For Your Fel Intel

After reading Beru’s post on multiple sources and the comments that followed, I’ve decided to take a bit of a plunge.  It feels largely like a plunge because I’m going to label it like a guide, and then I’ll cross my fingers until my knuckles grow white that I’m not guiding new locks in the wrong direction.

No Nose Snubbing Here

I don’t like untentionally annoying or pissing off people.  Pffft, okay, nobody does, but I seem to have a particular knack for it in the eye-arr-ell.  (Yes, I’m aware saying “in IRL” is like saying “PIN number.”  Sssssh!) Today’s culture also seems, to me at least, to take things very personally without or with very little context, and there’s always a contest of some sort, and people won’t drop things until they “win.”

However “win” is defined.

I’m tired of competing to “win.”  So I’m trying to convince myself to do this for myself, which usually ends up being my scratchbook for figuring things out.  Because that’s what I do in my free time, I fiddle with things and do puzzles without the box.

I really don’t mean to sound like an ass by saying, “I solve puzzles without the box,” or “I level without heirlooms.”  There’s no mental or hypothetical “/flex” at the end of those statements. It’s just what I do, and I feel like I have to add on “without the box” or “without heirlooms,” because otherwise people just go on about heirlooms or how those murder-solve puzzles where the box picture isn’t the puzzle picture are so annoying, which I really really don’t care about.

“Lemme ‘splain.  … No, there is too much.  Lemme sum up.”

I find playing the way I do as fun.  I’m up for trying things, but if I don’t like a way, I won’t do it that way. I encourage the same.

I personally found affliction fucking awesome to play when I first tried it as I leveled.  I still find it fucking awesome to play.  I don’t dual-spec myself affliction just to snub my nose at the other two specs.  I dual-spec affliction because I love PvE affliction and affliction PvP made me not hate PvP so much.  (Well, affliction PvP and a podcast episode.  Okay, mostly the episode and some really cool BG maps.)

If you don’t like affliction, if affliction makes you scream at your computer screen in blinding rage…then…don’t…play it.  I won’t hate you for it.  There’s this demonology lock in UR who is BAD ASS in my opinion.  Ridiculously good.  AKA “Dude, I might go try demo if it’s THAT cool.”

My aspiration is set at doing that for someone else.  Maybe it’s a bit too high of a star to gaze at, but stargazing’s fun, right?

For Your Fel Intel

I was looking at Keeva’s 4.0 Druid Healing Guide, but mostly the icon, because I’ve not played my tree in so very long and I don’t know when I’ll pick her back up again. I’m not sure if I’ll make an icon or just leave it as a text link on the side. Icons are fun! But FYFI is what I’m planning on calling it.

Because I thought it was at least half-punny on FYI.

Because I figure “information” is a better way to put it than “>> HEY, DO IT THIS WAY OR YOU SUCK <<“.  Not that any guides I’ve seen on the blogosphere do that (well, except those “Keyboarders are slow” ones), but like I said earlier, I have a knack at coming off in that rude way by accident. Information can be collected and then later rejected if desired.  It’s not a do or die thing.  I’m not going to be offended if you decide to use someone else’s way of doing things or even if you make your own.

Wiki-d Setup

(Reading that as “wickeed” just ruins the pun.  Gosh.)

For Power Auras and macros, I’ve already started to experiment with a wiki-style format, since freebo WordPress doesn’t give much options for hiding humongous blocks of code (aura import sets, e.g.).  Instead you just get textwalls of non-formatted code, maybe in little code boxes, but nevertheless…blwaaahhhh.  It looks bloated whenever I try to do it just on the blog.

I found a freebo wiki (I like being a cheapo!) that I can set up, and it’s already cool because a) I can change the CSS of the whole wiki if I want, for no charge, and b) the wiki lets me use little widgets like those really cool collapsible blocks of text (+ show / – hide toggles and such).  So you can go grab the import code you want, but it doesn’t look BLWAAAHHHH on the page.

Now that I’ll be jumping into this expansion as a raider, I might even start putting up boss guides for warlocks.  Raiding, but also instancing, because with raiding you do get a certain kind of consistency going, but in 5mans, especially through LFD, sometimes you have to switch tactics depending on your groupmates, be it class or gear that’s the difference.

This Ain’t Math Class

I’ve been told in the past (specifically by a healer) that I was a “good warlock.”I think at the time it meant I didn’t life tap myself to death or pull threat just because I could or sacrifice group utility to the meter gods.

So realize that I’m not out to theorycraft my way to the best DPS numbers I can output.  Besides, judging by the last time I tried to read EJ’s Theorycrafting 101, by December they might have it updated to patch 3.0.1.  (Oh! Burn! But it’s SO TRUE!)

I’m out to present how not to drop your fel ass in the bee pit. Also how to find yourself some demonic aloe if you do happen to step on the wrong side of the Dark (Bee) Portal.

So here’s hoping I won’t be blogospherically Hellfiring myself by accident.

For Your Fel Intel

6 thoughts on “For Your Fel Intel

  1. Ok Poneria, homework assignment! I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and say this:

    “I don’t care what anyone says, or does, I am freaking awesome.”

    You worry waaaaay too much about offending others! You’re a kind, intelligent, strong, creative person. If anyone takes offense where there is none, it’s THEIR problem, not yours.

    Go and write your guides! Even if there are other guides out there, those guides won’t have your writing style, they won’t have your signature colour coding and they won’t contain tidbits of your experience.

    There’s also this weird belief among guide writers that to write a good guide, you need all the dirty details and theorycrafting out there. You don’t. Most of the big name bloggers for each class aren’t theorycrafters at all. They’re just people who are good at collecting information and translating it into something legible. And I think you’ll do brilliantly at it.

    The majority of raiders looking for some info aren’t looking for the cutting edge news. They just want something easy to find, easy to read and easy to apply.

    There are also a lot of people out there who are just looking for something novel and fun to do in game. There was some great guide to Shaman tanking sometime back. Someone also wrote about building a melee hunter. I did a few posts on tanking as a lowbie ret paladin. So if you know of fun things you can do with a less popular spec, then by all means, GO FOR IT!

    1. This. Very much this.

      Don’t let yourself get intimidated by other bloggers. I have made that mistake in the past, looking at other people’s work and going, “dang, there’s no way I could compete with that.”

      The thing is, it’s not about competing, or about outdoing others. It’s just about setting personal bests; are you happy with the posts that you’re putting out there? Do you feel like you’re getting better?

      Guides are part of that. Just because someone else has put together a guide doesn’t mean that you can’t, too. I look at some topics and go, well, wait, why should I post about how to play Wintergrasp? Go read the WowWiki article and it tells you what you need to know! Yet, people DO want to know.

      There aren’t a lot of raiding warlock bloggers. Go. Make a name for yourself! You can do it!

      1. o_O How are there not a lot of raiding warlock bloggers? I coulda sworn there were a bunch.

        But you’re right. I was complaining about being tired of competing with others, and yet, I keep measuring myself against them. Hypocrisy at its best?

        I think future personal bests will involve fic posts. I want to write more.

    2. I said that to my mirror and then I had a weird 5 minutes where I was laughing at myself for saying that and crying because I embarrassed myself.

      But I will try my best to forge onward and textwallily with cool colors. 🙂

      (Thank you for the support. It does mean a lot. 🙂 )

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