirlooms, since they are quite often way better than normal leveling drops.  But we’ve already seen my post on that.

I don’t really do heroic farming anymore.  It’s just not fun anymore. The dungeons themselves are still fun.  The people aren’t.  The people are shitty most of the time.  When I do get that rare gem of an awesome person, who’s helpful or will answer “how’s it going?”, it totally makes my day.

It makes my day like a passing warlock throwing Unending Breath on me.  Bonus points if I’m on my warlock.  Unending Breath is the unspoken warlock ❤ greeting-in-passing; it says, “I’d buff you if I had anything useful to give, because I think you’re awesome.” Yeah yeah, I’ll soulstone my favorite healers and offer healthstones without you asking if you’re a great tank.  But Unending Breath…that’s just endearing.

I either get the super-geared, who really just want to get the dungeon over with ASAP, so they won’t go do extra achievs or extra bosses or anything.  Or I get the absolute shitiots — that is, shitty & idiotic.  The people who might actually have a brain, but FUCK U LOL if you expect them to use it.  At all.

Like direction in Sunken Temple.  If you went down some stairs to get to this one spot, and you want to go back to where you were before, stopping and taking two seconds to realize that upstairs is the opposite of downstairs would be a way better, easier, and less time-wasting decision than just going down some different stairs just because you didn’t bother to look at your map and figure out your position.

I’m not asking you to know Sunken Temple like the back of your hand. I’m asking you to have some common sense. Bonus points if you actually use it.

This lack of common sense repeats itself at cap level with people who like to AoE before the tank has threat, and then when they pull off the tank, it’s clearly the tank who sucks, not the DPS. I miss the fights that actually let me have a rotation.  I miss having to watch my threat, even miss having to use the threat meta gem.  Boss fights in heroics now are complete jokes.

Currently, people farm heroics because they award you either frosties or triumphs, depending on the way you got there.  Whether that was for gear, or now for future JP conversions, you had impatient raiders and lazy leeches in with people actually trying to learn their classes.

But if there’s no more reason for you to run content you outgear…

All the impatient jerks will leave.  Maybe some of the lazy leeches will find buddies to carry them through in non-randoms.

Then maybe, just maybe, life in random PuGs will get better than the pisspit it is today.  Maybe, those of us who like to do dungeons at tuned level, maybe we’ll be less grumpy/angry/crying/pissed the fuck OFF at the end of every instance.

Heck, my Twitter might actually become positive. Shocker, I know.

Outgrowing Content & JP

3 thoughts on “Outgrowing Content & JP

  1. Here is the thing if the only way to get rewards is to do a grueling dungeon that is a pain in the ass then hell I will not be running many dungeons anymore.

  2. D says:

    “It makes my day like a passing warlock throwing Unending Breath on me. Bonus points if I’m on my warlock. Unending Breath is the unspoken warlock ❤ greeting-in-passing; it says, “I’d buff you if I had anything useful to give, because I think you’re awesome.” "

    Love it, I UB my guildies whenever I see them. Just my way of saying hi. It also makes me chuckle whenever someone asks why they have UB in a zone with no water.

    I think the "done in an hour" instances went to far once over gearing was factored in. It's insanely simple, barely enjoyable and tends to result in bad attitudes if someone is new, if a mistake happens or things aren't steamrolled. I actually enjoy getting instances with new tanks because then at least something more than aoe spam is going to happen

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