[gear] 85 But Not Yet Raiding

My guild has tasked myself and my guildmates to plan out gear in order to get ready to raid.  Of course, we have a week or two on our raid calendar already for Five-Man-Festivals, and it’d be great to know what blues I ought to look out for.

Normally, I’d just go by my usual stat priority.

This is a gear list which means it’s super long, so I’m going to try to break up this post with a more! tag.  As far as I can figure out, my settings should still keep a full post in the feed reader, but let me know if it doesn’t.

List Notes

Stats We Like | For Affliction, your stat priority is hit (to cap) > intellect > haste > mastery > crit. Most of the time.  Spirit is useless.  Spellpower is still on things like weapons or trinket procs/uses and it technically ranks just below haste, but I don’t bother to list it since it’s no longer a wide-spread armor stat.

Armor specialization?  LOL Cloth.  It never gets old, ‘uh?

Weapons warlocks can use?  Dagger or 1H Sword plus an Off Hand OR a Staff. Wands go in our ranged/relic slot.

Spirit Sucks | I’m avoiding spirit items, since spirit is useless to warlocks.  There’s plenty of non-spirit items for each slot as well, except maybe bracers and boots, oddly enough.  If you must take a spirit item, reforge the spirit to hit, haste, or mastery.  I understand that maybe you took a spirit item because RNG hates your guts, but especially when it comes to justice points or gold at a rep vendor, don’t choose the spirit item.

Raid Bag | I’ll do desirable enchants, gems, flasks, pots, and food in another post.

How I Made This List | I used Wowhead for the most part, but cross-checked with in-game resources AtlasLoot Enhanced and vendors (JP & VP are already up!). If it didn’t have a location on Wowhead (like this one), and I couldn’t confirm where it would drop using ALE (there’s no heroic Stockades, is there?), I didn’t list it here.  Archaeology items didn’t have a confirmed skill level, but speculation is that they are deep-skill and/or rare drops, so I listed them as 525 with a question mark.

I know my stat priority, but I had to use a SimulationCraft on my current level 80 self to get any sort of numerical stat weighting. I didn’t take gemming into account, but a gem shouldn’t drastically change an item’s score, so I didn’t worry too much about it.  Enchants would be the same across items in a slot, so I didn’t include those either.  I also did not reforge anything; I figure reforging will be used to fill in stat gaps as needed.

I approximated mastery’s value since the SimulationCraft scale factors (bar graph with text values) didn’t include it, but the Plot by DPS option (a line graph without text values) did. I also eyeballed the stats of the items on the page to make sure their scores made sense at a glance to me. When I was iffy that two items were about the same, the scores would be only a couple of points off, so it seems to be accurate enough for now. Here’s an example of my stat weights & search parameters. If you browse using the database drop-down options (e.g. Database > Items > Armor > Cloth > *drop-down*), you can keep the stat weights & scores as you browse.

Item Levels | I’m going to leave T11 and gear obtainable in raids (including using Valor Points) out of this list.  That’s another list for another day.  Some of the items on my Wowhead list were raid items since I used 346-359 ilvl for parameters to catch all the profession craftable & reputation purples.

Purple drop locations indicate a 359 ilevel item; everything else should be 346 blues.

OMG LINKS EVERYWHERE | I’m not fond of scrolling large amounts of lists, and since the only collapsible function I can get out of Free WordPress is in a sourcecode box — which would defeat the purpose of links — I’m just going to do jump lists for you.  I’m also going to list them in priority of what’s most desirable according to my scores (topmost in a slot had the best score).

Jump To

Head | Neck | Shoulders | Back | Chest | Wrists | Hands | Waist | Legs | Feet | Rings | Trinkets | MH+OH/2H | Wands

[^ topHead
Helm of the Typhonic Beast – Setesh, Halls of Origination H
Cowl of Pleasant Gloom – 2200 JP
Crown of Enfeebled Bodies – Erudax, Grim Batol H
Blinders of the Follower – Lord Walden, Shadowfang Keep H

