1 Year…ish…

Twitter conversation about blog anniversary trends

Technically my Hello World post was on December 23rd, 2009.

But I think something like 100 posts would be a better milestone to celebrate.  Particularly since I tend to have a couple weeks’ lag in between spurts of posting rather than a solid year of posting on a regular schedule.  This makes #94.

Surprise Muse

I got a surprise Muse for my “Hey, it’s been a year!” post that bloggers like to do.  Osephala had a post the other day — Why Do You Blog About WoW?

Thanks, Osephala, for the unexpected Santa gift.

The Question

Why do you write your WoW blog?

It’s a simple question, really. Why did you create your blog in the first place and what did you set out to accomplish, if anything? Looking at your blog now, do you still have the same mindset that you did when you created your blog? Are your current posts following in a positive or negative outlook from whence you first started writing? How do you feel about your blog in general? Did you intend to get famous among the WoW community with your blog or did you just make it for personal reasons?

I want you to answer these questions. I’m very curious to know why people start WoW blogs in the first place. Please respond to this post with these answers.

I’ve been without reliable internet for a week.  I mean, I obviously get on, but then during the day it’s sporadic and possibly not even available (yay Comcrap?). So a bunch of thinking going on. Plus it’s New Year’s and you think on New Year’s about all things spatial-temporal (where you’ve been, where you are, where you’re going, etc.)

I walked through my blog and took notes. You know me (hopefully, by now), I take notes on everything.  Typically it’s better if I do it by hand.  I’m mostly one of those visual learners, but I think I’m secretly a kinetic (touch) learner.  For example, I could watch boss videos a million times and wind up getting most of the gist, but it’s the first wipe that I get the most learning out of.

In The Beginning, There Was  Me

…and there was a world, and then I said Hello.  Specifically I said, Salvete! which is Latin for hello, speaking to multiple people.  I’m still a Latin lover.  That much is evident when I did the Secret Admirer in February.

I’ve recently picked up a book.  It’s called Antiquity: From the Birth of Sumerian Civilization to the Fall of the Roman Empire and it’s by Norman F. Cantor.  No, I wasn’t all paid up to review this, but it’s pretty damn awesome and I’m only five chapters into it.  It pretty much sums up what I mean when I say I study “classics.”  I guess most people think it’s classical music, because it’s the question I usually get right after I answer that “what’s your major” one.

The book is great because it does things like all of Rome in one chapter.  To which my mother said that’s probably a thick chapter.

No shit — it’s seven pages.  Book is like 5″ by 8″ big.  Seven pages.

And yet, I don’t feel like he’s skipped over much.  It’s not super horribly dense, either.  It’s packed with information without making my brain explode.  My brain actually enjoys reading this book.

I want to be like this book. I’m not like this book: I textwall and probably unnecessarily.  I probably have lots of useless text lying around these posts.

But it’s me. I’ve always had a conversational style in my writings, school or otherwise.  I like to write how I talk to other people.  Which means if you ever get me on a subject I love — like a soccer game, or classics, or warlocks, or writing — I will talk your ear off into oblivion without noticing what I am doing.

People have said they like my style of writing.  Not just colors, but the tone, apparently people IRL like it.  Granted, that’s limited to feedback on things like personal essays for getting into college or back when I wrote stupid Star Trek fanfiction.

I would like to work on being more concise.  Not less information, just more compact wording.

For one, it would cut down my post-writing time by a lot.

Posts I Like

I was going to write loads of metablogging by dividing half my posts into categories and having a normal person’s post of stuff about them and…it’s not that great a post if I need another one to explain it, yes?

Tattered Robes / Saying Goodbye / Farewell, TSR | Three posts, actually, but they’re in a row and they’re related.  “Tattered Robes” was the initial shock.  “Saying Goodbye” expresses a few things about how I take my guilds with me wherever I go. Now, I actually like to use my Black War Bear more (UR ran a For The Alliance together just before 4.0.1 dropped), and my Twilight Drake (Thank you, Maer, for passing that night!) as well.  And the tabard is different now, though I really did like the old red one.  “Farewell, TSR” is more because of how I signed it.  “She used colors in her app” still makes me tear up sometimes.

Secrets, Owltrees, & Mages | I love Latin. Here’s where I share with you.  Plus, the whole timing of getting to stalk, um, admire Lissanna was just hilarious.

Elder Poneria | In which I offered some tips on screenshots.  I have a screenshots folder, one specifically for the purdy SSes, that I rotate as my desktop background.  51 of the 174 in there are from Angelya’s fantastic collection, by the way.

