First Impressions

First impression of warlockery was awesome.

Then I targeted my felhunter for a text check.

Then I rapidly cycled through summoning my demons.

Then I summoned my felhunter again.

Then I checked Twitter, hoping it was just a bug.

Then I ravenously watched the forums.

Then I tried to do some dailies and an instance, but I couldn’t handle it knowing it wasn’t him.

I logged out because I couldn’t stop crying from the loss of my two-year-old felhunter.

I can’t raid tonight because it’s not Bheezhem.

It’s phucking Phuudrom or whatever.

It’s like Blizz made warlocks awesome and then…

Blizzard’s glitch crushed all the soul shards we had left.

That must be why you log on with no soul shards powered up.

X(  RIP Bheezhem, Ormmon, Flaavhrun.  You guys will be dearly missed.

Bizmir feels so sad and lonely now.

Perspective for perplexed non-warlocks: Last time I cried this much was when the Robes blew up in my face.

Proper mourning post later.

First Impressions

10 thoughts on “First Impressions

    1. If they did it like Hunters, you’d be able to tell the Cata babies from the ye oldies, then. Because all us old farts (do I qualify as an old fart yet?) would put it back to the old names.

  1. That’s the last straw. We should just get a new demon each time we summon. Close eyes, grab new demon from great demon nether. It’s now time for Blizzard to also use a slightly different skin (this imp has earring, this one is blue) each time also. Maybe this one burps, instead of complaining about contract issues.

    Cynwise put’s it eloquently as the death of her beloved dog, then someone slipping in a similar replacement, hoping we wouldn’t notice.

    1. New demon, huh, like ghouls. I’d sit there like I did for ghouls summoning demons until I get a name I like.

      Yes, Cynwise’s post is bookmarked in my Bookmark This Forever folder, which contains other things that still touch me in my heart long times later.

  2. I have to chime in with my cold-sharded response here (see aforementioned only-non-blocked-‘lock-blog-for-me rationale)…

    Let me start by saying, I understand the feeling. I renamed mine for my Friday stories a long time ago because I was just unsatisfied with the random names. As such, I’ve never paid much attention to the floaty text because they are what I named them. After all, they’re MY minions.

    Which brings me to point two: minions are minions. We’re supposed to be callous and hateful right. RIGHT?! (/quietsniffle). Names shouldn’t matter. (/tear).

    I think my ‘lock just shifted all their names around to confuse them and make sure they know who’s boss. It sounds like something he would do.

    In any case, I’ve always thought they should just let us name our own. It’s not like we don’t already have a plethora of ridiculous, sexual, hunter pet names. At least Lolb3wbs the Succubus would sort of fit.

    1. I was wondering how bad it would affect your stories, but I guess this means not very much. That’s good, at least, I enjoy your stories with your demons.

      1. Yeah. I never really thought through the psychology of it, but in retrospect, I think originally I saw it as giving them nicknames because I didn’t much care for random names with too many vowels. IDK what about that was ever demonic, but okay. Over time, I suppose their identity is embedded in the nickname for me, so I didn’t even notice it at first. Now that y’all brought it up, it totally bugs me (so thanks!), but I’m just going to pretend they’re all going by their middle names now or something. (This is their Christian names! Demonic Christian! lol). I’m sort of stuck in a story arc now, but I think I’d like to acknowledge it somehow in my stories… not sure how yet.

  3. I always loved the “no choice of names” theme of Warlocks. Like they summoned a guy, and like it or not, they were now permanently stuck with each other. And I like to imagine that as they both adventure and level up, they grudgingly get to know, respect and like each other. Just listen to what they say! They’ve clearly got attitudes of their own and little quirks. They deserve their own names. Hopefully Blizzard figures out a way to restore the old ones back, or let players rename them once.

    1. From the number of hunters I see walking around with “Cat” the cat, I really don’t like the Hunter format of pet naming with Warlocks. I mean, it’s cool for hunters because you actually go out and hunt/tame the pet, but since we just summon from a nether we can’t see, I always loved it more with random names. Like pulling something out of a hat, y’know?

  4. Call me cold or nasty, but tbh the name thing doesn’t bother me on my Warlock. I couldn’t tell you what they were called before the patch, so won’t make a difference to me either way when I log back in.

    That said, it’s not something I think Blizzard should ignore. We pay to play the game, and if it make’s your playtime more enjoyable then it’s something that should be fixed.

    I did end up changing the name of my first Imp though. It was randomly named Rubjob. Which I thought was hilarious. But some people thought I had somehow done it on purpose and I was being rude, so I ticket a GM and they changed it for me.

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