UR is Recruiting

Thanks to Windsoar at Jaded Alt for plugging UR in her post!

<Undying Resolution> is recruiting for raiding, since we’re starting up again this week.  At the moment we’re doing 10mans since our healers are still gearing up, but really, we’re looking to run 25mans.

A tank would be nice; a healer or two would be cool; for DPS needs we want hunters and maybe a mage.

Yep, I know, a lot of hunters read this blog.  >.<

But maybe you know someone who likes to raid 25mans?

Maybe you just want to hang out with the awesomeness that is me.  Okay, maybe I’m not awesome, but my guild is.

Really, they’re awesome. You should join.

Okay, that was vague. Why are we awesome?

In a Sentence | UR is a very relaxed yet quite competent atmosphere, with a focus on 25man raiding.

Classes Wanted | Of course, anybody who’s excellent is encouraged to apply, but we’re particularly looking for hunters and mages, as well as a few extra healers and a tank.

When | Our main nights are scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm EST (server) to 11:30pm. Often because of how pulls work we’ll stop at 11 or we might go to the full 11:30.  At the moment, we’re raiding 10mans because of limited geared healers, so the approval of signups is focused very much on buff composition.  When we run 25mans, generally all who sign up in a timely manner go.

We also will run things on Sundays and Mondays, usually 10mans, though with the new lockout system it’s a bit fluid as to scheduling.  Sometimes it gets shifted to Fridays & Saturdays, depending on who can go and when they can be on.  It’s nominally a gearing up raid or event, with the progression focused on the Wednesday & Thursday raids.

As far as gear expectations, right now the leadership requests an average ilevel of 346 to raid. If you’re not geared yet, there are still others who are gearing as well, and plenty of people to help out. I know I might not do much as a DPS, but I’m more or less finished with my gearing (avg 347), but I’m certainly up for runs if I’m not already in a raid.

Though getting a group together in guild to run heroics to gear up is a bit like pulling teeth, especially after a raid, there’s always people on to help if you ask. We’ll often get in Vent and chat while running things; even if you’re out questing, you can lurk in channels so long as you’re not disruptive.

Loot | Our loot system is EPGP, and so far I’ve not seen any problems with it. Even as far as a difference in newcomer versus regular member, there’s not much. Often, actually, there’s a discussion on Vent (“Ohhhh, that’s nice!”) when the loot pops up and if it would help someone else out more some people are willing to pass it over. We reset EPGP upon Cata’s release; we’re starting up now with 10mans, so some people are already ahead, but I really don’t think it’ll be too much of a problem.

Any alts you want to bring to raiding are linked to your main’s EPGP stockpile, so even if someone raids more than you, most likely they also have spent more than you.  It’s not really in the nature of UR’s members to horde EP.  Likewise, your alts share your rank; although my druid doesn’t raid right now, she’s of Renegade rank because I am a Renegade and raid on my warlock.

Raiding Atmosphere | Very awesome, I’d say. I know that doesn’t mean much, but it’s very…welcoming, I think. There’s always people willing to help you out: whether it’s DPS rotation or maybe you just got a new pair of gloves, and somebody who enchants just opens a trade window & enchants it right there, or the guild JCs will bring gems to raid and cut it right there for you. Or even raid is starting and as soon as a warlock gets there a stone goes up, and we often had multiple Fish Feasts getting laid out (not just by the guild banker) in ICC.

I do think our normal raid leader (who is also the GM) is very good. He’s is hardcore about PvE progression (it’s what he plays the game for), but very professional when he talks, both to the raid and on a one-on-one basis. At least, with me, he has been. I’ve not yet had a moment where I’ve been continuously pissed (read: longer than the next boss or the next day) because of something he did, like raid approval or raid directions.  I feel totally comfortable approaching him or one of the officers about anything guild-related or strat-related or whatever.  Not that I’ve really had to yet.

Raiding Supplies | Our guild bank is well-stocked and awesomely cared-for, so you won’t be short on consumables on raid night. In the first month or two of the guild, we were actually encouraged to use the bank, since most of us were still operating in a self-sufficient mode, yet we’re still generous in giving to the bank. Our guild banker is nothing short of amazing; she manages the bank — sorting, stocking, selling things off, etc. — daily.

We’re currently 3k / 10k fish, but the leadership expects you to bring 90 stat foods until we can provide feasts. So the guild bank is being generous in providing those 90 stat foods; in fact, we have an entire tab for it. We have the ability to get a 7th tab, but we just haven’t seen the use for it yet.


Speaking of 90 stat foods and fishing pools, that’s a post in the workings here, since I actually enjoy fishing.  Depending on how gearing groups go tonight, it might get posted late tonight.

UR is Recruiting

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