Probie speaks | In which I define guild-hopping. Because my guilds are important to me.

a’Musing Along | I answered that age-old question: “What’s with all the colors?

The Noblegarden Egg Hunt | Not so much a post I loved but a blogging event. Particularly trying to find the egg from Oddcraft — I remember that one was BITCHIN to find.

Healthstone Haiku | I ought to write WoW / haikus more often.  In them / I find happiness.

Screenshotty Shammy | ONLY because of the Jazz Hands at the end.

Keyboard turning and “wrong” | Really more for the comments that came later.  Also, maybe a bit of surprise, but I mouse-turn now and enjoy it.  I still, however, don’t think others as idiots for keyboard-turning.

World Cup of Warcraft | Half a year later and I really really want to actually write it now.  One, because I do want to get into writing on a regular basis again.  Two, I found English Premier League on ESPN over the holidays and am now starving for soccer game coverage.  Three, I want to share both my love of lore/story-history and my love of soccer.

The Druid and the Dwarf | In which I share the sheer happiness and craziness that is the Robes.

Exodus | Guilds are important to me and moving into UR was a big step.  Being a part of UR is still changing me in profound ways. Profound as in having gone down a road without knowing quite where you’d end up or what kind of hiker you were, but now find yourself happy where you’re going and happy where you’ve been at the same time.

Them Locks and Them Awes | It got postponed, but my surprise at being invited to a Raid Warning Roundtable for warlocks.  I am really bad at taking and believing compliments, yet I hold myself at some pretty high standards (& thus hate myself when I’m not totally awesome).  So I had a /flex moment and then my mind wandered off to “Hey, who wanted me?” Because I certainly didn’t email or Tweet them that I’m a warlock and I blog.

Damage Dealing Is What I Love | /flex

The Answers

Why did you create your blog in the first place and what did you set out to accomplish, if anything?

I created it originally for commentary purposes. I mean, I wanted to leave a comment on somebody’s blog, but what I had to say was far too long and probably wandered off-subject far too often.

Plus, I mean, you can’t do colors in most comment boxes.

Looking at your blog now, do you still have the same mindset that you did when you created your blog?

Not really. It’s still a commentary on how I’m playing and on other people’s posts, yes.  But it’s also turning into me sharing more of things I love. As I told a friend a while ago, learning by myself is okay, I guess.  But I really start having fun when I have someone to share with and discuss with whatever it is I’m learning.  Blogging at least gives me some illusion I am.

In my academics, I’ve had a knack for teaching things back to fellow students.  I’ve gotten several compliments (/blush) that I’m awesome at explaining complicated stuff (like modern physics or computer programming) in a way that’s not really intimidating or hard.  I also happen to enjoy teaching things back to my fellow students.  I don’t know if it’s the ego boost or watching someone else “get it,” but I really do feel happier when I help someone else learn about or how to do something.

I kept noticing that posts that were particularly my favorites were posts where I was sharing some love of mine. The posts where there really was no reason to post it, but I wanted to share it, so I did.  The other posts — like the gear post — show up on search engines, but I’m not particularly proud of them and not really pumped to show them off.

I want to continue this trend of sharing things I love.

Are your current posts following in a positive or negative outlook from whence you first started writing? How do you feel about your blog in general?

I think I’ve been negative on Twitter (and want to fix that) and I’m leaning back to positive on FC.  I also think it’s not really a negative/positive outlook; more a “is anyone still here?” problem.  I want to post regularly, but I am (currently) one of those people who writes when the mood strikes.  Which apparently only happens in a strong burst every few weeks.  WTB steadier, consistent posting.

Did you intend to get famous among the WoW community with your blog or did you just make it for personal reasons?

Not really.  I guess there’s always that ego in the back of the mind who did, but I figured I’d be Joe Schmoe for the most part.  I’m fine with being Joe Schmoe.  Second part is where it’s at.

Year 2 Resolutions

1. Write more.

2. Write more often.

3. Write more concisely.

4. Write from the heart more.

I can’t think of an ending to wrap this up with.  Then again, it’s not an ending post, it’s a middle.

1 Year…ish…

3 thoughts on “1 Year…ish…

  1. Oh, this is so cool that you wrote a blog about this. 😀 Thank you for responding. I do think that your Year 2 resolutions are very good and make me want to write more too, because I write when the thoughts come too, not on a set schedule. I really appreciate all the thought you put into my questions. 🙂 Blog on!

  2. A very Happy Blogaversary to you 🙂 I can’t believe it’s only been a year, I thought FC was much older than that! Best of luck with your resolutions – I always enjoy reading your posts and look forward to reading more of them!

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