[fic] Boots

This snatch of story has been stuck in my head, but only pelting me with pieces at a time.  Never the same piece twice, too.  Yeah, it’s small, but it’s been warped a bit from its original slices.

Xeny poked her head around the stone pillar.  The Temple Gardens were one of her sister’s favorite places to go.  Sometimes the elder druid would walk in the Temple of the Moon, since it was so quiet and peaceful, but many a feline nap was spent in the small grassy room off the Temple grounds.

Four stepping stones in knelt a night elf with pale blue skin and a long mane of dark blue hair.  Beside her was a massive polearm wedged into the ground by its blade.  The gold-trimmed weapon was easily as tall as the elf herself.

“Ama?”  Xeny asked in a timid tone, unsure that it was her sister and not a meditating priestess.

The elf turned to look behind her and flashed the young druid a smile.

“AMA!”  Xeny bounded in, soon covered in downy purple feathers.  The blue night elf stood up, gripping the polearm around its shaft for support, to meet the moonchick.  The familiar red shadow markings soon disappeared into her feathery girth.  She soon heard a purring noise followed by a tickle directly on her tummy.


The moonkin fell backwards and rolled around, trying in vain to get the black cat to stop tickling her.  The cat continued to press her nose in and blow the feathers playfully back.

“HAHAHAHAHAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAAAA stop it! HEEHEEEHHEEEEEHEEEEEE!”  The moonkin continued to curl up and giggle after the cat jumped off.  The cat rolled over, belly-up and curled around backwards as she shifted out to face the moonkin.  The long dark blue mane of elf hair splayed out over the soft garden grass.

“So, enjoying the winds?” The elder druid smiled and picked a flower off the ground.  She brought it to her nose on top of her chest and breathed in the fragrance.

The moonkin’s laughter subsided and she too rolled onto her side.

“Flying?  It’s…better now.  I still prefer the ground, though.”

“I’d hoped I’d caught my verdant sister before she came back oaken strong.”  The elder druid laughed, though came out more like a bark.

Xeny folded her feathery arms and tried hard to glare at her sister.  A giggle escaped her beak and she clamped her hands to it, muffling the second and third chuckles.

“Come on, Moonchick!  Let me see your boots.”

“Oh, these?  They’re old and worn.”

“Good thing I brought you new ones, then.”

“New wo–” Xeny shifted out startled and jumped to her knees.  She turned to see armor laid out on the grass where the elder druid had previously been kneeling. “Wait, no, Ama, I can’t!  I don’t know how to heal yet!”

“Relax, moonchick.  Don’t get your feathers in a spitswad just yet.  Spells can come later.  I’m just giving you new leather for it.”

Xeny spotted the boots lying in the middle of the armor set.  Below the ankle they were black like tar, with an extra layer of dark gold leather over the toes for protection.  Bulbous around the calves, the golden tops met her kneecaps.  The golden design swirled around her shins on the black leather.


“Mmmm so was the friend who gave them to me.  The old tabard matched better, though.”

“Old tabard?”

Ama stood up and yanked the polearm out of the ground.

“Never mind.  I just live in a different part of the forest now that I used to.  That’s all.”

Xeny pulled out her set of frostweave bandages and tore off a scrap.  She hocked up a swig of saliva from her throat and spat into the torn bandage.  She then took the bandage in hand with the intent to clean the boots a bit better.


Xeny held the wet cloth back and looked up at her sister.

Ama bent and grabbed the gold and black boots with a hand.  She peered at the dirtied gold design and smiled.  Shaking her head she patted the boots and hoisted them up on a hip under her arm.

“Nah.  You can use these ones instead.”  She kicked at some newer knee-highs that were a tarnished color of gold.  Xeny pulled one over with her four fingers and the heavy leather weight fell onto the grass.  It looked quite brand new to her.

“But, Ama, you’ve barely worn these!” Xeny protested.  She pulled up the boot by the shin and wiped off the soft soil.

“Yeah,” the feral druid replied.  “They just don’t have the same kick t’ ‘m as the old boots did.”

[fic] Boots

2 thoughts on “[fic] Boots

  1. Zach says:

    I like the weave of the actual events into the storyline, and your two characters interacting is a great idea. Oh, yeah, and I think I used to have one of those “old tabards” floating around as well, and I certainly miss it.

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