Maintenance Day Filler

Inspired by Shamelessly stolen from Alas’s post.  And because I’m not happy enough with my demon fic thing to post it yet.

Theme: pick a tameable hunter pet and name it after you.  Which pet would it be?

Wicked / Spooky sounds Warlocky, right?

Green Chimaera like the Vilewing.  Pretty much anything Fel makes the list of Warlock-feel, but the Chimaera looks particularly nasty.

Black Widow Spiders — I particularly like Zarakh’s model, but the plain ole BWS works too.

Black Cats – Though, I’m partial to spots.

Black Wolves – In order of preference: Saber Worg, Worg, Wolf.

Vampire Bat – It’s not a real Vampire Bat unless the wings are red, mkay?

Black Scorpion – I think my fledgling hunter will actually go get this one.  I like the grrrr! but so small & compact.

Personality of Me

But I really think the Pet of Me should be based on me, since basing it on warlockery would make it a Pet of Warlock.  So what am I?

Am I a sporebat? Quiet, floats around, pretty in terms of colors, but odd-looking in terms of features?  They reside in my favorite zone, Zangarmarsh.  I like the quiet and colors there.

It’d be cool to be a Wind Serpent, particularly the ones in Zul’Drak.  Maybe it fits; a lot of time I end up getting carried away on some wind of insult or inspiration.  I’m a bit spiky to deal with sometimes and I tend to hang back from friendships at first, staying mostly neutral.  I like to think of myself as a staunch protector, maybe not so Tenacious but definitely Cunning enough to defeat opponents.

Or a raptor, maybe?  Especially this guy.  Can’t you see the smile on his face?  Green, like Warlocks should be, and they fight by almost bouncing.  They don’t just OM NOM bite you, it’s like OM NOM BOUNCE.  And who wouldn’t want to run with their arms outstretched like zombies?

I like the Green Raptor one, personally. He’s got a great grin.  🙂  But since a lot of people come here for colors, I think I’d end up a sporebat in other people’s minds.

Maintenance Day Filler

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