Them Locks and Them Awes



I was catching up on my reader since I was away from the internether both Monday and Tuesday.  I still have lots of tabs up on posts that I know will be good reads, but they are longer posts and I’m a bit too scatterbrained at the moment to pay the right attention all the way through.


One of them from Fulguralis was about how he didn’t really check his email because, I know, small blogs don’t get much in that department anyway.  I barely get much in the comments department.

So yes, I hang out on Twitter because I’m all lonely and stuffs.

Well, Fulguralis talked about how he got an invite to Raid Warning’s upcoming Warlock Roundtable.  I’d been wondering which afflocks were invited for that; perhaps it’s bad of me to be judgy, but I gotta make sure the Afflock Contingency is well represented!  I was all “YAY FULGURALIS” because Ful is awesome like that.

Aww, what the hell, I haven’t checked my email in a long time.

Scroll.  Scroll.  Scroll.  What, I have my blog email and personal email and student email and junk address I use for getting onto sites I don’t particularly care about email all in the same Thunderbird.  The combination means scrolling.

That and not checking it for about two weeks.  Whoopsy.

Insert a bit more scrolling.




There was an email from Raid Warning asking if I’d “be game for maybe having a beer and chatting about locks.”

There was some inner part of me — I think technically it’s referred to as the id — that immediately went “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG /squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Or maybe that was my ego.  I can’t tell which one did the unintelligible squeeing and which one was bouncing off the walls going “SAY YES SAY YES SAY YES SAY YES SAY YES!”

Over on the other side was my self-doubt. Just chilling, looking just fiiiiine like my Self Doubt always does as it reminds me I’m total crap.

Though, after a bit of WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN Twitter exclamation, Achloryn reminded me there are blogs smaller than me.  Which sucks, y’all.  Give Achloryn some fel lovin’!

Still I was torn between “OMG THEY CHOSE ME /squeeeeee” and “I wonder if they just went down some list and sent out an email to any warlock blogger they found.”  But then my happy side was quick to point out to my self-doubt that hey I must be of some kind of good substance if I was either a starter email or got recommended.


Yeah yeah yeah let’s go with that because I hate my Self Doubt and she hates me.

I squee’d a bit in silence (you do the bouncing and jumping but without the Verbal Squee) after sending a “Sure, I’ll talk about locks and maybe be tipsy” reply.  Hopefully it’s not too late.  Eh, well, whatever, I’ll show up in the chat room / listening room if it is too late.

And then it came from the darkness inside me.

“But what would I wear?”

Of course, this is a podcast, so more applicable would be “what would I say,” but, y’know.  I’ve just started digging into demo (& leveling destro).  I still have really no clue what I’m doing in either of those two specs.

I’ve barely begun grasping intermediate PvP. I understand there is a bunch of Fearing and a bunch of DoTting.  I use Tongues & Exhaustion to mess with people all the time.  It’s especially fun though to Jinx a bunch of Hordy hordes.  Riding in a SotA vehicle is much more fun than driving it, as a ranged class.  Especially as a ranged fearing class with a slow.  Stuns suck.  Demo is more hardy in PvP (well, I die less), but as Afflic I tend to take down at least one person with me, usually the person who killed me.

I get a sense of pride and accomplishment when halfway through the BG every time I show up to a smashing party, the warrior and DK drop everything to come kill me.

Also, holy pallies are OP.  Especially when I’m the only one trying to kill them.  I can get them about halfway down and then they do the whole Lay on Hands deal and I’m all like “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.”

I know how to raid as an affliction lock, because I’ve been doing it for almost all of Wrath. (I hit 80 in December.)  But I’m not number-crunching about it.  Let me put it this way, I don’t double-pot.  I’m probably not the paragon of min/maxing.  I know I’m not literally a Paragon member either.  My computer sucks for graphics, so I’m not even raiding on a smooth raiding machine.

I’ve dropped Defile in the middle of the raid.  More than once.

I’m far from Super Duper Awesome, at least, in my perspective.  So I’m a bit embarrassed and in Quiet Ummmm Mode as to what exactly I would be contributing if they let me on the Roundtable.

More Warlock, Less Ramble?

I think I need more warlock posts. I mean, I talked about pet choice recently, but it seems everyone has a talent guide or a glyph guide or whether the tier gear is worth wearing.  Some pocket of posts with the numbers.  Or with the leveling.

I remember when I had literally just been invited to Conspiracy, I was asked onto Vent to talk with some of the officers; just a little hey, how’s it going, get to know you deal.  A guy I’d known so far as a DK was apparently leveling a warlock, and he asked in that Vent channel to one of the officers which spec was the leveling spec.

The officer who was asked deferred the question to me saying it seems I know a lot about warlocks.

I was rather speechless right then; I thought I had gotten into this guild for raiding because they desperately needed people.  I mean, I was undergeared and this was my first actual raiding guild that focused on raiding.  I think I stammered out how affliction is really efficient, but I said go with however you want to level, all three should be viable.

I mean, I hadn’t done the warlock leveling in a long time.  Ponerya is my only cap-level lock even now.

But really, that’s how I approach any guide I’d write about leveling or raiding talents.  Go with how you think it’d work. Sure, there’s what most people would call the “better” way to do it; I’d call most of those better ways just “easier” ways, especially in the leveling arena.  Sure, maybe you’d end up with those talent specs with all points in the same tree.  Except you can’t anymore.  At 85, you’ll still have 4 points to go.