[^ topNeck
String of Beaded Bubbles – 1250 JP
(A) Lightning Flash PendantExalted, Wildhammer Clan
(H) Yellow Smoke PendantExalted, Dragonmaw Clan
Charm of the Muse – Zone Drop, Halls of Origination H
Pipefish Cord – Neptulon’s Cache, Throne of the Tides H
Tauntka’s Necklace – Barim, Lost City of the Tol’vir H
Pendant of the Keep – Silverlaine, Shadowfang Keep H
Eye of Many Depths – Jewelcrafting 525

[^ topShoulders
Mantle of the Eastern Lords – Godfrey, Shadowfang Keep H
Mantle of Master Cho – Siamat, Lost City of the Tol’vir H
Meadow Mantle – 1650 JP

[^ topBack
Ritssyn’s Ruminous DrapeBoE World Drop
Periwinkle Cloak – Naz’jar, Throne of the Tides H
Cloak of Ancient Wisdom – Revered, Earthen Ring
Shadow of Perfect Bliss – Asaad, Vortex Pinnacle H

[^ topChest
Inquisition Robes – Rom’ogg, Blackrock Caverns
Robes of Orsis – Revered, Ramkahen
Robes of Embalmed Darkness – 2200 JP
Robes of Rampant Growth – Ammunae, Halls of Origination H
Corair’s Overshirt – Cookie, Deadmines H
Robes of Arugal – Ashbury, Shadowfang Keep H

[^ topWrists
Sand Silk Wristband – Augh, Lost City of the Tol’vir H
Armbands of Exiled Architects – Vanessa Van Cleef, Deadmines H

[^ topHands
Flamebloom GlovesExalted, Earthen Ring
Mnemiopsis Gloves – Neptulon’s Cache, Throne of the Tides H
Gloves of the Painless Midnight – 1650 JP

[^ topWaist
Dreamless BeltTailoring 525
Stratosphere Belt – Ertan, Vortex Pinnacle H
Beauty’s Silken Ribbon – Beauty, Blackrock Caverns H
Incense Infused Cumberbund – 1650 JP

[^ topLegs
Breeches of Mended NightmaresTailoring 525
Flame-Ascended PantaloonsTailoring 525
Pensive Legwraps – 2200 JP
Legwraps of Astral Rain – Isiset, Halls of Origination H

[^ topFeet
Desert Walker SandalsExalted, Ramkahen
Slippers of the Twilight Prophet – Azil, The Stonecore H

[^ topFingers / Rings
Ring of the Boy EmperorArchaeology 525?
(A) Band of Singing Grass – Revered, Wildhammer Clan
(H) Band of Lamentation – Revered, Dragonmaw Clan
Band of Rays – Rajh, Halls of Origination H
Anthia’s Ring – Ghur’sha, Throne of the Tides H
Abandoned Dark Iron Ring – Trash, Grim Batol H
Diamant’s Ring of Temperance – Revered, Therazane
Rose Quartz Band – Slabhide, The Stonecore H
Lavishly Jeweled Ring – Ripsnarl, Deadmines H
Spirit Creeper Ring – Husam, Lost City of the Tol’vir H
Ring of Warring Elements – Jewelcrafting 525

[^ topTrinkets
Tyrande’s Favorite DollArchaeology 525?
Figurine: Jeweled Serpent – Jewelcrafting 475
Witching Hourglass – Obsidius, Blackrock Caverns H
Stump of TimeExalted, Baradin’s Wardens (A) / Hellscream’s Reach (H)
Anhuur’s Hymnal – Anhuur, Halls of Origination H
Gale of Shadows – Erudax, Grim Batol H
Darkmoon Card: VolcanoVolcanic Deck (A-8 of Embers)
Sorrowsong – Siamat, Lost City of the Tol’vir H
Tendrils of Burrowing Dark – Ozruk, The Stonecore H

[^ topMain Hand + Off Hand / 2H
>> Main Hands
Beak of Julak-Doom – Julak-Doom, World Boss (Twilight Highlands)
Elementium Spellblade – Blacksmithing 520
Modgud’s Blade – Umbriss, Grim Batol H
Blade of the Burning Sun – Rajh, Halls of Origination H
Biting Wind – Ertan, Vortex Pinnacle H

>> Off Hands
Hermit’s Lamp – 950 JP
Dungeoneering Guide – Inscription 510
Beauty’s Favorite Bone – Beauty, Blackrock Caverns H

