I wrote something carthartic

, something ficcish, and ended up calming down about halfway through, which was during an angsty part, and it’s hard to write angst when you’re not angsty anymore, just kinda depressed and sad and frowny.

Went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World with friends, thinking maybe it would cheer me up.  There are funny part, but they didn’t just cook the pizza of jokes, they friggin burned it.  Burnt pizza sucks.

So life is meh, right now.  Basically losing myself in Ender’s Game is about all I can do to go above “this doesn’t suck that much, but it still sucks.”

Then I read this via Twitter.

Tuesday, get your ass over here RIGHT NOW.

Then I looked at the fic I wrote and wondered if I should just write a continuation (that was originally just going to be open-ended, since I didn’t know if Bheezhem could ever be found again), but I don’t want people to be all THEY ANNOUNCED THEY’LL FIX IT CHILL THE FUCK OUT on my angrysad fic when I’m like NO SHIT SHERLOCK I WROTE IT BEFORE THEY ANNOUNCED IT READ THE CONTINUATION DUMBASS.

Then I imagined Ophelie smacking me upside the head Gibbs-style.

So yeah, fics are incoming maybe sometime this week.

I wrote something carthartic

2 thoughts on “I wrote something carthartic

  1. Jess says:

    Enders Game is a great book, loved it from the first time I opened it. Good choice 😉

    And hang in there till Tuesday, you’ll get your felpuppy back 😀

  2. Orson Scott Card = Good stuff. I read the sequels too.

    I’m glad they’re fixing us. Since everyone pointed it out to me, it kept becoming more and more like that big mole in Austin Powers.


    That is all.

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