I learned my class and its tweaks by just charging in blind and figuring it out.  That’s really how I learn half the time.  I like watching a professor do something, but I don’t like having my hand held through every step.  Failing is okay for me, so long as I’m given a chance to get back up and try again.  I advocate the same way of learning: do it how you think it would work.  You can go Graylo’s route instead and I won’t hate you, honestly.

Graylo is actually up on my AWWWWWWWWWE (the angel sound in your head) list of people because he knows how to do the numbers.  I want to learn to Theorycraft, but there’s not much of a bridge of know-how-to-theorycraft between thems who don’t and thems who do.  Still looking, though, if anyone has any resources.

I just like playing with my toolbox in a sandbox format more than I like reading the instructions.  Reading the instructions for me is a last resort when I’m fed up with dying a lot.

So what would my talent guide do? I’d talk about the talents.  I’d talk about which ones normally get taken and why.  I’d talk about ones that don’t normally get taken and why.  I’d tell you to go make your own setup, and then I’d show you mine.

If you’re trying to get into the raiding scene, I’d rather take somebody with a quirky spec who actually can explain why they took the talents or glyphs or gear or whatever is difference is, than someone who is just really adept at clicking “Here’s THE Affliction raiding talent spec” links.

But discussing talents takes time to write up.  And then making sure I’m not speaking out of my ass about talent-taking theories requires research, which usually goes hand in hand with making sure I’m not ripping anyone else off on their hard work.

The other thing is I need to go comb the warlock blogs in my feedreader, maybe find some more, and write about them and why I think they are the BEWBS. What, we confirmed on Twitter, everybody loves bewbs. Because they are cool, and I don’t really think listing them all in blogroll does enough justice.  I also don’t want to use a list of cool warlock resources as a “Under Construction” sign on my own guide.  They’re blogs in their own right, not merely substitutes for me.

So uh, yeah.  I want more warlockery less rambling here.  Probably will end up with more warlockery but same old rambling as usual.


Lock and Awe, the Raid Warning Warlock Roundtable
Lock and Awe, the Raid Warning Warlock Roundtable



(December 7th, it says.  I’ll probably be half mad from trying to decide whether to study for exams or to play absolutely everything new.)

Them Locks and Them Awes

5 thoughts on “Them Locks and Them Awes

  1. I could hear your excitement in my head as I was reading that! Yay you! 😀
    As for what you’re going to say, I don’t think that will be too big a problem. I panicked about going on Gazi’s podcast in the Summer. I’m a very shy person and ZOMG I’M NOT AT ALL INTERESTING /FLAIL! But we got through it and it was fun and nobody sent me hate mail (except the other half whose PC I had to borrow for it because for some odd reason microphones don’t work on my PC – I really need to get that fixed, I can’t accept podcast invites at the moment /cry) and so if I can do it I’m certain you can! 🙂

  2. First off – thanks for the link love. You rock for that 😀

    Secondly – I know how you feel when asked to be part of a podcast… I was asked to join the amazing Lisanna (Restokin) on “Gaming Worlds Collide” a couple months back to discuss druids. The mere concept of it *still* floors me.
    “You.. want me? On your podcast to discuss druids with effing RESTOKIN? /flail”
    The podcast went really well, and was quite a lot of fun…. plus, I was the only male voice to be heard. Seriously, how cool! XD

    Talent guides, for me, are by and large a lot of common sense with the occasional “this should be here because this is a waste of talent points”. X DPS spec uses X abilities primarily, so things that increase it’s damage/haste/crit are gonna generally be good, right? Tank specs rely on survivability so things that reduce damage taken/increase health pool are what you want right? Generally, if people take 5 minutes to REALLY read the tooltips of their talents, they can figure out where the points should go for the most part. Although, of course, to people new to the class they may not realize that some specs don’t use certain abilities.. (Do I use immolate as affliction? Is Incinerate our filler? What is ISB I don’t even).. so they’re definitely useful at times. I’ve never found myself with much need to write a feral druid talent tree because… I just look at it and it makes sense, for the most part. IDK, there’s a little wiggle room… maybe i’ll consider it. *ponders*

  3. I tend to let others do the theorycrafting for me. I mean I make my spec and publicize it just kinda saying “this is what I do, take it or leave it”, and like Ach, I just tend to think it’s mostly common sense (especially now and as a DPS… just take stuff that improves your damage). For things like the stat scaling, I have to make a trip over to EJ or the Warlock’s Den and find some numbers to support what I suspect.

    I think it may help you to try to approach a guide with the idea of just wanting to “share what you do” instead of “telling others what to do”. I mean, I’m perfectly okay with being wrong. In fact, I enjoy it when some of my choices are challenged because that provides springboards for other posts and learning in general. You’ll inevitably get the: “your raid spec sucks” comment, and it’s usually on the “Levelling spec” post, which is always funny, cuz like… read fail, but w/e. When I get one “thanks this helped”, it’s totally worth 10 “this sucks”. At least in my world.

    Oh, and I’m totally psyched about the podcast too. Drinking and talking are two things I do well, though it may end up being more rambly than informative. I’m sure we’ll squeeze out some usefulness :-).

  4. […] Them Locks and Them Awes | It got postponed, but my surprise at being invited to a Raid Warning Roundtable for warlocks.  I am really bad at taking and believing compliments, yet I hold myself at some pretty high standards (& thus hate myself when I’m not totally awesome).  So I had a /flex moment and then my mind wandered off to “Hey, who wanted me?” Because I certainly didn’t email or Tweet them that I’m a warlock and I blog. […]

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