>> Staves
Staff of Sorcerer-Thane ThaurissanArchaeology 525?
Cerith Spire Staff – Ulthok, Throne of the Tides H
Insidious Staff – Revered, Baradin’s Wardens (A) / Hellscream’s Reach (H)
Emberstone Staff – Foe Reaper 5000, Deadmines H
Staff of Siphoned Essences – Erudax, Grim Batol H

[^ topWands
Corla’s Baton – Corla, Blackrock Caverns H
Wand of Dark Worship – Zone Drop, The Stonecore H
Cookie’s Stirring Rod – Cookie, Deadmines H

[gear] 85 But Not Yet Raiding

19 thoughts on “[gear] 85 But Not Yet Raiding

  1. Our guild is pretty relaxed in terms of our Cata raidstart which is probably not going to be before mid-January, so I haven’t really planned ahead yet. I realize gear will matter a lot more again for us all though and I’ve had a look at our lvl85 blue sets. I really love what they did to the cloth models hehe (the headpiece is fun!), so I’m deffo stocking up on JPs until Cata! 😉

  2. Hi, thanks for the list – it’s nearly the same as one I’ve been working out (for Demo, so similar stat weights), except I’ve been valuing sockets more – as the new gems can give 40 of a secondary stat(s) like hit or haste, that’s bumped Eye of Many Depths and Lavishly Jeweled Ring up to the top of the list for me (particularly when you add some generous socket bonuses).

    How do you feel about the 85 combat ratings? I’m a little concerned about how hard it is to reach hit cap (impossible from pre-raid gear alone?). 1742 hit is a huge chunk of our stat budget.

    1. Great point about the gems! I hadn’t thought about how high they would be. Hmmmm. I saw that some of the socket bonuses were 20 or 30 intellect, so yeah, it’s possible to gem a straight hit or haste and then get almost an equivalent half-int gem out of the bonus. I’m doing enchants & gems next, so maybe I’ll edit/append to this list later. Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂

      Twitter peeps who were in beta told me that rolling a premade in blues came out fine for hit rating, but I personally cannot account for that. I also didn’t do reforging, so you might be able to squeeze some hit out of that.

  3. Yinchie says:

    If affliction and you miss a spell you only lose a gcd and not its total dmg.
    Hit is more important for destro only.

    You should read elite jerks more often and do some theorycrafting and simulationcraft.
    All show hit to be of lower value than int spell haste and equal to mastery.

    1. …SimulationCraft gave me my stat priority through numerical stat factors. As I explained in my post. So obviously, it is you who does not read.

    2. Discostu says:

      I come here since I no longer have much desire to min/max my character for hardcore progression raiding and This blog has been a great time saver in distilling down the essentials so I can avoid EJ asshattery like Yinchie’s.
      So keep up the good work Poneria.

    1. You do realize that one GCD is still one GCD that your dots aren’t rolling on the boss. And what if you miss with Haunt? Then it’s on cooldown and that’s 8 seconds you have to wait to put it back on the boss, which means all of your shadow dots are doing 20% less damage until you actually HIT him with a haunt.. Plus, all of your shadow bolt fillers will miss.. That’s a pretty significant portion of your damage. Don’t troll amazing posts like this with useless, incorrect info.

    2. Because reading stat priority’s of simcraft without any form of context is pro amirite?

      Simcraft is still bugged/un ‘finished’ and being updated regularly, last night when I went to sleep affliction was the top BiS spec, now its destructioSomehow I don’t think that a specs maximum theoretical damage output changes with the time of day.

  4. Yinchie says:

    Also saying spellpower is lower as haste is simply saying INT is pointless.
    Int gives as much spellpower as spellpower itself.

    Int and spellpower are top prio.

    1. Spell power is not the only thing you get from intellect; crit being important as well. Also, with spell power being restricted to things like weapons and trinkets and socket bonuses, it’s not going to provide as much oomph as intellect will.

    1. Because hit is the only thing on gear, thus the only thing that will increase when I get hit gear. I’m clearly full of shit, amirite?

  5. Hadin says:

    Haters will still be Haters after Cataclysm… Getting to the hit cap should always be a priority if you are not already there. 1 hit point will most likely give you a better DPS increase than 1 point of any other stats if you aren’t. Maybe when switching some specifics pieces but this should not be some thing commun.

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